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Honey Carrots With 2/3 of Cuban Cuisine Trinity & Food Editor Job!

I have painful memories of a Tupperware Juicer making that “ñññññññ” sound at 6:30 in the morning as my mother shoved the most disgusting vegetables a bleached skirt-wearing pubescent girl could think of! Celery, radish, broccoli, beet, carrot, and all other yuckness!

I give thanks to that morning glass of vitamins because I pretty much can stomach anything as an adult. Beans do nothing to me, neither does broccoli. You know all those gassy veggies?? Yeah, I chuck ’em down with no post gastronomical issues.

That’s not to say I appreciate all vegetables now. Even when I entertain or have a special request for a certain legume, I’ll opt out of tasting if I don’t like it. Like lima beans. HATE THEM. Or Radish! YUCK! But I do like carrots! Anything carrot! Carrot cake, carrot soup, carrot juice, carrot mojito! Okay sike… never had a carrot mojito, but I do wonder what it’d be like.

So on one of my bored evenings, many many months ago, I rummaged through my fridge and started mixing and matching food that was getting ready to expire (much like Leftover Queen Jenn!) I have no idea why I had a bag of baby carrots (seeing as though I really only buy them for chicken dishes), but I went for them anyway. Truthfully I think I was cooking dinner for a girlfriend and her kids that night. Pollo asado, arroz amarillo con vegetales and carrots! Great–this was simple enough.

I have to tell you all something. Cumin and garlic make up 2/3 of the Cuban cuisine “holy trinity”. This means I add both to just about everything I cook. My mom thinks I’m sacrilegious about it, but I say the more garlic, the better! Carrots are not exempt. Plus raw carrots require a lot of doctoring for my palate.

So I got to thinking and this is what I came up with. Nothing too fancy or Michelin rated. Just damn good and super simple to make. A great appetizer or side dish, especially now for fall! And of course, the cumin/garlic combo give it that Cuban/Latin thaaang, I know all of you want!


Congrats to Adam over at Baking With Dynamite for winning MOLE!! Just what he wanted too! Read his comment! AND….. Sharon over at Newly Wed Cooking for winning Vanilla and a generous bag of Hibiscus!! Send your mailing addy’s guys and I’ll send shortly!

Thanks for reading, commenting and allowing me to entertain you!


So my week started off on a really great productive note!  Mundo Hispanico (owned by the AJC), Atlanta’s biggest Latin newspaper and I have partnered for me to be their online food editor. As of next Thursday, they are launching BUEN RATO (means “Good Times”), a Latin Lifestyle Magazine for Latin Americans, covering art, food, music, travel, dancing, concerts, and all things that interest young adults 18-35! Their reach is over 70k!! Yeah Baby!  I’ll be responsible for choosing the 3 Resto’s of the week, a weekly Resto/Chef feature and a weekly column on all things food! I’m particularly excited because they’ll have my cooking vids up on their site shorlty after launching! The print version will also feature my column! If you’re Latin and in the Atlanta area, make sure to look for BUEN RATO Thursday Sept. 25th! Thanks to my fomer intern Miguel for the plug! He’s now over there doing marketing and promotion for the paper.


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  • 14 oz. bag of baby carrots, or 1/2 pack of carrot sticks, cut and sliced
  • 1/2 Spanish onion, sliced
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 tbsp. butter
  • 1.5 tsp. cumin
  • salt for water
  • 4 tbsp. honey


Boil salted water and add carrots. Steam for 10-15 minutes or until carrots are no longer crunchy. While carrots are cooking, prepare onion, garlic and cumin mix. In medium skillet, heat butter on medium. Saute garlic, onions until onions are translucent. Add cumin and stir. Add a tad more butter if needed. Drain carrots and transfer to serving bowl or plate. Pour garlic, onion mix over carrots and combine all ingredients. Stir in honey. Serves 4.

57 thoughts on “Honey Carrots With 2/3 of Cuban Cuisine Trinity & Food Editor Job!

  1. Holy cow, I won!  Woooo and the crowd goes wild!  Thank sooo much.  This is awesome.  I’ll have to blog about it soon.

    I really dig your baby carrot goodness you have there.  I don’t know if I’d had honey with cumin before, but it’s def worth a shot 🙂

    psst… and it’s Baking with Dynamite… but hey no worries, my friend 🙂

  2. Ahhh.. Bren’s makin’ moves, people.  Watch out!  Congrats on the new gig!  They just better be prepared to move you on up that ladder, my friend.

    I’m not a carrot fan, however, that recipe does make them sound appetizing. 

  3. I love vegetables, any kind, and Steve will eat pretty much whatever I put in front of him (i.e., force him to try).  So any sort of spin on carrots is welcome in my house as well.  I need ideas like this for sides.

    Also the Cuban cooking thing.  I have never made anything remotely Cuban until recently, when I tried my hand at Mojo sauce.  I know that’s a very basic example, but still, it was a new type of flavor for us.  And seriously, we could have drank it out of the food processor it was so good.  I saw that Don just posted a pork chop meal with a similar sauce to Mojo and I had to smile.  That’s tasty, tasty stuff.

  4. Wow congrats on the new gig, Bren! Where will you find the time??!!! LOL! I think you have more energy that the energizer bunny! 🙂

    I love cumin – i put it in almost everything too! There is just something so great about it! Your carrots loo great!

  5. Congrats to you and your new adventure. Your a very talented lady! I lover your carrot recipe too!!  Have a great day and keep cooking!!

  6. Hi Bren – haha Carrot Mojito, love it. You are hilarious! 
    I thought of you and Emeril when I did my post on Mojito Cake last week. No ugly fruit however. Maybe I’ll try that next time.

    Carrots and cumin = great pairing! Looking forward to trying your recipe.

  7. Bren, great finding you and your blog. A breath of fresh air. Congrats on the new job and I look forward to catching up with your recipes

  8. Adam: sorry bout the title goof; it’s fixed. enjoy your MOLE!!
    Checkitoutavesta: If you do, let me know how u like!
    Nofearentertaining: Go garlic!
    Lys: Girl u support all I do food wise and I thank you for it!! Get it Gir! Watch out a certain citay!
    Sharon: I don’t like raw carrots either but cooked is another story.
    Melissa: Mojo is key in our food! KEY KEY KEY! I’m so glad you got to experience it.
    Jenn: I have imaginary assistants! That’s how!
    Michelle: Thanks so much!
    Lori Lynn: Yup, imma try that carrot mojito…
    Helene: ooh fennel and maple syrup? that sounds so good.
    Simply-Gluten-free: aww. don’t feel like that. I don’t have kids or a hubby so it’s much easier to manage this  crazy life!
    Meeta: thanks for coming by. I’ve been reading u for a while. Hope you come back!
    Jaden: Girl u rock!
    Michelle: I’m so glad to have finally spoken personally with you!
    Clumbsy Cookie: Yup, can’t wait until my first assignment!
    Nick: oh please u know u don’t like most of those veggies I listed!

  9. Hi Bren, You are really on a roll girl!! Everytime I visit something fantastic is happening to you. Congratulations on your new gig, how exciting!! What a dream job that is!
    Hugs and cheers to you!

  10. You know, it just doesn’t seem like dinner at our house if there isn’t garlic somewhere. I always have cumin in the pantry, and I don’t go easy on it when I make my homemade fajita seasoning. I just LOVE the smell!

    I am fortunate to have kids that will eat anything… sauteed red cabbage, anyone? They wolf it down. So this is so going on my list of things to make!

  11. Jessica: Yes cooking with Emeril was great. He’s super cool!
    Marie: Thanks hun! It’s so much fun!
    Michelle: It’s all about the garlic!! ALL ABOUT THE GARLIC!
    KellyPea: Cumin is my favorite spice. It’s so darn good.
    Erin: Yup yup yup!
    Alexandra: I’m excited too, so we’ll see how it goes!
    Tony: Yeah I think I’ll be making this quit a bit this fall. I have some other ideas too.
    chefectomy: Thanks!
    Cynthia: Fun, fun, fun. How are you?

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