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Chic Travel Essentials: Anytime, Anywhere

My travel season is about to get giddy, super fast and super furious. I’ve talked about it plenty here on B So Chic! and so you probably know one of my biggest challenges is editing my packing list and really sticking to what I need to take… you know, my basic essentials. My tendency is to take it all, no matter what my luggage fees are going to look like; but I realize my back is going to pay for it years down the line. And since I don’t plan on tapering my traveling, then I need to get to it and just streamline. I just can’t take everything fabulous I want.

For the next fews weeks, I’m going to be sharing with you my best finds and suggestions for traveling essentials. As you can imagine, I’ve got a lot to choose from having learned from trial and error. I’m starting with this basic wardrobe essentials guide. I’ll follow up with beauty, accessories, and tech, though I’ve already done a few theme-specific post.

For now, these items will help make your trip, wether a cold weekend getaway or a few days to Europe (where I’m off to next!), much easier, and still afford you some style!


We all need a coat in this weather for sure, so I left that out intentionally, but an anorak isn’t something everyone would think of packing. You never know what the weather’s going to do so bring a nice, packable, good weight anorak for those unpredictable days. Try to find one with a hoodie, also. That helps!

Gloves are must in the wintry mix. Your hands are no good if they’re frost bitten. Cashmere, wool, or angora are good options. Leather with cashmere lining is a good option also. Don’t take your really expensive ones though since gloves are so easily lost and you can grab a pair in any street stand wherever you are. I recently forgot mine while in Boston. Fortunately, I was walking distance to a Marhsalls and grabbed a leather pair that are doing me well. But had I….

Hat! What a must in my world! If you know me then you already know I own as many as shoes. I never travel without at least two hats. They are essential for several reasons. Keeping your head warm in case your coat doesn’t have a hood; and because they’re just so chic. I love this Eric Javits option. It’s super stylish and will take you from day to night.

I love brining at least two scarves: one for the for flight and a warmer one for wearing daily. Plane cabins are always cold (tell me it’s not just me!) and I find light and pretty scarves keep me cozy while I nap away.

WHAT TO WEAR (everything else)

Leggings are fantastic to take everywhere. I have over 20 paris and have no problem picking a pair to take. They make actual travel very flexible. Throw on an oversized sweater and ballet flats (with that hat!) and you’re good to go. No belt hassle, etc… For winter, I suggest some plush or fleece-lined ones. These Lagalle’s are smooth and have great texture. Plus they’re ultra warm.

Flats are a simple must. But they have to be fabulous. I used to run through the airport in heels. Yeah, not so much anymore. Ever. Find a practical and attractive pair you can easily slip in and out of while going through security, but can still rock while you’re hanging at your destination. These leopard ones from Banana Republic are everything. Go with everything and speak everything!

Bring at least one pair of booties. You know your feet will thank you later; especially after you’ve been dining in 6″ stilettos (which you must take, too, you know!). I found these uber swanky navy blue ones at Neiman Marcus and can’t wait to take with me to NY later this week! They’re perfect for running around the city.

The LBD. Yes, you know I had to add this. Because again, you never know where you’ll end up and what may come up. An evening dress is necessary. A sexy one is a must. Love this Max Azria pleated action. It just works. With flats and all!

A pretty clutch that can double as a wallet is great for those days you really don’t want to bring your carry all. The tote is essential yes, and if you’re a traveler, you know that, but a clutch that holds all your cards and even a lip gloss is the star. HoBo has a great selection at all major dept. stores. They’re worth the $100+. They last forever. I’ve got 3 and love them all.

Umbrella. I’ve been hit with rain and snow out of nowhere. Better be safe than sorry. Keep all of your fabulous goodies dry with a large enough packable umbrella. Don’t travel with a full sized handle one. Find a travel size one that opens up to average circumference. Oh, and these smaller ones fit in your bag.  I opt for red when I can because I won’t be included to leave it behind.

Socks. Good ol’ socks. Yes, socks! Keep you feet clean and warm while walking around your hotel room. Thousands of feet have walked that suite you’re in! Keep your pedi nice and tight while you’re traveling with socks. Marled slipper socks are even better.

This is a starter guide for you. There’s much more to essential traveling. Different season, counties, regions, etc…. all require different packing essentials, but these will get you started on going anywhere without overthinking it!

Stay tuned for the beauty series next Tuesday! That’s ones for the beauty product lover! You just can’t live without certain yumminess.

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Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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