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#FlanFridays, A New Idea

Salted Caramel Flan

The name of this blog is based on my love for flan. It’s no secret I love it and have developed over 40 flavors. I love them all.

But, I realized I hardly feature this amazing latin custard. A mainstay and favorite among all Latin homes, all of my friends and most of my clients, I think it deserves a bit more than the occasional cameo appearance. The ooh’s and ahh’s it receives are great. In fact, so great, I found myself trekking with one of  my pressure cookers last weekend, while visiting NYC for BlogHer and a few other meetings!

Yes, I checked one of my prized pressure cookers on my flight from Atlanta. That friendly apparatus made it with me to a small, itty bitty Manhattan apartment and planted itself on an electric stovetop. I didn’t think I’d really do it, but I did. Up ’til midnight, then up again at 3 am to finish a few different flavored flans for a Friday morning tryst.

Though it all worked out and the flans were a hit, I vowed never to travel with a pressure cooker again. At least not for the time being and unless it’s a hugely paid gig, in which case, the client will have a separate handler for such utensils.

I digress, I know. The truth is that I really want to spend a bit more time and energy into the different flans I make and even taste and feature other chefs’, home cooks, and bakers’ recipes. I think it’d be a great thing to expand my flan ventures outside of my own.

So, a few weeks ago, I got excited when I accidentally received great response to my #FlanFridays hashtag on Twitter! What an unsuspecting hit! Since then, I’ve been featuring a flan every Friday with either a picture or  a link to a flan post here on the blog.


And, for this 1st #FlanFriday on Flanboyant Eats, I bring to you a {NOT} so one-of-a-kind flavor. It just so happens a  friend in Atlanta recently asked me to make her this particular flavor for her birthday. I did it and unfortunately we couldn’t meet up in time for her dinner party.

Which means some other friends and I devoured it. And now I have to make said friend another one.

Gladly so.

Bite and enjoy.

Can you possibly guess the flavor!?

Clue: a very popular flavor for baked goodies this year.

SALTED CARAMEL! Yes, a wonderful juxtaposition of sweet & salty. It was so divine and a perfect new flavor to add to my repertoire. Do enjoy!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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58 thoughts on “#FlanFridays, A New Idea

  1. Bren, me encanta el flan!. Is my all time favorite comfort food-dessert.

    Y tambien me encanta la idea de Flan Fridays!!!!. You have my full support on this, chica!.


  2. Rosa: girl you are the best reader, ever! Good try, but neither guess is right! 🙂 There are not garnishes to help, either. Must go on absolute guess!

    Margot: Ooooh so close! Caramel is the sauce, but I added something to this one! 🙂

    Heidi: Gracias, amor…flan is the best latin dessert ever. I swear it’s the best I’ve had. Y porsupeusto, soy un poco particularia al mio! jajajaja. Thanks for supporting Flan Fridays! Be on the look out for more on flan! Besitos.

  3. Yeah! Can’t wait!!!! Might have to volunteer to add to your #FlanFriday …Friend fervently finishes flan (with a greedy smile while popping over fore a visit)

  4. 5 Star Foodie: oh Imma tell by the 15th person to leave a comment. I think Flan Fridays will be a hit! Thanks for stopping by

    Eliana: ooh, not so close! ha. and had it been espresso i would have put beans on it! 🙂 te mando un twitter y te digo.

    Chris: Yes! You are more than welcome any time!

    Yenni: Si, mi’ja… estaba riquisimo…

  5. I don’t know if this flan is salted caramel, but if it is that’s one of my favorites. Yep! One of my 5 top flavors.

  6. Yay!!!! I am writing on your blog, amigita!!! Do I earn brownie points???
    It is always a delish experience to taste one of your “well-known” flans, but most importantly, I truly enjoy spending “AWESOME” time with “GREAT” peeps like yourself. I can’t believe you took your pressure cooker to NYC, actually YES I CAN!!! It’s a BREN thang!!
    You are doing great things and I enjoy keeping up with every new endeavor! Te mando mucha energia positiva mi amigita! Pa lante, Pa lante, con mucho savor, con mucho amor, y muchas bendiciones!!!!

    Un Besote de tu South Florida Connection,
    Muah–AKA Margie ;o)

  7. Margot: Yes!!!! You are right, girlie! Great guess! That was great!

    Tickle Red: Hope you’ll tune in on Fridya’s for flan talk! And, yes, totally salted caramel! Too good.

    Simone: Girl, you had it, so you know! besitos.

    Lizzette: Ha! Hmmm, now you have me wondering how in the world I’d attempt a red velvet flan.

    Dullah: Yes dear, it’s salted caramel! Did you have some, too? I can’t remember. And if you did, I can’t believe it’s in your top 5! Niiiice!

    Margie: oh you’re so sweet amigita. I know it was tough for you having just a slither! I think one more person tore into this flan! Well, wait, maybe 2 more! Y gracias por todo el apoyo! Sabes que te lo agradesco!

    Magic of Spice: Thanks! Hope you’ll come back and check it out! Flavor is posted!

  8. If caramel is in the mix I would have to guess salted caramel. The other popular flavour on blogs this year has been bacon…could you possibly make a bacon flan:D

  9. bueno bueno bueno aqui hablamos de cosa seria y digo eso por que es mi favorito pero ese quedo de chuparse los dedos esta que ni dan ganas de tocarlo de lo bello que se ve felicidades Bren. te felicito por lo bello que se ve me imagino que deba saber delicioso congrats…

  10. Val: well all flan has caramel but you’re right on the salted!!! too good!!

    Betty: si mami! me quedo riquisimo! y como siempre te digo, aprendi de ti! sigo mejorando las metodas! 🙂

    Angie: It sure was. I can’t wait to make it again for my friend that missed out!

  11. guuuuurl you are lookinf fabUlous on tv. i was too busy looking at your tv segment and ignored this post. girlfriend you need to teach me how to be comfy on tv–i so need to work on that chica. you hot thing you!

  12. Hummm..don’t have any good guesses..pero bueno, dejame saber depues cual es el sabor….love the FlanFriday!!!


  13. Salted caramel? Mmm, dicen que “salao con dulce sabe sabroso”. Honestly, I don’t even know what salted caramel tastes like, and I don’t care. That flan looks delicious and, whatever the flavor, it’s gotta taste outta this world.

  14. VanillaSugar: oh guuurl you are too kind, always! i’d love to know which segment had you all tickled and what not! We need to have a pow-wow. I sense to much in common!

    Coco Cooks: Ooh, nice, but not this time! Salted caramel! 🙂 One of my new faves!

    Merari: It was up there!

    Lorraine! Ha! Some say so!

    David: Oooh, can I make one for you!?! I know you’d love it! I promise that even if you’re not a “salao con dulce” fan, you’d find enjoyment in this one!

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