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Getting Dolled Up {Every Day}

I love make up. But what girl doesn’t? The irony is that my Dr. sister is mentally allergic to it, and my mother has never liked it. It’s like fighting pitbulls to get either one of them to put on the most basic of gloss and mascara on.
But then again, I do everything in the complete opposite they do. I work in entertainment while sissy is in scrubs all day and mami keeps up house and spends papi’s money. Somehow we all still compliment each other.
For me make up is simply a way to express and exhibit our inner Diva–because no matter what any woman says, we all have “her” inside. Chelsea inhabits that Diva. I’m so okay with her.
When I do my own makeup, I’m whip it up in no more than 10 minutes. Magically, it comes out pretty decent. And, I get a lot of compliments on it. But then when the pro’s come out… the whole game and face changes and I love it like no other. Chelsea is out in full effect.
Here’s a glimpse of the prods I use, namely M.A.C cosmetics for special but non press events.  Others like Clinique, Revlon and my best mascara, L’Oreal when I get dolled up for special occasions. The version made for France is something serious, gals. It trumps the most expensive designer brand I’ve used in the States… I picked one up in Monaco for $17 and haven’t regretted it at all. Every penny well spent. So good, I put in special orders from friends that live there. So good I’d spend the crazy shipping to get my hands on it.
I love it all, but I’m always on the hunt for some new lip colors. I found recently went to the M.A.C counter at Nordstrom and found 3 amazing colors I love. Need to just take the plunge and scoop them up. Sexy *ish.

Sometime soon, I’ll show you the stash my 2 make up pro’s do for live and TV appearances… beautifulness on a different level!

What’s your favorite brand? Mascara?

M.A.C eyeshadows and pigments, Kiehl’s lipgloss, Bobbi Brown lipstick for base color, L’Oreal mascara and eyeliner (American and French versions, latter costing 60% more but 100% better!), Brushes from Monaco. Not pictured: Clinique pressed powder, Revlon True Color foundation, M.A.C lipstick and M.A.C. blush.

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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