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Flat is Fly! For the Unfortunate Situation

If you’re a girl like me and don’t wear flats unless you’re chasing the dog or running to the mailbox, flat shoes don’t really take up real estate in the closet. But, sometimes the most of unfortunate and untimely accidents happen that force us to consider perusing the flat section… and they must be on sale!

I sprained my ankle almost 4 weeks ago and have only worn heels twice… and those two fabulous times turned out to be a miserable aftermath. Shooting pain in my heel has taken over and I’ve now resigned to using crutches while I heal.

Yes, I’m on crutches. So while my Dr. sis has put me on foot rest and instructed me to stay off any kind of sexy stiletto, I’ve been pretending to want to own some flats. I did some virtual shopping and found some really cute options! I’d actually wear all of these… now.

After getting over the idea of having to wear flats for a few more weeks, I went to my closet and actually found a few pair…most of which hadn’t seen my feet in more years than I can remember. These two are faves and not bad options for everyday styling.

If I was bold enough to spend $170 (on sale) on the fabulously chic leopard print Kate Spade one’s, I might, just might get really excited about flats!

Flat can be Fly! 

How do you rock your flats? Share a link to your fave pair! I want to see what you like!


My own: 

Classic “All Star” Chuck Taylor’s in blue c/o J.C. Penny
Zebra print flats with rhinestones, Yellow Box (<3 <3 <3)


1. Miu Miu “Crystal Bow” ballet flat
2. Prada oxfords
3. Halogen “Haley” oxford
4. Patagonia “Addie” boot
5. Timberland “Wiltshire” knee boot
6. Valentino “Rockstud” pointy toe flat
7. Vera Wang Lavender “Lanie”
8. Missoni rubber ballet flat
9. House of Harlow “Maddison” moccasin
10. Kate Spade leopard pony hair flat
11. Jeffrey Campbell “Dauphine” studded flat

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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11 thoughts on “Flat is Fly! For the Unfortunate Situation

  1. Cracking me up! I&#39;m both uber tall at 6&#39; and rocking a cane as well after breaking my leg…so though not too worried about &#39;fly&#39; flats have been my past, my present and will be my future and I&#39;m fine with that!<br /><br />Really want to cry for me Argentina? I also wear a size 11 shoe so really…getting myself all worked up over shoes would have meant a lifetime of

  2. Due to a knee injury, I&#39;ve been wearing flats for about a year now! It took alot of adjustment because I LOVE heels too! But, I&#39;d rather wear flats than walk like a five year-old playing dress up with her mother&#39;s shoes! (that&#39;s one of my pet peeves, girls/women who wear heels and don&#39;t know how to walk in them!) It&#39;s been difficult, especially since I&#39;m short. There

  3. A lot of these shoes are so cute! I love the pink #8&#39;s! I admit, I am more of a high-heel girl myself except for tenis, but now that I am in my 30s I am finding myself more and more appreciating flat shoes. The other day I spotted some ballet slippers in Coach — they were so cute!

  4. I grew up in high heels then I had kids and now meh. It makes me so sad! I have to schedule a chiropractor&#39;s appointment if I plan on wearing heels. But yes, flats are tres, tres fab! I don&#39;t have a current fave but can tell you what I detest about some flat styles – excessive toe cleavage! LOL

  5. i wear a lot of flats because i just can&#39;t find really nice heels that i can wear for a long time. plus, being a hair stylist, i&#39;m on my feet all day long. heels are not the way to go! these flat options are so cute. and i love your zebra print ones. feel better soon.

  6. Barbara: girl! haha. I can&#39;t even imagine a life in flats… my sis on the other hand can. She&#39;s always in sneakers. So is my mom. Not sure where my obsession came from. <br /><br />If Curves Could Talk: Me too! They&#39;re so comfy and fun!<br /><br />Wanda: I don&#39;t think I&#39;ve ever seen you in flats! I do love them but they just have to be super, super fly! Thanks for coining the

  7. As much as I love high heels, my crazy life needs a flat. I&#39;m always on the go and always running. I would take any of these flats gladly! <br /><br />And one can never go wrong with the classic converse.

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