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I Can't Stop Saying 'Aloha' Because of This…

(Birds of Paradise on Kuhio Ave.–one of my most favored flowers)

We’ve been back from Honolulu less than a week and already planning a return trip to Hawai’i. Short of the food, everything about the island city was impeccable.

One of my baby brother’s is now married — the 1st in the family to tie the knot and I think it’s changed our lives. We’re not novice travelers by any stretch of desire, but something about his lovely wedding in Hawai’i had us all at ‘Aloha.’

8 flawless days off the mainland offered these simple yet story-telling scenes. I remain jet-lagged as a result.

Blow Hole. A deliciously sexy and secluded beach we arrived at by scooter on Highway 1. I jumped off this cliff to the right. The waves’ strength almost knocked me off on the other side of the curvacious rock formation.

A threesome of spectacular trees as we began our ascent toward Diamond Head.

A single tree in the same field as above, overlooking the city.

My vantage point from a bunker at the top of Diamond Head. I was staring right into the glaring sun at 5 p.m. Breathtaking.

Can you imagine how long it took us to walk up this distance to the top of Diamond Head? My quads were not happy with me. Nor I with them.

First time in a helicopter. I sat beside the pilot and saw amazing landscapes…like below.

A view of North Shore from the cobalt blue helicopter.

A lovely and colorful flower outside our condo.

This palm pretended to offer me shade as I sunbathed at Waikiki beach.

A surfer’s playground.

Straight on view from bro’s condo; left was a clear shot of the beach.


Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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83 thoughts on “I Can't Stop Saying 'Aloha' Because of This…

  1. Oh!, what a ride girl! (and trip). Beautiful pictures, I´m so lucking forward to check the rest.

    me encanto la foto de las tablas de surf.

  2. Aloha, Mahalo 🙂 I just want to go back so badly, so soon!! Think my upcoming B-day my be a good time to do it (planning on jumping from a plane again.) I knew Hawai’i was beautiful, but I was not prepared for such amazing natural beauty. Also, I was impressed and very much enjoyed the local culture and people’s attitudes of politeness and respect.

  3. Nate: Thanks for visiting. I loooved your hometown. I can’t wait to share part 2 of some stunning images.

    Heidi: Oh mi’ja, que rico lo pasamos! Fue un tiempo super espectacular. Cuando vengas ha ver part 2, te vas encantar mas todavia! 😉

    David: Aloha! Let’s do it! Ur b-day in Hawai’i. Mom’s in Italy–and I’ll jump from plane with you next time. I totally agree on the culture and coyness of the people.

    Merari: Yes, yes, yes!!!

    Rosa: You must go! I’d love to see your perspective! 😉

  4. Janet: Ha. Yours and Heidi’s…. it was fun watching the surfers…wait til you see the other ones I’m going to share.

    Canika: Thanks woman! Working and praying on it!

    DuoDishes: Thaaankyooouuu!

    Val: Yes, it was woman. It was so aromatic and refreshing. Truly a special place.

    JoanNova: Thanks, mujer. Who knows! Sis caught the bouquet. Does that even mean anything!?!

  5. aloha aloha aloha aloha… did you know it’s 4:50pm in hawai’i right now.. and we’d be on the beach.. i’m mentally there.. i don’t know about you.. I haven’t left hawai’i yet. i loved it so much i’m seriously strongly considering moving there ASAP. Great pics sis! can’t wait to see all the other ones you’ll be posting! I’m with David and Merari.. let’s go again in Feb, let’s visit the other islands, and i’ll definitely go sky diving again!! I can’t think of anywhere in the US that tops sky diving in Hawai’i!!! Mahalo for the pics!


  6. Bren, Very nice pictures. You really did an professional job of taking these pictures. Aloha..

  7. You know Bren, I always thought of this place as the cheesy honeymoon place, but now these photos have me wanting to go, I might even renew my vows!

  8. Lil B: aloha, aloha, aloha!!!! yes, i recognize the time, thus my sleepless night this past week. it’s awful, just awful! When are we going back?? You go to HI, I go to Paris and we’ll travel to each others’ place!

    Derek: Yeah, right!? Fab, fab, time. I love my camera… it was a great gift from a great friend!

    Chef E: no way! not cheesy at all! Oahu is a bit commercialized, but ppl forget it is the US!! Next time, we’re going to Maui.. Feast on these pics and get inspired!

    Pieces of Arnania: Thanks girlie! You’re so sweet. Wait til you see the next batch!

    Magic of Spice: Yes, do go! You won’t want to come back. No lie!

  9. My hubs brother was married on the beach at Kona a few years ago – at sunset, of course. Beautiful. I want to go back, too…. but, from France it’s on the other side of the planet!

  10. Never been to Hawaii and I never realized how beautiful the scenery is. You took some great pics.

  11. Pictures are beautiful. Congrats to your Brother. You could smell the fragrance of the flowers. LaVerne

  12. Wow!!!! Nice photos…I have been in Hawaii for the last 10 months and I still can’t get over it’s beauty and how much it reminds me of “mi Isla del Encanto” PR but with an Asian influence…

  13. Love the pic of the surf boards. Can you believe my husband was born and raised in Hawaii and I’ve never been? Crazy! Of course we want to, we’re just waiting for the Universe to provide.

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