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Chic Travel Essentials {For 24 Hr Flights!}

I never thought in a million years I’d win an all expense trip to Australia. It’s always been a dreamy place on my adventurous list of places to visit and get to know… I’ve been to Europe, but not to the complete other side of the world. Literally. It’s actually still surreal, but I’m super excited about the trip, especially since it’s a prize for two I won for a most decadent dessert I made.

And I’m going for 3 weeks!

We’re leaving on Tuesday and I’ve not packed, finished shopping for everything I need — mostly because I’ve not organized my thoughts and edited down anything –but I have narrowed down the basic essentials I’ll need to keep me connected. I already know I’ll be working, which kind of sucks, but if you only knew!  But even I were going to be spoil myself and completely disconnect, these goodies will make not the only my day-by-day much easier, but the grueling 24 hour flight as well. 
The thought of that kind of time glued to single seat is unappealing and daunting! So I needed to pick up some things to make the trip entertaining 
I’ve been eyeing these fabulous red Beats by Dr. Dre since they came out. I’ve been using them for 3 days now and can’t think of a better time to use have gotten them.  I don’t want to hear crying babies so I appreciate the superb sound cancellation. And they’re red. And they don’t tangle! And they fit anywhere.  But, I did fall in love with these black Sony’s but they’re just too bulky for traveling. Otherwise they’re a swanky option for anytime. 
Electric adapters are a must… blowdryers, flatirons, laptops, cells, etc… will need some recharging. A 4 pack of varying ones will cover every needs. A  mini bluetooth speaker is one my new toys I have to have. Just have to. Same for the small battery back to keep all my mobile devices and cameras charged while I’m out sight-seeing and wining/dining. Nothing like batteries failing while you’re in front of the perfect picture moment. 
Then there’s the iPad case for light packing. I have a few I love but this one is great because of the built-in keyboard, also wireless and its durable stand (though has to be on a sturdy surface — nothing too glossy) for remote ergonomic working. And it’s blue, an unusual color choice for me, but it’s a really rich blue. 
The passport and biz cards (love my Moos)… well, you simply can’t leave the country without. I had a few other things in mind just for fun. The air hokey game for my iPad will keep sis and I totally consumed and far from getting on each others nerves. That should be fun! 
Ooh wee! Now getting excited. Only if I could get this packing done… oh, but I have some of my beauty and makeup essentials to share with you also! That’ll be on Tuesday. 
What must you travel with, especially on really long trips? 
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* some of the products featured c/o Radio Shack as part of my on-going relationship with them. I was not provided additional compensation. All opinions and representations are my own, always! 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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