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Illustrations That Inspire

Few things in life are really flattering. It’s nice to get compliments on clothes we wear, the makeup we apply, the fly shoes we rock and even the food I cook.

But when an unknown [to me] artist sees an image of yourself and asks if they can do a sketch or illustration of it, for no reason other than because they thought the shot was awesome, the feeling is pretty darn good. It’s humbling.

I met Leah Podurgiel through my friend and hairstylist. They’re friends and were hanging out one day while I was getting my hair done, sitting with my laptop as my hair got colored. I happen to be showing my friend some images just taken by my right hand photographer, Dave P. and my former intern, Nikki. Leah immediately stopped me and pulled out her materials.

I was totally caught off guard and paid her little mind. I was watching my hair turn kinda blond. After about an hour or so, she handed these to me and said they were “rough drafts!”

I was speechless! You can imagine, right?!? Sketches of moi. The girl is talented. To have sketched 4 images (one not pictured) in an hour, was impressive but beyond that, her detail to attention was convincing that I may want her to look at other pictures… Truthfully, they’re just fun, if nothing else. The colorful distortions in my legs and shoes are done in a weird way, but that’s what art is all about — interpretation. She captured a different smile than what I think I really portrayed, but I love it.


These illustrations were just rough sketches of something special she said she wants to do. In the meantime, I’m really enjoying them and the last one, which has a working title of ‘Fro Girl’ is my favorite. I actually think it’s great as is. She captured the essence of my expression in the original image (below). And the fun part: it’s not a fro, rather a vintage fur topper (as featured in Essence, Jan. 2012).

Following are the images that inspired her work, blogged about in these looks: ‘Faux Me Got Not’ and this ‘Color Me Wild’. I’m looking forward to seeing her amazing artistry and skill come to life. I’m wondering if she’ll add color or keep some of them black and white. Whatever she does, I’m tickled and honored to have original sketches made for me to frame and hang in my office.

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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13 thoughts on “Illustrations That Inspire

  1. Great looking sketches… Definitely an inspiration to look into being more creative… i'm impressed that she did those in such a short period of time.

  2. These are inspiring sketches! I can&#39;t believe how quickly she drew them.<br /><br />Also, you are one beautiful and stylish mujer, Bren!

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