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Happy New Year! & No Outfit

Can you believe it’s 2011? Really? Have you wrapped your head around that notion? I’m still trying to put work papers in order from 2010 and hate that I wasn’t in my home to clean up my mess before all the traveling I started doing Christmas Eve.

My mom and late grandma have taught us to ring in the new year with a clean and orderly house. Yeah, not so much in my case. My condo is a hot mess with about 2 weeks of daily outfits, unstrategically scattered all over. It doesn’t help that I have a dressing room and 2 extra closets to fit all my goodies.

At least my parents house was partied in clean manner. I stayed in and had no real interest in getting dressed up. No one was really getting dolled up to raise the bubbly or nibble on the traditional 12 grapes. So, I skipped out and stayed in my comfort wear: jeans, a cashmere sweater and hair pulled back.

How utterly boring but totally comfortable. But, I did go to this fabulous and foo foo shi shi Christmas party two weeks ago where I got to wear some new boots and a dress I’ve only worn once.  Had I gotten dressed up last night, this outfit would have been totally appropriate. I’ll talk abut the boots soon because they are so fabulous and deserve all the chatter you can bear!

Here’s to hoping you had a sexy and delicious New Year’s Eve!

The redhead woman was the fabulous host and the other two lovely ladies are local friends. The blonde/redhead guy is someone I met that night. And, I have no idea who the guy is in the last picture. All the bubbly in the world will do that to you!

XXI sequins beret // vintage crystal earrings // Lamé dress from a boutique in Atlanta // Pour La Victoire boots // Swarovksi bracelets by C.B. Herrera // Murano glass ring


Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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10 thoughts on “Happy New Year! & No Outfit

  1. Richard: Me, too! thanks for sharing. Well, Tammi too! Didn&#39;t we have a blast!! <br /><br />Christine: Thanks and happy NY to you too, dear. <br /><br />Elma: thanks for visiting my blog. loved yours. looking forward to continue exchanging…

  2. Hai Bren! Thanks for your comment and visiting my blog! I&#39;ve just started so it means a lot 😀 Still working on how to make the comments visible.. grrr.. Also looking forward to continue exchanging, I am following you!

  3. that`s all so glam sparkly and glitzy! LOVE the photos you all look fantastic, I can`t believe it`s 2011, this figure is something mysterious for me…Have a Happy New Year and best wishes!<br /><br />www.elekonchicboutique.com

  4. Elma: Thanks for stopping by. I&#39;m looking forward to it, too so let&#39;s keep it up! HNY!<br /><br />Elekon: ooh I love that it&#39;s mysterious for you… we&#39;ll see all it brings! I&#39;m excited about it! and, you should have seen ALL the glittery silver balloons the host had! It was so fabulous! <br /><br />Giselle: I have it in cobalt blue also and have had several girlfriends take

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