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HOT as Fiyah…

My favorite color is green, but there’s something about red that speaks to me. I’ve done little research to get some insight as to its meaning, but I did read somewhere that it reps power and strength. I guess that’s why women in business are encouraged to own a red suit.

I used to have one, too. But my life no longer follows that daily routine of being suited up and running to 10 am hearings. So, my reds are left up to hotter things like shoes and jeans. Especially lipsticks. I love me red lipstick. I’m currently lusting over a glossy and matte red that M.A.C. offers and need to get my lips on them.
I took this shot a few weeks ago before going to brunch with a girlfriend. Don’t you just <3 those moments? I loved the outfit for so many reasons but the set up was a huge fail. I stopped by another girlfriends’ art studio (lots of red paint everywhere), and decided it’d be cool to have a few shots with her background. Not so much. Super bright day. Self-timer. Facing the sun. Squinty eyes and and messy hair.
The jeans are extremely versatile and allow me to show off some color.  They’re skinny, but still give a bit and they make a plain outfit pop! But the outfit is really in the bag! I found this Bottega clutch I found on ebay and I can’t get enough of it. The weave is in perfect condition with the supple leather so beautifully conditioned. I can’t remember how much I paid, but it was a major score! And the shoes of course! Love these double-colored patent peep toes. Gucci had a pink and black version two years ago. The knock-offs ensued but Vincent Camuto did a great job with his. The came in red too which I regret not picking up. These’ll do.
Hot fire red. So sexy. So comfy. And perfect for a chill afternoon.
Next time I wear the striped top, I’ll have to show you the back. Lace and embroidered detail. So awesome.
Old Navy jeans; Vince Camuto shoes; vintage Bottega Veneta clutch; vintage lucite cuffs; vintage crystal necklace; assorted rings; Banana Republic tank; striped vest from T.J. Maxx 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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4 thoughts on “HOT as Fiyah…

  1. oh yes you are indeed! love the &quot;fiyah&quot; thing total Bren, good call and great outfit with the perfect accessories. boo about the photo fail moment, but these ones kill it, for real. happy weekend to you lades and sure hope the blogger conundrum didn&#39;t affect you too bad, i&#39;ve been trying to simmer down since things went haywire and have used up all the alloted amounts of &quot;

  2. thanks, Ladies!!!! Been away for a bit with crazy work while trying to squeeze in a vacay (to no avail!). Those lucite bangles are so much fun! I just got a new one, but it&#39;s not clear. Wore it last week. Wait til you see the pics. Working on them now. <br /><br />Hugs!

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