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For The Techie Guy (& Gal): The BSC Holiday Guide 2012

I rack my brain this time of year when I have to decide what to gift the men in my life. All 5 of them. Dad, 3 brothers and a cousin. Not to mention two young nephews, though they’re usually the no-brainers. My dad is simple and doesn’t ever want or ask for anything, which makes it extremely difficult to be creative. My brothers all have similar interests — they’re car and gadget junkies — so they’re the easiest. My cousin? He’s just like whatever.

I thought I’d make it really easy for myself this year and look at things I’d like and use but they’d appreciate, too! This is what I came up with, and love them all! Even the game! With 5 days before Christmas, these are sure-go’s if you’re still wondering!

1. I finally got hip to the iPad culture and snatched one up. This leather case by JOY Factory is sleek, light and serves as a simple stand. The subtle dotted line design is unisex and goes with everything. Love. it.

2. My favorite gadget I’ve toyed with in the last 3 months, the Big Blue desktop bluetooth speaker by Brookstone is the sexiest thing I’ve seen since my soundstix by Harman Kardon. This one plays off any of your devices, including mobiles. The sound quality is divine and the blue light is just an added touch!  Not too shabby for the audio-inclined guy. Oh, the Big Blue Live is just as fabulous and is pint-sized for traveling. That one’s wireless so take it everywhere. $150 for BB and $100 for Live.

3. The Motorola S11-Flex HD bluetooh headset sounds like a gem at the gym. Love their lighter and unique design and 4 options in earbud sizes. The headset doubles as a traditional answering mechanism for your phone, but don’t count on it too much. That sound quality is a bit shaky. Great fit for the runner, cyclist or anyone doing extended workouts and needs tunes to keep them motivated. $129.

4. Power on the go! Everyone runs out of juice for their cell phone, especially at those most inopportune times. The Enercell battery pack keeps your USB devices charged at all times. Fits in your back pocket and plugs up anywhere. Perfect. RadioShack, $80.

5. Need for Speed Most Wanted race car driver game for Xbox Kinect is every boy’s addiction. AE gamers updated their classic game with better graphics, realistic movements on the highway, meandering challenges and a speed point system which creates great competition with your playing partner. I already gave it to my brothers.  They approve and confirm 3 hours of straight playing! $50.

6. Go Pro Go Hero 3 sports camera is the geekiest yet coolest gift I could want. It’s smaller than their previous version, has built-in Wi-Fi and takes great HD stills. It is the best sports camera, especially for action shots… you know for snowboarding, trapeze, race car driving, scuba diving, etc… any guy would hug you tight if this were in his stocking. A bit pricey, but so much fun. $399 (the black edition, being the top contender. White and Silver are good, too.)

7. For the heavy and bigger hands, a stylish stylus for his tablet is essential and adds to productivity. I wouldn’t suggest snatching up this soft pink color, but it flows so smoothly! Joy Factory does it right. $30.

8. Samsung Galaxy GC100 camera is another option for taking great HD pictures. Offering a completely different use than the Go Pro, this nicely designed cam has seamless connectivity through 3G and Wi-Fi. Back up pictures to Cloud and use the voice control. I don’t know another camera that’s multi-talented! $300

9. iPod nano. Why not? I mean, Apple’s not going anywhere. The iTouch is still a bit too big. This credit card size is great for on the go. Holds enough music to get him through a hardcore, muscle man session. $150.

10. My favorite iPad case yet. A bit bulky, but it’s the perfect travel portfolio with its full QWERTY bluetooth keyboard and pebbled leather case. The stand angles are great, too. It’s just too easy to work with. Great protection as well which we all want for our lofty device. Choose from a variety of colors. Brookstone, $150.

11. My sister calls this the modern boom box! Take this Auvio bluetooth speaker anywhere. Literally.
Going for a long walk? Stick this in your backpack and listen to your music loud and clear without headphones. It’s even better for traveling. It’s light and packs just lovely in your suitcase. It connects to all desktop and mobile devices in two steps. Touch button volume is a nice feature and an added bonus is the EQ app you can download for free. RadioShack, $50 (on sale!).

There you have it. My top picks for the tech and gadget- inclined fellas in your life. I guarantee they’ll love them all. Guys, us girls like these, too! Wink.

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

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6 thoughts on “For The Techie Guy (& Gal): The BSC Holiday Guide 2012

  1. Girl, you are reading my mind. For the first time in decades, I am stuck in Last-minute-holiday-shopping hell! Thanks for the great ideas, and BTW, nice blog!

  2. I'll take 2 of each please.. I'm still waiting for my #gopro to come in. Ordered that joker over a month ago!!! I could use one of those bluetooth speaker systems too for the garage.

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