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If I Could Build A Dream Designer Kitchen, This is What It’d Look Like!

A bit structured, but great moving space. Double sinks and 8 burners are a must.

Who really owns their dream kitchen? Do you? If so, I’m jealous. Very jealous. I’m single, live in a fab condo, with a fab kitchen considering the space, but not the kitchen that is meant for a throw down cook like myself.

It’s crippling.

It’s daunting and outright depressing.

Early last year, a pretty popular TV and film producer in Canada and I met on my return trip from Monaco. After 9 hours of non-stop chatter about our love affair with travel and fine cuisine, we departed being very intrigued with each others’ businesses.

A fews emails and phone calls later, she pitched me to a big pop TV network that offered me a cooking show to be called “Sizzlin’ With Bren.” How exciting, right! I wasn’t able to talk about it since contracts weren’t  signed. But, I was quickly tasked with working with the set designer to stage my own studio kitchen.

Best assignment ever!

But the show never happened. Another story.

This is what I came up with while it lasted.

Love the openness and floor length windows that allow amazing natural light to flow in. Floors are sexy, too! The color scheme works lovely for my energy.

Maybe the Cuban gal in me, but this is kind of fun. A bit too bright for my taste today, but nonetheless a fun space that ignites nothing but good laughter!

Nothing but sex right here! Everything about this speaks to me. Take note future hubby.

Do you see this floor?  That’s all.

Not sure what I like about this one, but it works somehow. Color pallete blends well and I like the symmetry.

The island did it for me. Great for entertaining. Fabulous ethereal feel with the open face shelving.

Again, this one struck me for some odd reason. Haven’t quite figured out what I like about it.

Very clean and fluid. The lines in this kitchen are seamless. Love. Fab for entertaining.



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58 thoughts on “If I Could Build A Dream Designer Kitchen, This is What It’d Look Like!

  1. I love the 2nd and 3rd kitchens! My dream… Unfortunately, I live in an apartment that is not new and beautiful.



  2. Ok, we think too much alike! #1 is my fav..love anything earthy as the countertops. Yes Yes 8 burners is a must have…that’s on my wish list now!! The fourth..I think I counted right..took me the movie Obsessed and their kitchen and even Soul Food movie Vanessa Williams kitchen although the hubby was up stairs cheating..kitchen had a sexy vibe too it! LoL. Love this post..I need to go kitchen shopping now!

  3. Rosa: 1 for sure. A bit grown and serious but so lovely and great for entertaining. Love you love the splash of color in no. 4

    Canika: 8 is is fab.

    Joi: girl i’m so glad to *meet* you. earthy and ethereal is such a wonderful vibe and aesthetic. didn’t see obsessed but if they were doing it in there, i can imagine how that went down. thanks for checking out the post!

  4. Mmm, beatiful kitchens they all, but for me 1 and 8 take the cake, in that order, with 4 in 3rd. place. Ah, money (the lack of); the root of all evil ;-). When I grow up, I want a kitchen like those… and a house to match.
    Thanks for sharing. Sorry the deal didn’t go through; hopefully bigger and better thigs are in store for you.

  5. Funny how different our tastes are!! but i do like them all for one reason or another.. Fab kitchens for sure!! i like 1, 3, 4, 7 and the very first one listed as the blog cover pic (which i did not include in my count), in no particular order!

    Some day when I grow up, I too will have a kitchen like this.. 🙂

    Fun post!

  6. Okay you’ve done me in with these kitchens. I love 1, 2 and 5 are my absolute favorite although they’re all beautiful. Great selection as they all seem really practical… after all cooking is about being practical and as hassle-free as possible. a fabulous kitchen makes all the difference!

  7. Bren,

    Those are some awesome kitchens. I love the first one. I live in a condo and do not have anything close to my dream kitchen. Actually, it’s pretty tiny.

    Have a great weekend

  8. 1st Kitchen too much to clean…No way!!! But definetley is a nice one.

    Number 8 (despite it’s floor) looks modern and easy to clean, I think is more professional, but I guess it needs more warm and some plants.

  9. For what its worth….my workshop is never exactly what I want it to be. But the measure of a true artisan/craftsperson is the ability to take what they have and make what they do not. I find the more one has perfection, the less they tend to work at achieving truly noteworthy goals.

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