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Green & Orange & Turbans

Some things just happen naturally when getting dressed. Other ensembles and looks need inspiration. It’s seldom the case that I call on someone else to help put an outfit together. But when it’s an exclusive look for a online or print feature, I like two opinions better than just my own.

I recently shared two looks I love and would wear over and over again… they represent timeless chic to me. Plus, every piece has special significance. The  black super studded Minnie Mouse look and the fabulous DIY tutu skirt were both for a feature that’s yet to be published in The Atlanta Journal Constitution–so yeah, I took liberty of publishing the pictures here.

They were just too fabulous to hold in my pictures folder. Curating them here would be almost as exciting as seeing them in the paper.

The entire shoot back in March was beyond exciting and the energy I got from the ever so flexible and patient Alison Church ( I kinda want to hire her to follow me around!) helped ease me into a place of sexiness and confidence.

Especially with the 3rd and final look we shot…This one didn’t come as easy and so natural to me. Individually, the pieces are stunning and are mainstays in my wardrobe. I mean look at the emerald pleated skirt! Gorg. The turban is a vintage staple from the 70s, found in a whole in the wall, but one of the best “catch all” stores I’ve ever stepped foot into. And, the romper is just that–a lovely silk piece that flows and touches the body so romantically that wearing it to bead wouldn’t be a bad idea. But it’s too pretty not to be showcased in public.

This one came together as a result of prancing in my dressing room with 1/4 of my fashionable posse,  Melanie of Capitol d’Beaute, Vanessa of Bonen Bonnets and their diva friend Daniel of Heel My Soul. It was really Daniel’s vision. Me… I just wanted to wear the turban and the uber fab coral necklace which my lovely mother made for me. This was a classic case of girls gone wild at 3 am in a room full of plumes, shoes, jewelry, hierlooms, hats, furs and crystals– magic occurs. Obviously this is a spring look, but one that works in other parts of the world and inspired by travels to culturally rich places — the patterns, textures, mix of fabrics, animalistic fetishes, etc…

Was it a bit convoluted and over the top? Yes! Do I love it? Yes! Would I wear it again in the same fashion? No…. though it all felt so right and looked amazing! And, that’s what it’s really all about.


Max Azria silk skirt
Haquen silk romper
Vintage silk turban
Aldo shoes
C.B. Herrera Jewelry coral necklace
Vintage glass and panther necklace
Vintage brooch worn on turban
ABS and leather cuffs; YSL bone cuff; ABS bee ring
Vintage crystal necklace as worn by SJP in SATC

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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25 thoughts on “Green & Orange & Turbans

  1. LOVE the shoes! Now the turban, hmmm, only you could pull that off mija. If I were to wear that turban I would look like a loca 😉 How is it that you manage to pull it off? I LOVE your confidence!

  2. goodness gracious girl . . . i&#39;m kinda speechless at the moment because while i certainly follow you on twitter (recently about Eva Cassidy) – i had not been to your site . . . and i am KICKING myself for not having done so. beautiful, inspiring, talented, smart and confident – you are a breath of fresh air – just fantastic!<br /><br />and now i feel sooooooo under-dressed . . . sigh . . .

  3. That. Is. Crazy. Who knew turbans could look so classy? Girl, anything and everything you wear looks amazing!<br /><br />Wish I had that ability!

  4. Great article Bren! Daniel of &#39;Heel My Soul&#39; is a true inspiration, he spent entire weekends with us making making fabulous stuff like jewelry &amp; accessories, we never left the house! We would sew for hours!<br />Your closet &amp; that night was magical, it was fun staying up until the wee hours! Awesome shoot! <br />xoxo! CdB

  5. wow! thanks, friends! I appreciate all the lovely comments! It was a fun shoot for sure and the turban was the hit… well, we really enjoyed putting it all together. I loved how all the elements work… i didn&#39;t notice until after the fact that I had that animal print going on — the shoes, the leather cuff, the romper (kind of). Be Inspired!

  6. YOU are absolutely stunning dearest Bren…..it is so nice to see you come by to visit and THAT SKIRT…OH MY GOODNESS…the color. I have had many outfits of that shade and that is my color for life. You have the most beautiful skin ever! My sister-in-laws both of Puerto-Rican descent have that rich and flawless skin. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a magnificent celebration, which BTW, is just

  7. That skirt is gorgeous! Love the bright green color. The turban is bold. I&#39;m not sure I would rock it myself but you wear it well. And I can&#39;t believe your momma made that necklace! Beautiful!

  8. CC&amp;C: you are too sweet! It&#39;s so good to have visited you again. It had been too long. <br /><br />Vianney: I loove it. Best comment on blog ever! <br /><br />Sujeiry: I loove that skirt, too. You wouldn&#39;t even believe it&#39;s almost 10 years old. It goes with so much. And the turban– hotness. They had a blue one and I should have grabbed that one, too. Lurve them.

  9. I so agree with each and every one of the previous comments before mine. B you are true to your style through and through and so inspiring – cheers to you and ALL of your blogging!

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