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When a Girl is Bored, This is What She Cooks!


Me, bored? No way. Not so. I mean, come on, I could at least be doing some fly a** shoe shopping. Or selling my mom’s beautiful jewelry.

But it really was the case on Thursday. I guess it was ONLY because I was determined to sit my behind still and not work for, uhm, 2 hours…my week has been a roller coaster of sorts–proposals, menu designs for events and preparation for a huge event I’ll tell you about after the jump. But, I was hungry, and didn’t want to make an elaborate meal.

And since I’m a serious believer in not throwing anything, nada, zilch, away, I broke out the pan and figured out something to eat. I’m trying to cut back on my sushi outings, as well, so that option was slowly scrapped.

Let’s see, fish is something I’m growing to love more and more and hopefully working into taking the place of red meat. I had some fresh tilapia. Fresh tarragon that had actually dried up nicely in its original package and red potatoes, were also just kind of laying around. A and B came over for a moment so I invited them to stay for din din. I hate eating alone as my regular readers know…I’m entirely too sassy to have dinner by myself. If anything, I’ll post my availability on Facebook (friend me if your on); that sure lands me a lot of inquiries and self-invites…

Wait, I digress. In about 30 minutes, mi comida was ready and A & B couldn’t believe it (neither one of them cook–so yes they were amazed). It took me no time to make this…Potatoes in the pressure cooker, BAM, 15 minutes and they’re done! Love that. Fish, seasoned for 20 minutes, grilled for 8-10 and BAM, it was ready. I’m quite pleased at the result considering that when I’m starving to the point of devouring even the most of sinful foods, the last thing I want to do is be creative. I go for what I know. Cuban food. Latin food.

I’m bookmarking my own recipe here for next time I’m super bored. I urge you to try when you’re having one of those fantastic lazy nights and don’t have much of a brain to concoct delish entrees.


On to other fun stuff…An all expense trip to Meeami!!!  You MUST enter into this super luxe giveaway being sponsored by Que Vida Rica (The Good Life) and Bisquick (remember, the instant pancake folks; shake a bottle type of pancake that my mom used to swear by when we were kids), yeah that Bisquick. They’ve partnered up with host Karla Martinez, of Despierta America (Wake Up America), the most popular Latin morning show on Univision, to host 5 lucky winners in Miami for 3 days, 2 nights of eating and chillaxin’! (wait, i’m still kind of ill they didn’t call me back after 4 phone calls to their production office–but that’s in another post). Anyway, they’ll fly you and a guest to Miami, put  you up somewhere near South Beach (hell yeah), feed you and then you get to have breakfast with the hottie Latina… Fellas, I should have to say no more. Imagine some hot brunette saying good morning to you like this: (Shakira voice) “buenos dia papi, me da gusto en conocerte. Que bonito eres. Vamos a desayunar lo que quieras…”

Ladies, ditch the guy for a few days and get your eat on, a tan and flirt a bit. All you have to do is go here and enter your name, email and contact information. Literally. I’m doing it too, even my alter-ego will be submitting an entry… she says hi, by the way!


And then, the last bit of fun stuff I want to share is this event I’m doing on Monday! It’s called Chef’s of the World, sponsored by a local foundation that provides scholarships to youth wanting to go to HBCU’s (historically black colleges and universities). Anyway, the event is by invite only, that is the resto’s and chefs are invited to participate. Ludacris (he owns a resto here in Atlanta), Emeril and a few other notable restaurant’s and chefs have participated in the past. We donate our time and food and then our table for 10 is auctioned off to guests! We have to prepare a 3-5 course dinner, and present our tables like top notch professionals. All of the money raised goes to the foundation. How cool, right!

So I got called 2 weeks ago to be one of the participating chefs! I was so honored, and even more excited when I found out Chef Jeff Henderson is the Chairman of this year’s event! Oh yeah baby!! I’ll be cooking alongside the FINE AS HELL (yes, yes Lord, forgive me for I know he’s accounted for) Food Network star of The Chef Jeff Project!! Woo hooo. I love that guy. He’s story is incredible. I think I’ll step out of my *chef’s profession* for just a moment and be a twinkle-eyed girl…a la Kathy Lee-Gifford…(she tries to be so coy).

Please tell me you know who he is!? Get to know him, if you don’t. And pick up his book, Cooked.

(check out his fine-ess!!)

Anyhoo, this chick here is about to show off and put her game face on!! I have 2 assistants that will help prep and plate, and an uber chic designer that will decorate my and the guest tables. I’m the only one doing Cuban/Latin food so I’m about to blow their minds!! I might even walk in there with my Meeami accent… and let’s not forget that pomegranate mojito and flan (flavor tbd) that will have them talking about me ’til I get another invite.

And you know I will have the fliest shoes on at the Hyatt Regency. I’m thinking my ’05 Gucci Runway caged pumps, or my favorite raspberry colored strappy pumps (killers every time)… oh I have so much to think about.. Should I go for the ethnic look and leave my hair big and curly, or should I roller set it and have that sexy femme fatal type of loose wave?? Ladies, your input, please.

So I’ll leave you letting you know I’m doing a vid interview with Chef Jeff and I will most definitely post up here next time, along with the menu and pictures of presentation! Hopefully he really is all that in person. I’d be so disappointed if not.  Wish me luck!


Tarragon & Garlic Infused Tilapia

  • 1 lb. fresh tilapia
  • 1 garlic head, finely smashed
  • 4 tbsp. fresh tarragon (or 5 sprigs), finely chopped, or 3 tbsp. dried
  • 1 lemon
  • 2-3 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • salt/fresh black pepper to taste

Season fish with salt, pepper, lemon and garlic. Rub tarragon onto fish. Wrap in parchment paper and refrigerate for 20 minutes (45 if you have time). Make your potatoes while the fish is marinating. Add olive oil to stove top grill pan and bring to medium heat. Grill tilapia for 5 minutes on each side. Add all remaining marinade juice to pan.

Serve on top of creamy mashed potatoes. Have a really good glass of white wine. Make it a Cuban meal by serving some platanitos frito (sweet fried plantain)… 🙂

Serves 4-6.

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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39 thoughts on “When a Girl is Bored, This is What She Cooks!

  1. I’m liking the flavor combo here with the tilapia. It doesn’t need much, but it takes on flavors really well.

    Congrats on the event. I need to hear all about it.

  2. I really love tilapia, it’s a great fish to work with and takes on several types of flavors well. I am enjoying this dish – easy and full of great taste!

  3. Even though tarragon is abundant in Mexico, I have never used it before. I have to try your recipe and see how I like it. And congratulations (again!) for all the stuff you are doing and invited to do. I really admire how busy you keep yourself these days :-p

  4. Kelly: I love tilapia, too. Such a great fish to work with.
    Don: I think you and Becky would like this. It’s way too simple!
    Meeta: I was just playing around with the flavors and since I’m loving tarragon these days, I thought it’d be a nice touch. And too much garlic is never a bad thing.
    Ben: Mijo, estoy volviendo me loca, but in such a great way! I’d have u help me if you were anywhere near here!
    BelliniValli: Life is good and only God is responsible for that (and my family, or course!). Thanks Lady..ur so sweet to me.

  5. Oh snap! This looks good. I can’t wait to try this one for sure! I was just saying that I need more easy fish recipes to make in the house. This will definitely do it!! I will post my success story once I put it together sooner than later!!

  6. Nice fish! I love the Bams! 🙂 And good-luck at the event – sounds like so much fun. Oh, and I vote for curly, ethnic type hair. Be different and sassy!

  7. Congrats, congrats!!! I am so happy and excited for you! (p.s. the photo of the dessert house is not mine but one we drew inspiration from) dessert here in Tokyo… UM I’ll be lucky if a find a green patch of anything = )

    Your photo above, DELISH darling.

  8. Tarragon and other anise flavourings are a natural for fish & seafood. Keep on being bored…you cook some good stuff in that mood! lol

  9. Hey Brenda, i Love your site!! this is Maire, Palillo’s youngest daughter… well i love fish, so i’m gonna def. try this!  by the way Congrats for eveything going on in ur life… I’m very happy for you!  If i were you i would ware my CUBAN Afro to the event, that way they’ll have another reason not to forget me….. you know what i mean! “hey remeber that cuban girl wit the Afro that made that bangin Flan for us” (See where this is going??)

  10. OMG! I love Talapia…looks GREAT girl. My mouth is watering…and i’ve been sick so hunger don’t come easy…suddenly i’m feeling like food is not the enemy again…woohooo!

    Contest…ummm Miami? So like tell me why me and my girls were talking abt going to south beach this spring ANYWAY. Yes entering…like NOW!
    Good LUCK! I’ll pray for you. Wonderful opportunity and i don’t know of Jeff but he is a hottie. Lucky wife.  His story does sound amazing…God is love man.

    c ya soons.

  11. Plantains don’t grow in Michigan! 😉 I wonder how this would taste with salmon, I have a few extra filets from last night’s experiment … 😀

  12. Reg, we need to do that consultation so we can get you and Kim to save some dough!!! For real
    Jen: I love how you cook and make things up from your *things* in your fridge. I wish I could do that more often.
    Chefectomy: Oh ur soo sweet!
    Courtney: It was awesome.. I shall personally write you.
    Culinarywannabe: bams work when i save lots of time! it’s great. the fish was awesome, so juicy and tender
    Helene: you my dear are too kind. love you for that.
    Girl Japan: My new friend!! Hi! that house is all yours–in ur dreams.. enjoy it…
    Peter: anise! love.it!
    Mairelys: y que chica.. gracias por pasar por aqui~ girl my flans are bangin’ in deed!
    Miesha: imma have to make this for you.. better yet, aren’t we working u on some guy cooking demo? I could do this…
    Michelle: thanks love.
    LunaPierCook: Should I send you some?
    Cynthia: Miss you, stranger…

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous.  It’s shamefully been a few weeks since I’ve been on your site.  (So sorry, my head is hung in shame) I have to poke around to see if your posted more on your inauguration fun!

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