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CBS ‘Atlanta Plugged In’ Simple Fall Cooking 10.15.14

CBS46 News

My cooking as you know it — publicly, this blog, on TV, etc… started in Atlanta back in 2007. I never thought I’d credit that Southern city with anything other than making great friends. But I do have to give credit where it’s due. Most my “fan” base and readers are in Atlanta. That’s almost by default since I lived there almost 7 years. But I’d thought I’d see a shift in demographic by now. But since I’ve not, I was so thrilled when my friend Parker, host of the new lifestyle show ‘Atlanta Plugged In‘, called and invited me on to do some cooking. It took me no time to agree…

And so last Tuesday, after almost 5 years of cooking live on TV in Atlanta,  I put on some sassy shoes and cooked up a super simple dinner, with Parker helping me out. We had a great time and everything went to our bellies. You can get the recipes here and here.

Now, to the part of the crazies we say on live TV! How many times did I call Parker “GIRL”? Oh my goodness gracious. I’m so horrified. Or how about “crushed red BELL pepper?” Not so much… and perhaps two more faux pas I won’t point out, but they’re there. I love watching tape so I can hone in on those things that just irk me… but hopefully not you! 😉

I stayed on set and joined her in a dessert segment which I’ll share later. For now, enjoy this! And if you’re in Atlanta, tune in on November 5th at 12:30 pm to CBS 46 for another segment on some espresso sipping and fall entertainment options!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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48 thoughts on “CBS ‘Atlanta Plugged In’ Simple Fall Cooking 10.15.14

  1. Great segment. And what is this and all this grilling meat you’re doing. .hmmmmm Can’t wait to see the segment in 11/5. Espresso my love!!

  2. Great segment, love the presentation on TV! waiting eagerly for the espresso segment for the next month!!!

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