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Cello Suite

Me improvising.
Me and Tim Hughes, Cello 1st Chair of the London Symphony Orchestra.
I’ve been playing the most beautiful string instrument since I was 7.  Love, mad men and work have intercepted my continuum of moving the bow up and down and becoming the master cellist I dreamed of being. I’ve always wanted to play at Carnegie Hall. That was a seed planted by my father.

But, things don’t always go as planned and here I am, staring at my cello, encased in a pretty starch white plexiglass form and begging to make it a principle win my life again. I’m working on that. It’s a deep part of my life that represents my highest creative self and expressive soul.

I most recently played in string quartet in Atlanta, covering everything from Dvorak to Bohemian Rhapsody. But, our creative differences riffed us apart. I wanted to perform; they just wanted to get enjoy a weekly playing session. I moved on and now just play at home, here and there. But it’s calling me. Loudly.

A one-on-one interview with personal chit chat with Master and Principal cellist Tim Hugh of the London Symphony Orchestra resulted in an invite to study with him in the U.K. And I didn’t didn’t take him up on it. Not even after three days of jaw-dropping LSO performances I had the honor of attending a few years back convinced me to drop all I was doing. It should have.

I then listen to pieces like Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1  one of my all-time favorite string compositions and I’m moved to do something radical. It’s genius and tells a lovely and breath-taking romantic story. Listen to it.

While I work on becoming that master cellist — if even in my head or in the intimacy of my home or recording studio — I love perusing images of cello’s, cellists and sexy images that depict a most somber and warm tone. Even one of me a few years back in my front yard!

*all images via Pinterest and Google with the exception of the last two, which are mine! 🙂  


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3 thoughts on “Cello Suite

  1. LOVE, love the pictures. They're beautiful. and what a beautiful instrument to play. I can just imagine you at 7 holding it up LOL 😉 I also love that your dad shoots for the stars. Carnegie Hall sounds like quite a dream.

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