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Dollar Tacos Rule My Lazy Day!

Do you have that one fast food joint you love going to, but hate admitting and would rather vote for Bush’s brother for Prez, than be judged as a culinary infidel?

Well I’ll admit I can be real lazy sometimes when it comes to cooking for self. I hate my kitchen. Hate eating alone. And loathe, detest, and avoid doing the dishes.

It makes my left eye twitch.

So, more often than I like to admit, I find myself zipping through Taco Bell. I think I’ve actually admitted to this foulplay here. But this time, I will tell you exactly what I order, only for the sake of the purpose of this post.

  1. 2 Hard Tacos: one “fresco” (no cheese and a shameless amount of tomato) and one regular (no sour cream) = $1.19 and .$99, respectively
  2. 1 Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme (little cheese, no sour cream) = $2.79


Oh and medium salsa. All that for a total of $5.00. Not bad, right, for dispensable food right across the street from me and conveniently edible while driving to a meeting or a cooking gig.

I’d been okay with the notion of subjecting my stomach to processed and frozen beef, all to satisfy a crunch craving. But lo and behold, the time has come when all things convenient and bad must come to an end.

And, thank GOD!

I had the good fortune of being introduced to the best ONE DOLLAR taco ever! My friend Ivan brought me one on Wednesday night just to taste, and I was impressed and hooked! Very simple in form but seasoned to utter perfection. He offered me two chunky carne tacos which were tender and sized just right. Indeed the taste was the most authentic to a real Mexican taco I’ve had stateside. Having been in Puerto Vallarta just a few months ago, the smell of fresh corn tortillas and cilantro still lingers.

He had no idea what the name of the place was. Just said “it’s very fancy” and bragged about each taco costing only one dollar and quesadillas only $4. I really couldn’t believe it. After all, EYE know what a dollar taco tastes like!

The meat was fresh, the onions bit, and the cilantro had a fine chop. No way. Not possible. Especially since “shitty bell” charges one dollar for tacos that don’t even fill the shell with meat that will cause even the strongest of stomachs to use the toilet.

So today, in that lazy mood to cook for self, I picked up another friend and drove 10 minutes to the “fancy place”.  I had to see with my own eyes what the hype was all about. So, without further adieu, voila! Here is the “fancy place” where I lunched today!!


A trailer with an awning! Yes mi gente, a freakin’ trailer with a portable heater keeping the 100 sq ft. indoor eatery warm. And did you see that menu!? DOLLAR tacos that have REAL chicken and REAL carne? All fresh, cooked right in front of you. The toppings were abundant. Lime wedges were nice and chunky and the salsa was spicy enough to kill the wind outside.

Though, I was slightly, only slightly disappointed they didn’t have tomato. A taco without tomato? Okay but for a dollar, sorry .99, I quickly got over it. All drinks were un peso, too! I had 2 SUPER FRESH tacos: one tongue (yes tongue!!! and soooo damn good), one carne; and one chicken quesadilla. My friend had 2 chicken tacos and 1 chicken quesadilla. The quesadilla was the best I’ve ever had, hands down, no lie. The pollo was as tender as marshmellow, juicy and succulent like all chicken should be.  And the tortilla was grilled just the way I like it. Oh and the cheese was authentic and not that packaged stuff that pretends to be a “Mexican Fiesta” mix.

Look at this below, worth $8!!!!!!

Within 10 minutes of sitting down, the parking lot started drawing a long line. 33 degrees and folk just outside waiting to order dollar tacos! Well, $12 later (and no tax), we were both full, happy and more excited to find my “lazy day” joint. I love it! It’s quick, FRESH, REAL, TASTY and cheap-o! I still didn’t get the name of the place, but it doesn’t get any more “home cooked” than this. I encourage you, my fellow Atlians, do yourselves a favor (oh this place is actually on Favor St., Marietta–no pun intended) and go experience REAL tacos, quesadillas and burritos for the low low! This place is recession proof for sure!

And for those of you out of Atlanta, season and grill some chicken chunks, dice up some onion, chop up some cilantro and tomato, take two corn tortillas, slap on a stove top grill, wedge some lime and you too will have an excelente taco for $1!

Update on 1/4/09: The taco joint is called “Million Taco” located at 2080 Favor St, Marietta, Ga.

**Do you have a secret hideaway in your town you recently got word of? Have you recently buried an ol’ faithful!? Do tell!**

R.I.P  Taco Bell. I’ll never bite you again. Chipotle, you may be next.


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Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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63 thoughts on “Dollar Tacos Rule My Lazy Day!

  1. Looks like you found yourself REAL Mexican food, uugh it sickens me when people believe “Taco Bell” is Mexican food especially when they are living in Southern California surrounded by REAL Mexican food.

    Here in Southern Cali there is TONS of Mexican eateries at really low prices to. And many of the grocery stores that cater to Mexicans (like Vallarta) sell delicious “Carnitas” (meats that are boiled, then fried in lard heavely seasoned it can be pork shoulders, pork chops and they sell Chicharrones you just buy some of those with hot sauces and garnishes and buy a pack of freshly made corn tortillas and your set) it also helps that the Mexican Bakeries are near by to or in the store.

    My mother showed me how to make some “Carnitas de Puerco” I blogged about it:


    I have other Mexican recipes within my blog to.

    Oh yeah there’s a delicious place called “Daniel’s Tacos” on Vineland in North Hollywood, CA on Friday nights lots of Mexicans and other people traditionally go out to eat and they are cooking the meats outside infront of you and in all the delicious manteca from the meats release on to the griddles they are frying lots of onions and chili peppers and give you some with het tacos it’s soooo gooooood. Oh and they fry all the chorizos there to. My favorite are “Tacos al Pastor”

    We also have a chain called “El Gallo Jiro” wonderful bakery within and meats to. Tortas, Sopes, Aguas Frescas, Caldos, Tacos, Burros, everything mmmm…. that’s when I love being half Mexican my mom can make many of that stuff to (except for the “carne al pastor” those are secret recipes the restaurants gaurd and require special equipment)

  2. Now I want to make a chicken quesadilla.  Bren, you kill me *LOL*  Sometimes, it takes a little home-esque cooking to satisfy.  Taco Hell is only when I just have to have it – which lately is barely ever.

  3. Sounds delicious.  I can’t remember the last time I had Taco Smell, but i’d just keep craving a taco before i ate there.. ICK.  Glad you found somewhere new.  I’ll definitely have to look that place up the next time i’m in Atlanta.  Funny, I usually only eat quesadillas when i’m in mexico.. but you make it sound like it’s just like being there.. so..  i’ll have a shot at it!!  thanks!!  i’ll let you know when i try it out!

  4. They look very fresh. It’s the lime! A squeeze of lime on anything takes it to ‘nth degree. I’m not a fast food person but I have been to Chipolte’s and it’s very good. Maybe not as authentic as a roadside stand but quality meats and fresh. And definitely not as cheap.

  5. Hey we all have our thing. At least you work out hard. Funny about kitchens. I love mine( and its bare bones)but feel out of place in a lot of otheres. Weird huh?

  6. That’s one fancy taco stand!  Looks amazing and probably is a lot fresher than T-Bell. I admit, I eat there too from time to time!

  7. i actually hate cooking for myself as well.  i can NOT believe you admitted to eating taco bell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have some cajones!  street food, no matter what city, is some of my favorite type of food. just had a lamb gyro in a street cart for $4 for lunch on friday. the BEST! glad you’ve discovered this place… looks like a gem.

  8. Sooo funny – but it’s true. We ALL have a favorite taco joint – I know I certainly do!

  9. So glad you found a wonderful taco truck!  I have so many in my area, not to mention so many wonderful hole in the wall Mexican joints, that make meats so much more beautifully that fast food places.  And and and.  They have tongue and any other kind of meat you may want or imagine.  But hey, look at where I live.

    Love the cheap taco fix.  And your pictures make me crave it that much more.  Awesome.

  10. Nathan: sure did find myself a real mexican joint. it’s a big deal b/c since ATL lacks so much cultural and ethnic diversity, these little spots are fare few in between. It’s great and I’m excited! Glad you hear you have a of good places near you as well.
    Lys: girl, then you don’t you come and cook for me!! LOL!!!!! i can’t take it!
    Joan: yes Lord a fresh squeez of lime makes everything so much better. And I think I was kidding about Chipotle. I love that place!
    Peter: thanks hun!
    Courtney: I sure do work out hard woman! Hate hate mi cocina!
    Jen: yup, your’e so right. I don’t care what the palce looks like or how’s doing it, as long as it’s good!
    Sharon: Probably is an UNDERSTATEMENT!
    Amy: at least you have your hubby to cook for/with. It’s just me and it’s not fun. And si, I admitted to eating that crap… it’s a bad fixation I just purged!
    Helene: The coat!! Guess what!  A Michael Kors for $60 at Costco! Go get one!
    Darius: share urs!
    Melissa; Y que pretty girl! I wish we had more of those here in ATL but we don’t, thus my extra excitement over finding it! and you like tongue, too!! wow, i don’t think i know 3 people that like tongue! you rock!

  11. Love your tongue B…I want to eat this Mexican food now! When you get to San Diego you will be going to El Zarape – .99 fish tacos sooo buenoooo!!!

  12. catching up with you, girlie. we have these stands too. that one really does look muy excellente. is that even spanish?

    this is a post that the universe surely needs to know about… because i think taco bell is close to inedible.

  13. I checked this taco joint out and I got one word for you. SICK!!!!!!
    I’ll be hitting this up on the regular.

  14. Thank you for this post!  The entire time I was reading it, I was going “Where is it? Where is it? Where is it?”  I’m off to hunt down that trailer!

  15. Hey Bren, so glad you’ve been introduced to a taco truck! Truly authentic Mexican tacos! You’ll never find tomato on a real taco, only diced onion, cilantro and shredded cabbage. So good! Here in Boston there are a couple restaurants that sell GREAT tacos! La Verdad by Fenway Park is selling $1 tacos (chicken, carnitas or pork – limit 5 per person) on Tuesdays, and Tremont 647 is selling $2 tacos, no limit, awesome variety, SERIOUSLY good eating!!

  16. Magnifico B. Los taco se ven delicioso.  Def something that i’m going to cook up for dinner one of these nights.

  17. I have been going here for months. My cousin lives in a subdivision around the corner from the trailer. It is always PACKED. The tacos are GOOD! I went there today and ordered 5 and ate them ALL. My only problem is I wonder how many calories each one is? Help! Please someone give me an estimate.

  18. I will right away grab your rss feed as I can’t find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly allow me recognize so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

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