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Making a Simple Fusion Dish {Latina Column}

When my editor at Latina Magazine asked me to do a write up on what makes the perfect fusion dish, I smiled. Not because it’s a lot of what I do, especially for my clients, rather because it forced me to quickly think of a few ingredients that could transform a Latin dish, into something else.

After all, it is a magazine for Latina women and there, I talk about food akin to our different cultures. So, I got to thinking of a simple dish I’d done before. While it’s not the epitome of fusion, it does demonstrate how easy you can infuse flavors from another cuisine into your own native food with just a few ingredients.

I can think of 4-5 special ingredients  I really enjoy adding to my traditional mojo or marinade that quickly transform an everyday Cuban dish to a satisfying treat of global flavors.

I talked about this tilapia dish sometime last year to much success. The friends that enjoyed it with me, later tried it for themselves and have made it several times since. It’s easy enough to incorporate into your monthly meal rotation, if you switch up the flavors and seasonings. That’s really what fusion is about–mixing up the flavors, texture and even plating desgin.

So, while I work on a full out for post on Latina on how to successfully create fusion meals, enjoy this super easy fish and mashed potatoes recipe which will get you started on making a delicious dinner on a laxadaisy night. You’ll appreciate taking flavors from two different cuisines to create a robust fish entree.

For my original post, click here and for today’s column on Latina, click here.

What’s The One Thing You Do To Create  A Fusion Meal?

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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48 thoughts on “Making a Simple Fusion Dish {Latina Column}

  1. I love fusion food! I cook that kind of food on a daily basis… That Tilapia dish looks delicious.



  2. Hmmm, fusion is so open-ended. We do it a lot with most of our recipes. One of the most memorable was a Southern-Italian style cornbread panzanella. Bomb! Love the tarragon in this.

  3. Rosa: Fusion works extremely well for me. A lot of friends love it and more clients request it! It’s refreshing to bring different flavors and techniques together!

    ChefFresco: Oh it sooo was!

    DuoDishes: Southern as in American Southern??? Gotta check that out. Tarragon is lovely! but then again, I like anything star anise related!

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