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Support the Pink {Breast Cancer Awareness, Part II}

(Robert Griffin, III, rocking pink arm bands during a Redskins game — the best NFL team!)

It’s running wild. It seems to be everywhere. And no cure? I don’t get it. I’m stricken with sadness in learning that a dear, dear friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer. This news rolled in in the last two days… untimely timing, in light of it being Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

My last post, almost two weeks ago was dedicated to the young women and mothers I know whom have survived or are corageously fighting. I covered all the women I know in that post. I did not anticipate sitting down today, penning this post because yet another friend, this time, one extremely dear to me, had to hear those words: “You have breast cancer.”

In my most mystified state of mind, inclusive of helpless sadness, I’m filled with hope that something can be done. Humans are exceptional creations. We are creatures capable of doing anything we want. We were made that way. Without getting too spiritual on you, God knew exactly what He was doing when He created us in His image. He’s equipped us with everything we need to thrive and survive. The dichotomy in that is this: how is it possible for us to be so ingenious? So creative? So imaginative and so intelligent but fail have to come up with a cure. That’s were I become a synic; a disgruntled skeptic, eventually losing faith in what they tell us.

The flip side is having faith in humanity as a corporate body that is compassionate and wants better. A body of people that love and will go the unconditional extra mile to better ourselves. And if by no other way other than to done a color in simple support for awareness, then we do it. Awareness, much like education, is key to many problems. When we know, we care. And when we care, we fight for what’s right.

That’s the hopeful and beautiful side to this dodgy and killer disease. Men, women, children, young and old, feeble and agile, rally in support of in the simplest way. As basic as wearing a big bowtie to walking a 3-day mile to raise money, there’s something we can ALL do to highlight the need, the cause, and the goal: to eradicate breast cancer and give women the peace of mind knowing one day we won’t worry about “will it be me?!”

Of all the campaigns, efforts, and product sale collaborations with major foundations, few actions and public displays have really touched me the most and caused me to look more into it.

Hoda Kotb has been the most poignant yet subtle spokesperson for me. Have you noticed she wears a pink rubber ring on her index finger every single day? Her “Forward” ring is a permanent fixture every Monday morning. She never takes it off. She can walk a red carpet, attend a gala, go wine crushing with Kathie Lee, but her ring is always on that finger. That’s a bold statement. It’s not in your face, but after a while, you can’t help but notice the consistency and passion behind her action. It’s now part of her.


The most heart-warming is the NFL‘s directive that players wear something pink during the month. I get chills seeing these huge brothers, some massive body types, weighing up to 300lbs+, running out in pink socks! Or pink elbow bandages. It’s a lovely juxtaposition. And it’s powerful. To know these young men are compassionate and disspell social ideas of manhood by wearing pink in support of US.


And like in my last post, big beauty brands support in their own way by launching special featured products were proceeds go to the larger cause. From glam to pharmacy brands, most of them come out with something we can all enjoy. My beauty friends in NY sent me a few goodies they’re offering in support bringing us a better life; a healthier life — for me to enjoy and share with you. These are every day prods we’d use anyway, so why not buy these specific ones this entire month?!

Check out Avon‘s new “Anew” skincare line, packaged in different hues of pink. I’m only starting out the full regiment (for about 2 weeks to see how it works), but the day cream, most of which I’m obsessed with feels good so far. I need to spend more time with the night cream.

A few other every day prods like Curel‘s ‘Ultra Healing’ body lotion and Ban’s makeup removing wipes are donating sale proceeds.

Hoda’s ring can be purchased at NBC’s online store.


(Pink flowers in our garden)

If you don’t or can’t buy anything that supports Breast Cancer Awareness, here are few simple things we can all do — even in the last remaining week of the national campaign:

Wear something pink everyday! 
Create pink floral arrangements and display around the house. 
Take a neighbor a lovely bouquet; or a female friend who is fighting. 
Make pink cupcakes — everyone loves cupcakes! 
Host a super causal pink party and have everyone wear something pink; even if it’s small pin-on ribbon. Serve rosé. 
(Beatriz Ball Collection in support of BCA)


And of course, check out the first installation of my personal awareness efforts for more chic options!

Go all the way pink! Be bold. Be beautiful. But be aware. 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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