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Edible Pistachio Beauty… Well, Almost

Laura Mercier Pistache Collection Bren Herrera

On a recent to trip to Israel with my friends at Vibe Israel, my every sinful habit — those unharmful to anyone but myself — were entertained in the best fashion. They took me and a few friends out to eat every few hours (oh, and I ate), as we meandered through and explored the various nooks and crannies of the entire country. The market in Jerusalem is where I’d lose all hope of conscious eating and proper public comportment in front of strangers. It’s the most deliciously toxic place you’ll ever get lost in. But on later on that trip as I wrap up a series of posts that delve into the culture of that land.

However, before I carry on with the real purpose of this post — because as you can see, has nothing to do with food, really — let me just point out that of all the ubiquitous ingredients I enjoyed in Israel, pistachios made cameos in just about everything we noshed. From salads to main meat dishes, appetizers and small bites, it’s used a lot. Most beautifully, though, in this really creamy dessert called malabi (below). It was my first time hearing of it. Not much too to it, actually. Could almost borderline a boring frozen yogurt. Only this was more like a delicate marscapone or creme fraiche all in one, saturated  with a fragrant rose hip syrup and topped with — well, you guessed it — pistachios. Holy moly, sweet friends… I’d had three or so varieties during my 10-day visit, but none like this beauty here in Akko, a northern fishing village. It was sublime. Heavenly. Genius.

My friend Clara shared this picture with me; it’s the very one we enjoyed on beautiful afternoon. Oh, yes, but more on that trip soon.

Malabi Akko Clara Gonzalez

In all its glory, pistachio is typical in Middle Eastern cuisine. And only in their cuisine. Which is why when I got word Laura Mercier has a summery collection honoring the green nut, I was all over it. Since it’s not a super popular staple in our American food base, probably because it’s not so cheap and quite high in calories (170 in 1/4 cup, unshelled), I was happy to see it in a line up of beauty products. I was a bit skeptic, though. Could it be just another line of soufflés, lotions, washes, and oils that purports to feel amazing, and in this case, smell and actually BE amazing?

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Happy to tell you it does. I’ve been sitting on this little stash of awesomeness for two months now, playing with the different products as I decided whether to like it or really love it. I first featured it in the Mother’s Day issue of B! Inspired.  And then I got really serious with it. Between the super supple silky effect and the intoxicating smell of each one, I was in real love. The brand is already known for dishing out really nice beauty products but I think this is the winner for me. The honey bath is for the woman needing to just fall back and remind herself of how sexy she is. This will leave you feelings all kinds of wanted.  The hand creme is a great go-to in your purse for every day, all day. I’m a fan of fragrant hand anything, especially after working in the kitchen and have had raw onions all over my hands. And the scrub is strong enough for conservative use once every two – three weeks. Don’t expect the highest quality in true skin care or dryness correction. This is more suited for women that love edible smelling beauty. Kind of like the malabi. It reminded me of the malabi. It’s intense! But you will definitely feel good.

The Pistache collection has 7 products total, making it one of those you can layer to preserve the lovely smell. I’ve tried only four and am satisfied enough to recommend it. Sure, this is for the girl who likes to drop a few extra bucks and splurge on luxe, but, hey, honey! You’re worth it. And, your entire body will thank you for it.

Even if just for the incredible, dead on yummy smell! And if you can’t, but really want “bite”, go for their petite four set which teases but does the job. Go on and just ww everyone around you.

Laura Mercier Pistachio Petite

Now, back to this decadent malabi! Goodness gracious. I’m working on my own version and will be excited to share when I’m done doing it justice. It’s still in development…

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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