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#FLANFRIDAYS: A Mango Kiwi Dessert Better Than Bottled"Juice!"

When I come up with making a new flan, it’s usually inspired by a “pow” flavor I experienced earlier in the week, an intoxicating seasonal ingredient or something sitting on my counter that needs attention before it dies on me. On the fun occasion, I’ll ask friends and fam if there’s something new they’d like to try, in which case more often than not the answer is something I’ve either already done or something I’m not remotely interested in. But, this is for you and I’ll make it. Their fancy is entertained and I’m good knowing someone else (and hopefully new) will enjoy the experience.

The last #FlanFridays was so exquisite and well-received, I had to make 10 in two days for some friends and faithful customers in D.C. a few weeks ago. It’s most gratifying when picture is so luscious that it’ll sell itself! That’s exactly what I try to accomplish with every new or reinvented flavor I create.

No different with today’s choice of the creamy delight. Only this one didn’t happen with the same level of inexperience or mystery. With summer making its presence loud and clear with painfully hot temperatures, I can only think about food that is light, refreshing, sweet (to keep me in a good mood) and easy to access— no fuss kinda food. My list of ingredients grows day by day as local farmers’ markets bring their crop.

Clearly, mangoes and delicious hosts of wonderful fruits are all over the place right now. And if you didn’t know, mango is my favorite fruit. Probably because  I adore my mother’s innocent recount of a good a$$ whipping she’d get as a child for jumping her neighbor’s fence and climbing their tree in fearless effort to snatch up a few orange gems. I’ve heard it all my life and would do anything to see a picture of her in action. That woman there is so ruthless! And so, I call them gems because even when I went to Havana, mangoes were not so commonly seen. You were lucky and better have taken advantage if you have access to a friendly neighbor that’ll share a basket full of the most collossal mangoes I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

When I left Cuba on one of those trips, I thought I could be slick and sneak in a few pounds of those ridiculously varied mangoes. I swear I’d never seen anything like them. They were the size of a small to medium-sized watermelon. No lie. No exaggeration and complete wonderfulness. In any case, one of those thoughtful neighbors gifted me 10 or so gems which were all confiscated at Miami Customs. I about blew a gasket and let someone have it in the most Cuban Spanish I know.

I realize I was potentially breaking the law, but I was repulsed most by the notion that those money-hungry and egotistical agents were going to do nothing but take those beauties home.

Those mangoes still linger in my mind and while I scout all international varieties both in Atlanta and D.C., I knew it was time to share with you a mango-based flan. I recently purchased a 5lb box of Phillipino mangoes at an incredibly attractive price of .59/lb. I picked those up while in D.C. and traveled back to Atlanta with them. Most of them have been enjoyed as a lone-standing piece of fruit with moments of sucking the hell out of the seed. I used others to make early morning smoothies and shakes. And the 3 I have left were reserved for today and next Monday’s post. They’ve all been perfectly sweet, smooth textured and sweet enough to infuse into other foods.

Okay, so the kiwi. Who’s NOT had a “mango kiwi” drink of some sort? Bad memories of misplaced hype of  “teas” and “juices” (even candy) have all lent a false sense of pure mango and kiwi fruit. Extracts perhaps, but definitely not the real deal.

Kiwi’s are making their statement as well and having them play house with mangoes made all the sense in the world. I knew it’d work but I didn’t expect to love the taste of caramel saturated slices of the fuzzy green fruit.

I had a moment at 6 this morning, the ungodly hour when I found inspiration to make this lovely flan. I wrapped it up and starting thinking of the beautiful things kiwi and caramel can yield and now onto some due diligence on how else I’m going to fuse this perfect combo. I shouldn’t have to tell you the mango worked well as it should have. I used a really sweet one which intensified the fragrance of the custard base –the perfect element to distract the stifling weather. How could that not make this flan a new fave? Cooked mango the bottom and throughout, fresh chunks on top, all crowned by my favorite color green? Oh.my.word.

Thank you Mami for teaching me all these wonderful things! My life is so delicious!

No irony the official logo colors of  are precisely this green and cognac! I’m so in love right now.

Lastly, as with most full-sized flans, I didn’t cut into this one because it’s been claimed for. And giving someone a half-eaten flan would be far from sexy. But, yes, I had a mini one for myself so that I could tell you how amazing it is and how you need to make it too. You’ll never look at “mango kiwi” anything the same way! 😉


(please email me  bren {at} flanboyanteats {dot} com for the recipe)

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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62 thoughts on “#FLANFRIDAYS: A Mango Kiwi Dessert Better Than Bottled"Juice!"

  1. It’s been quite a time since you last blogged about flans. This on is heavenly! Wow, you get up early (or go to bed late ;-P)!



  2. Another common element of ours “Mango” love them!! Too funny about your Mom and your airport incident. I do hope to try this one someday soon! Glad to read the FlanFriday again…although I’m reading it on Sat..LOL.

  3. That looks so absolutely delicious!! You know, legend has it that the forbidden fruit in Paradise was apple. Hmm, somehow I doubt it. MANGO it was, believe me 🙂 !!!! And if Adam would have known flan back then, he would have sinned even sooner!

    Thanks for a great, mouth watering post.

  4. Rosa: I know girl! Schedule’s been insane but so glad to be able to do it. And I got up early so that I could get this done. I was so anxious to get it up! 🙂 Glad you like it.

    Melanie: You can have some! 🙂

    Joi: Thanks for checking in and reading it. The stories are quite funny! It was mouth-watering good.

    David: I know how much you love mango so this is right up your alley! You’d love it for sure! And yes, Adam prolly would have sinned sooner… food will have you do that.

  5. Hmmmm – you always know how to rock it out with the flans girlfriend. I don’t know how I missed this one. It looks incredible.

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