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GILT City Atlanta Launch & A Sweet Blogger Win!

(Aspire Magazine publisher, N. Renee Webb & me)
(Aspire Magazine publisher, N. Renee Webb & me)
Axor Urquiola from Hansgrohe USA bathtub

(Gilt City President, Nate Richardson, Evelyn Mims, Producer at NBC 11 Alive and me)

Just when I have no energy or motivation to go out and mingle, which you all know requires lots of dolling up and schmoozing, especially when it’s a room chock-full of “must-knows,” I get a tweet from a friend letting me know they’re going to be at the Gilt City Launch of the Atlanta edition. And, I need to see this friend.

I had already been invited to the private soirée, but after having showed up a full evening in advance, fully dressed, I had little interest in going through the same exact motions. It really happened that way. I pulled up the to the strategically situated and absolutely beautiful MODA edifice, all to find out the event was the night following.

As I walked up to the door, I thought something was off as I didn’t see anyone trying to ID themselves at the door. But, an elderly man was so polite and complimented my outfit, that I decided to quickly run back to my car so no one could see what I was wearing. Oh yeah, I was going to rock the same look to the T in 24 hours!

And so I did. The pants are my latest obsession and am begging to wear them again. I snatched them up at a local thrift store for a mere $6. They were such a hit, I was offered $50 for them that night! Ha. Don’t you love when that happens? But, you can see why! These have to be the hottest knickers, ever.

The GILT City Atlanta launch party was swanky, full of energy and laced with beautiful and fashionable people. Designer Mychael Knight from Project Runway was in attendance, as he is at most of these type functions in Atlanta. Dancing With The Stars Karina Smirnoff was also there, clad in body-fitting black and white dress. But, I totally overlooked her.

I did have a chance to parlay with Gilt City President Nate Richardson, a lovely young man vibrant with personality. We talked up my fave spots in Atlanta and D.C. and other goodness.

2nd best to mingling with old fave friends like Evelyn Mims from NBC locally and a few writers, I enjoyed the cocktails and the artwork! I’ve always appreciated art and design in all mediums, but staring at a tub for 10 minutes gave me new perspective on taking baths (which I find a bit, eh, gross). I later found out the Axor Urquiola from Hansgrohe USA bathtub is part of a collection in a showroom just 20 minutes away.

Party was swanky and delicious as evidenced by the popsicle in my hand in the 1st pic, which took place not even within 5 minutes of arriving (hence the sunnies still on — which I hate when others do! ha! I’m caught!) To top it all off, and making my attendance worth every bit of two drives into the city, I got word last week that I won the Gilt City Blogger Challenge, garnering me a feature on GiltCity.com, $200 to shop on Gilt.com and $100 to giveaway, so stay tuned for that!

An uber sexy evening, well spent!

Wearing: Thrifted Ellen Tracey knickers; Thrifted bouclé blazer; Old Navy tank; Sam Edelman “Navarro” pumps; Moschino sunnies; Tory Burch cuff and bracelets; chunky glass ring; vintage choker; C.B. Herrera earrings; Kenneth Jay Lane owl necklace; boutique found purple faux snakeskin clutch

*1st 4 pics courtesy of Jay Young Photography; Love my Hipstamatic bathtub shot and mediocre shots of shower head and friends, courtesy of my iPhone.

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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23 thoughts on “GILT City Atlanta Launch & A Sweet Blogger Win!

  1. Absolutely fabulous outfit! And sounds like an incredible night. I also loved that you wore the same outfit – we&#39;ve all been there 🙂 <br /><br />Congrats on the Gilt City Blogger challenge. I will definitely look out for it.

  2. Love those pants girl and your hair is GORG.. I love it. I so wanted to attend this event but had a prior engagement. Glad you had FUN FUN FUN!! 🙂 New follower here too. Smooches!

  3. there you go again Bren looking so fabulous! only you could rock the hell out of those knickers! wait til Trystan sees these! i looove them. and the shoes of course. happy you won the blogger contest! that&#39;s pretty awesome!

  4. I love those type of pants and actually have a pair of fuchsia ones that I have only worn once. I kinda feel like they look like PJs sometimes lol. Works on you though. And you have inspired me to give my hot pink pants another go!

  5. You always look great! Sophisticated, sexy and beautiful. I can&#39;t believe the price of your pants, they are really cute!

  6. you all are some awesome women! thanks for the love of the pants! they are indeed all the adjectives you used! Do you think Rachel Zoe would love?? I mean, really! they&#39;re smokin&#39;. Can&#39;t wait to rock them again before Summer&#39;s out. A totally different look. Share your thoughts on which direction you&#39;d like to see them in!! 😉 xo

  7. HELLO THERE GORGEOUS!!!<br /><br />Oh thank you for such kind words Bren, and look at you…always lookin&#39; so fine!<br /><br />May your September bring you ONLY JOY…and dear one, please, be careful in that hurricane evacuation thing….I hope you are not in its path…Anita

  8. WOW!! Such a funny, yet exciting story. I dont blame you for re-rocking that outfit. Those pants are totally fabulous. Did they come that way at the bottom or did you have them altered? Either way, love this outfit!<br /><br />Prissy

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