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Evergreen Clinique Makeup

1/3 of my used pressed powder collection! http://instagr.am/p/LiLjqOsxpn/ 
Bronzer, stay-matte makeup, even better clinical corrector
It’s all my mother used growing up. I remember splashing toner, or something refreshing on my face while she showered. All of the colorful plastic bottles seemed more like building and educational toys, emitting pretty smells, rather than containers holding beauty rectifiers. I’ve been a solid customer since I was finally allowed to wear makeup. The bottles of lotions, toners, creams, SPFs, etc… were just the beginning. For me, it all started with the pressed powder back in 1999. It’s the one compact I’ve stayed faithful to. I deviate and use CoverGirl for quick, everyday use, but my Clinique Stay Matte pressed powder has proven to be a good, good thing for my funny skin! Sometimes it glows a la JLo, other veces, (mostly around that monthly visit), you may question my identity!
I’m not the darkest chica, and fortunately not so light either. That poses a problem, though — brown spots after every period. I can’t shake it! I’ve tried everything! Todo! Tout les products! My attempt with the pricey Estée Lauder Idealist” which Oprah’s fan club sent me, purports to illuminate and even out the skin, but didn’t work though I really, really wanted to.I stood next to Clinique’s Even Better serum at the Nordstrom counter and thought it may not work, either. For $80, I was hopeful it’d rid my face of every single little unoriginal speckle. My friends at Clinique sent me sample bottle to try and I proclaim progress and very visible improvement!!! Only, I’m not daring enough to show you 😉 I’ve been applying it twice a day, once in the morning after I wash my face and at night before I rest. It’s been 3 weeks now and I’ve seen a nicer, more even tone. Claims of seeing a difference in 4weeks must be for those that have barely visible marks to begin with. At this rate, it’s going to take another 4 weeks to really clear up. But then my period will be back and the process will start over. The test will be if it scares off any potential spots from forming! Now, that’s the real secret!

Either way, I’m loving it so far. Maybe coupled with Estée Lauder’s Idealist, I’d be in the money! But, that’s wishful thinking.
Beyond the Even Better, I’m loving the light Stay-Matte Oil Free Makeup as a foundation before applying the powder. It’s much lighter than what I use every day and absorbs oils,  so it might take over so I can reserve the heavier one for TV and photo shoots — you know, those things require much more coverage. I top off a great summer look with a bronzer, something I’ve never really used until recently. I like natural kisses offered up by the sun, but since I’m no where near a beach to get a good tan, I’ll let this glittery stuff work its magic!  If you’re looking for contouring effects (a technique I’d love to learn how to do myself), than this is might be your new best friend this summer! Check them out at your local counter this month  and let me know what you think, girls!

(By the way, I’m now up to 25 used pressed powders! Don’t you think Clinique should implement some reward program!? I’m sayin’, at $22 a pop, with a decent mirror, they should! Mascara, lipstick, something! 🙂
* Even Better, Oil free matte liquid makeup and Bronzer c/o of Clinique in order to write this review. However, I was not compensated and all opinions expressed are my own! 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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8 thoughts on “Evergreen Clinique Makeup

  1. It takes forever to find a good pressed powder. The fact that you found it so early in age is a great thing. I&#39;m currently using Benefit Hello Beautiful powder and I&#39;m a big fan. It&#39;s also a bit pricey, around $34, but it comes with a sponge and brush for a lighter coverage. <br /><br><br><br />I completely agree about the rewards program though 🙂

  2. Oh B!! Anything &quot;light&quot; which absorbs oil is precisely what I need. In fact, it&#39;s all I will consider. Clinique is synonymous with good quality.

  3. Weird. My mom only used Clinique as well growing up! The compacts and toners…all of it. She still does.<br /><br />I just bought myself some new foundation and concealer from Clinique. I love the brand. Really helps my skin which is super sensitive and reminds me of my childhood!

  4. I&#39;m a pro makeup artist and I&#39;ve seldom used Clinique but I always hear great things about it. What a collector you seem to be! They should have you become an ambassador or something for them. That&#39;s a lot of compacts! 🙂

  5. As usual B, I laughed which is what I can always expect from your smart, real, witty posts: &quot;In 4 weeks I&#39;ll have my period&quot;, &quot;I&#39;m no where near a beach&quot; (good when you&#39;re 50 and look 30), &quot;rewards program&quot;…TY for your summer make up review!

  6. Clinique is such a solid brand for good cosmetics. I like their lip colors. I see you&#39;re obsessed with the powder. You should qualify for a points program! jaja.

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