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Sayulita In Pictures & Vanilla & Hibiscus Tea Giveaway!

I don’t feel like writing much today. Really don’t have time, truthfully. Hard pressed to finish my proposal and out the door by Friday and I’m just not in a good mood. (What a complete wash. This post took me over 90 minutes to write between editing pics and deleting.)

The guy irritated me and I’m giving him the silent treatment. I’m hungry as hell and don’t have time to cook, let alone leave house for some Chipotle. Sigh.

Oh and I’m mad Palin is taking away attention from Biden.

Since my day is not going to get any better (I know this because my ‘tude today just stinks), I might as well make someone else smile, maybe, my sharing some awesome pictures of Sayulita, Mexico. We found this Woodstockish, folkloric village about 40 minutes north of Nuevo Vallarta.


What?! This place was screaming, STAY! Hidden boutique shopping, street vendors, good ass food, stray dogs, not too many Americans and prime real estate. I’m talking $750,000 for a two bedroom, 2 story flat (the cute guy from “Million Dollar Listings” would sell it in a heart beat with his kniving pitch). And though the beach was utterly dirty, somehow it had an appealing mystique about it.

I ate guac of course. And, I managed to keep my money in pocket despite the ruthless hustlers begging us to buy something, but I had to walk away with an awesome exotic wood cutting board for $10, courtesy of papi!

(my best friend and Sis “K-boogie” and me posing for dad)

And then I did made the salvage move of all salvage moves. I was starving, as usual. The guac did nothing but make me hungry. So on the way OUT of Sayulita we came across an even smaller village (about the size of your neighborhood), when my sis spots a “Pollo Asado” sign in the middle of hidden field. Skid marks. Dad pulls into stray roosters and a beautiful tied up horse. There stands a sweaty woman, set up in front of her cylinder block shack, making chicken on the grill! I order a suspect chicken, and bless my food.

I wondered later if she had a food license.

Since we were pressed to get back in order to avoid traffic, we didn’t have time for me to eat at the beat up spot. But my dad was so kind to want to give me a memorable experience. He pulls over on the tree lined 2 lane highway, off a cliff, and tells me to get out. Sure dad, just my idea of eating hot ass chicken with tortillas in 100 degree weather. In a beach sarong and 4″ wedges.


So in a very ungraceful manner, I made it happen. Mami taped the whole thing. I’d share the vid with you if I could get it from my sis…maybe I’ll put it up tonight. That s*** was hilarious! Have you ever seen such madness!? I think I was dressed  a bit too primp and proper to squat, as if I were to take a tinkle. But I was afraid a snake would bite me in reproductive areas so I carefully tried to keep my legs crossed. Very, very unsuccessful!

Thank God the chicken was good, otherwise my Amazonish woman (Tarzan & Jane come to mind thanks to Adam!) ugly look would not have been justified!

Back in the Centro of PV, we did some shopping, more eating, visited a run down zoo, visited a huaracheria and had custom sandals made, had awful sushi and hit the beach. I visited a major half-ass’d farmer’s market, scarily sitting across from a cemetery. I almost bit off the head off a stinky catfish, saw some new species and bought lots of fresh herbs to make green juice back at the resort (and to bring home).  But for you guys, I visited a Vanilla Boutique. Nothing but vanilla.  I almost passed out from the aroma. After hustlin’ for the best price, I brought some back and am giving it away.

(purchasing really good vanilla at dedicated vanilla boutique)


Leave a comment telling me where I got the chicken from and one of you will get this jar of Mole and the other will receive a 4 oz. bottle of Armando’s Mexican vanilla with a bag of fresh hibiscus tea! A random generator will choose next Wednesday, Sept. 17th! Get to it!

By the way, our airport security is so weak. I smuggled jalapeños and poblano peppers back home. I stuffed them in my socks and was all good!

Not traveling for a few weeks so you’ll be enjoying nothing but food and recipes until November!!!


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40 thoughts on “Sayulita In Pictures & Vanilla & Hibiscus Tea Giveaway!

  1. Hahaha awesome story.  I love the pics of eating chicken in like the middle of jungle.  It’s very tarzan/Jane like, except I bet they never had food that good 🙂  Pollo Asado sounds very familiar, I used to know Spanish in high school, but you know what happens when you don’t use something.

    Oh and I would love some mole.  You got the chicken from a ghetto lady on cement blocks 🙂

  2. I love your posts!!  They make me escape the real world for just a moment!  Thanks for sharing.  Chicken from the food license unknown sweaty cinder block lady..  now THAT is living like the locals! 

    Looks like you had a great time.  I see your sister was eying that drink.. it looks delicious..  as always love your pics.. you captured your visit very well!  thanks for sharing!

  3. Sayulita, the name itself conjures images of swaying coconut trees, gentle waves lapping the shores, a few boats rocking in the distance, local vendors peddling their wares … and gigantic mango margaritas! Ah, and guac, of course. Loved the food, loved the place; would be back in a heartbeat. Thank you for making us relive the memories with such colorful, accurate depiction, Bren. Sorry to steal some of the mystery about the “suspect chicken”: the lady did have a license. Lastly, sorry also to disappoint you: Sarah Palin is not stealing attention from Biden; she is taking it away from Obama (I couldn’t pass this opportunity 🙂 )

  4. Bren,
    Absolutely gorgeous photos!  Well, except for the bees as I’m allergic and terrified of them.  Street food pollo asado sounds absolutely amazing.  

    Next time we’re in the same city, I’ll track you down!  Hope the work is going well 🙂

  5. B-

    You are too funny,  I was LOL about the suspect chicken and you blessing your food!!!!!

    The pics look good.  The pic of the fried fish look good too! Wish I was there.

    By the way you got the chicken for Pollo Asado…..right?

  6. I’m jealous of your fun looking trips, as always…and lol about the whole chicken eating experience. Looks like a good time…and lol@Luis’ comment

  7. i highly recommend the dona marie mole sauce.  not only does it make a shitload of fabulous mole, you can use the container as a juice/wine glass as well. 

    also i had to comment cause i was with you on that palin (i can barely type her name w/o wanting to throw the computer across the room) taking attention from a real winner, joe biden.  i just can’t believe the country is buying into the bullshit they are.  it’s all smoke and mirrors just like it was the last 2 elections and it is becoming increasingly clear that most people haven’t really learned their lessons.

    we’ve got to get back to thinking about what’s important!!!!! GRRRR>

    done w/ my rant for the day. now, back to the food.

  8. Baking W/Dynamite:U rock! Won’t you get me in total and utter Hollywood shape!?! I’ll make you ghetto chicken if you do!

    K: ur so sweet. thanks for reading the blog!

    David: cheap poetry? not hardly. very Hemingwayesque. Sarah Palin is pretty and all that, but to actually say and admit she doesn’t know about the war is a major problem.

    Madball911: you should visit if you’re ever able.

    Sharon: girl, i’m so sorry i didn’t buzz you while in DC. i was slammed. Thanks for ur kindness and always reading the blog!

    IJ: nope. didn’t get the chicken FOR pollo asada!

    Cathy: All the time!

    Luis: LMAO 10 times! I’m not ready to share all my goodies with you strangers!

    Mike: Maybe I’ll take you one day if you agree to cook for me the entire time!

    Amy: I’ve never had Dona Marie, so I’m looking forward to it…Palin, she’s about to get real old, real quick! And don’t kill me, but your book is sitting in the back seat of my mom’s car in DC! Someone was supposed to have mailed it and didn’t. Making sure it get sent out on Monday. You’re going to LOVE IT! Let’s catch up on email. It’s been a minute.

  9. Thanks for stopping by at my place…I’m absolutely green with envy (purple if it sounds more envious)…what a fantastic load of snapshots. i have to say I love the vanilla place the best; oh & the beach too…O never mind…I love ’em all!! Cheers Deeba

  10. I’ve been there – right there! Love it, love the beaches, the families with all of their gear making fresh salsa and guac on the beach, the fish on the stick, mangoes on sticks with fresh lime and chili powder…oh, wanna be there right now.

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