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{Giveaway} Youth Xtend by Artistry Beauty

Colors for making foundation; lab visit and talk from makeup designer; Spa room essentials
R & D scientist in makeup room explaining colors and creams
Packaging journey; Lab visits and skin analysis
The girls enjoying a yacht ride!
Some of the Youth Xtend Collection
Youth Xtend creams
Yup! Getting ready to board this baby!
Landing in NY. Now on way back to DC.
The full collection could be yours!
*this post was published a few hours ago, full of 1000 words, details, research facts, etc…all for it to disappear into thin air. Blogger. I don’t like you. You made my night miserable. But it’s okay, readers. You probably wouldn’t have read a post of that unreasonable length, anyway. So, here goes. A much shorter, to the point, post. It’s pertinent, fun, but let’s just say it’s not as peachy, warm, and fuzzy. We’ll just cut to the chase and show pretty pictures with a splash of information here and there. *
It’s not because they took me on the fanciest flight I’ve ever flown — on a 2 week old G-5 private jet — from NY to Michigan; or because we had a beautiful al fresco dinner at Amway’s CFOs house, recessed in the country side of Ada, laced with stables and lovely horses; or because we ate fancy dinners in nearing towns; or because I got a bright and early sensual spa treatment with the works; nor was it the fabulous idle yacht ride on Lake Michigan; or because we got a personalized walking tour of the R & D labs where the magic of Amway happens; or better yet, not even because we were gifted a lovely Michael Kors carry all travel tote (the more the merrier for me!) filled with Artistry Beauty‘s soon to be launched Youth Xtend collection, or that they flew me back on the same jet with personalized service with the single flight attendant; or that I sat in the jump seat and felt like I co-piloted a hour flight, that I love Amway‘s beauty brand. 
It’s because they took the time to fly me and a few other top beauty bloggers and experts out to their headquarters for an intimate, behind-the-scenes look to learn and experience all about Artistry Beauty‘s new skincare collection launching in just a fews days in the US. It’s because my opinion matters I got to don a white lab coat and play with pigments to make my own custom makeup foundation and lipstick. From lab to lab, we spoke to real scientists who explained how research starts and how an idea goes from a thought to a finished product we all love and use.
If you’re an Artistry fan and used the previous Time Defiance collection (which I’m still working through), then you’ll love the beautiful and newly crescendo packaged Youth Xtend. It’s purpose: to help defy the signs of aging with real time effects and results. In one of the labs we visited, lead scientists showed us samples of the Meditterranean myrtle plant, LifeSirt, which has essential protein properties that keep our skin plump and firm. Other fruity extracts help with the aging process, like those annoying fine lines we start seeing around our eyes. African Baobab known to have rare levels of antioxidants also prevent future damage.
After the brutal beating I took in Spain’s summer heat followed by Pheonix’s suffocating temperatures, this girl’s ready to do and slather my face with anything to revujve my skin. I could use products that help me feel better but also slow down the aging process… because I’ve finally started seeing a line or two outside my left eye, especially when I laugh really hard.
Of the 8 products from the Youth Xtend collection, I’m loving the serum concentrate which infuses meditarranean botanticals used to promote and maintain alive our natural youth proteins that can help with keeping us looking our current age, maybe even a few years younger… and the enriching cream which kickstarts the regpromming of our future skin… Sounds a bit sci-fi and full of beauty geekery, right? Well, during one of our roundtable convos, some of those super knowledeable scientists explained the aging process… Signage in our 30s means we started experiencing damage in our 20s… signage in our 40s starts developing in our 30s and so on. So what about the hopeful statement “40 is the new 30, 30 is the new 20…” Well, in theory, yeah, that’s pretty awesome and bring it on. But sometimes our skin doesn’t lie. I’ll kill a wrinkle if I can!
Since fall is just a month away, we can all benefit from a jumpstart in replenishing the good stuff we scratched off with the sun and atomospheric elements. They say I’ve got this natural glow my new beau has brought me… but I can add an additiona layer of long-term glow in addition to what he’s naturally doing to me, then I’m just going to suggest you watch it all get better and better!
And I want to share the goodness with you! How about we exchange our experiences and results together?! I’m game if you are. For that to happen, my friends at Artistry and I are giving away the entire collection! Yep. The 8 products, full-size, for one lucky and faithful B So Chic! reader who’s serious about loving her skin and keeping it the best she can!
Let’s play! This what you have to do to win this “new you” package of goodness, valued at $700.
1. Leave a comment sharing your skin concern. An Artistry expert will respond to each one personally! 
2. Like us on both our Facebook Pages, Bren Herrera and B So Chic!
3. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and G+
4. Pin one of the pictures onto a beauty board with hashtag #BSoChic
5. Tweet this giveaway sharing the link to this post, including my handle @BrenHerrera and hashtag #BSoChicGiveaway 
6. Leave an additional comment letting me know the completed the preceeding 5. 
*At this time, only US residents are eligible. Artistry Beauty will fulfill winnings directly. Please enter only once with one name and email address. Contest will run through Sept. 10th, so tweet away and spread the word. One random winner will be chosen on the 11th and announced on Twitter! Good luck, girlfriends!  

And as you can see, I wasn’t so successful in making this edit shorter than the original vanished one! We can thank iced espresso at 1:30 am for that! 😉 

* I was invited on a press trip to Amway’s headquarters in order to familiarize myself with the new collection. I was not compensated for this post or to host this giveaway. I did receive all 8 products in order to conduct this product review. All opinions, reviews, experiences, and stories are honest and 100% my own. Always. 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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84 thoughts on “{Giveaway} Youth Xtend by Artistry Beauty

  1. My major skin problem is breaking out. I do feel that now that I am 22 I am seeing wrinkles. The wrinkles are not too bad but I can see that they are developing. I smile and laugh a lot. Maybe that's why? I have no clue but I want to prevent more wrinkles from forming. I need HELP. Save me ? Lol I hope to win. I have entered and done all 5 requirements to enter. Thank you lovely!

  2. OMG! What a concept! I finally figured out how to leave a comment here! Thanks B!<br /><br />I haven&#39;t had any major skin problems, but I would sure love to prevent wrinkles! LOL!<br /><br />Joyce 🙂

  3. My main concern is combo skin, mostly oily though… and wrinkle prevention. Thanks!<br /><br />Lynda @MommyPowers<br />sterlingdreams925 at yahoo.com

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