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I'm a Latina Nudie Foodie & This is My Milkshake

Don’t get too excited now, boys and girls… I’m not getting ready to show you my tatas. There’s not much to share anyway.  I was totally gypped with a generous amount of cleavage; at least in comparison to mami’s double D’s. The woman is 4’11 so how I came up short is for God to know and me to just live with. I’m not skinny by any stretch of the imagination and I’m a thoroughbred Latina, so you’d think I’d be endowed in a way that would  license me to authentically sing to the tune of “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!”

Women like Sofia Vergara, Iris Chacon and the bombshell  Salma Hayek are women that highlight the goodness and full sexiness many latinas embody. Have you flipped to Telemundo or Univsion lately? All those chicas have goddess bodies and romps for days. In my case, I’m thankful for Victoria Secrets’ “wonder bra” or anything to push up my babies a tad bit.

And these ridiculously fabulous pearls my mom made for me to clutch on to during times of duress.

Regardless of my mental woes of wanting to fill up my tee’s and bikini’s, I know my milkshake comes in other fashions, so I’m good!

I’m sure many of you have heard the term “nudie foodies” go around Twitter over the last 6 weeks or so. If you couldn’t stand the secrecy or the coded words and winks, you’ve probably figured it out by now. If you’ve not heard of it but are now curious, do yourselves a sexy favor and read on.

So, what is this nudie foodie bit?  In its simplest form, it’s a foodie that’s nude. Well, kind of.  In its more complex, thought out existence, it’s a project that fellow stiletto-rockin’ Linda of SaltySeattle came up with in an effort to do something to help Japan get back to a place of peace and normalcy. The unfortunate tsunami killed thousands of people and displaced many surviving families.

I’m all about charity and when called upon to share my goodies, be it through cooking, volunteering, donating food and hosting events  I’m down. Though, this particular charity involvement was a bit tricky in every sense of the word. I had to show skin. Not a lot, but enough to get the fellas interested and intrigued. That was a point of conflict for me. I knew my parents were going to have a fit, my man-friend disappointed but have every other man swooning. See, I don’t like to show off my body, unless I’m at the beach, and that’s seldom and usually comes with an iron-clad ensemble of a 15″ floppy hat and “leila” shades which will distract the onlooker. There is however a picture where I bare a whole lot of thigh (because that’s where all my meat is packed) and look the part of a suggestive and borderline desperate 25-year old wannabe vixen. Maybe you want to see it here.

But this Nudie Foodies project is the ultimate level of commitment and passion I could lend to a needy situation without any regret.

I called on a Playboy photographer who quickly volunteered to do the shoot. I’m a novice at this stuff, at least the walking around half-naked in 6″ stilettos with blaring lights and filters stuff. But David, with all the breasts and otherness he’s seen in the 15 years he’s been working with Heffner, had me cracking up and made me feel like I could really do a full out spread.

He threw the notion out there and had to catch it back just as quick. Yeah, let’s not push it.

After a short-lived internal guilt-trip, I’m thrilled and honored to be the only Latina in the lineup. This awesome Nudie Foodies endeavor is delicious and I’m happy to rep us chicas, even those of us who wouldn’t dare bare a toe! It’s my way of showing that we’re not only good for being sexy, but also thoughtful, considerate, smart and caring.

The book is slated to be published in just a few more weeks, so you’ll have to check it out and buy the book! If you’re so curious that you can’t wait, then by all means visit The Nudie Foodies site and lurk around until we show ourselves. Drool, wonder, click and click until it’s ready. In fact, read today’s feature to get a more detailed glimpse of why I did this.

In the meantime, I will share this promo vid I shot with a talented woman by the name of Ari Johnson.  I think you just might figure out what I’m sharing in the book. Leave your mind to all the imagination in the world, though. It got pretty steamy up in my kitchen!

It was during my photoshoot that I fell in love with my tatas and my body as it is. And in that way, The Nudie Foodies has given me something, too!

Now go look!



Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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92 thoughts on “I'm a Latina Nudie Foodie & This is My Milkshake

  1. Hey Bren! Love the article and the video! Many many blessings to you! 🙂

  2. Video is cute! I’m sure the bros won’t agree but I think you look fabulous!

  3. U know I’m loving it! Now I might be game to if I lose a few lbs and a wonder bra to my much needed boost of tata’s. . Maybe I could cover half of me with a huge rib!! uhm??? Love it love!

  4. Eliana: me too! working on some fabulous merch for you all to enjoy!

    Canika: Thanks, lady! I really do appreciate the support!

    Amanda: I hope they see it! Thanks for your sharing your feedback.

    Rosa: Oh, I bet you could!

    Bee: Oops is just about right!

    Carme: gracias, mima!

    Joi: wow, thanks! i’ll join the game with you, for real! I could use some lovely tatas, too1

  5. No one would want to see my middle aged butt out of my “tighty whities” but I have been loving the whole concept Bren. Good for you!!!

  6. The promo is so cute…..and to see you in your place makes me giggle because of knowing you personally. You and that pressure cooker! LOL

    Excited to see the final Nudie Foodie products…your continued success. 🙂

  7. This was a great promo. I will be looking out for more. Congrats keep up the good work. I love every bit of it, GOD bless PEACE!

  8. Steamy & hot up in here, girl! That first picture doesn’t show anything so I hope the real final shot makes up for this! Loved the vid tho. You know what shot I’m still waiting to do! muah.

  9. Thank you for sharing Bren. I love your spirit, your writing style and one day I will get to actually taste some of your food. Keep me posted on when the book drops so that I can go out and support you and the project. ~ E

  10. Val: I’m sure hubby is just fine with them! Embrace them! Thanks for the support.

    Joan Nova: Thanks chica! I can’t wait for it to be out, too. You know I’ll be screaming when it’s done.

    Chris: Ha! you know my kitchen all too well. Glad you liked it.

    Leaf: Thanks!


    Dorian: Thanks, D! Been a minute since you been by. Glad to see you here.

    Dave: you know you were slated to do this shoot… almost kinda wish you had, but we have so many other opps! plus, i know the shot you really want!

    Juliana: Thanks woman!

    Carrie: gracias, amiga… locura, no!

    Steve: thanks cuzo! and yeah, uhm, it’s like 1st, twice removed or something insane like that!

    Aletha: Thanks girlie. That’d be so great!

    Simone: Gracias, chica. You should have come out to the shoot!

  11. Nice! I mean for the cause of course!! LOL!! I have to admit that’s one nice pot or pressure cooker I must say! Had me steaming 😉

  12. D. Young: Thanks, D! Really appreciate it. I hope you love and buy the book when it comes out. It just might be the only time you see me show some skin in that way! :0

    Sandy: Gracias, amiga. Takes one to know one!

    Reggie! Whoa! It took this to bring you back! I love it. Oh my gosh that pressure cooker was really steaming hot. I only had water in it, but in order to get it to hiss, I did have to pretend I was cooking something!

    Ben: Well, thank you. I love your comment.

  13. You’ll do anything for a good cause!!!!! Love it, the idea, and the effort behind it. Great job to you and your other “Nudie Foodies”.

  14. Can’t deny a certain unease about the whole thing :), but have to admit it is elegant and classy … and for a lofty cause. I’m proud of you.

  15. DO IT TO IT! Keep rockin. The video was awesome! Can’t wait for that book to come out.

  16. Hola Chica! How HOT is this?!! I love it and love the cause even more. I expect to have you autograph my book once purchased. Love you! ~D.

  17. Melanie: Thanks, girl! I’m tickled about it!

    Rohan: Angelic?!?! AHHHHHHH! lol

    Tiffany: aww, thanks for recognizing that. I appreciate your words.

    David: hahaha. get over it. it’s all good! u know you’ll get a book 😉

    Leon: glad u like the video!! 😉

    Jonathan: Yup, yup, yup!! glad u liked the vid, too! 🙂 book is officially OUT!

    Danita: Book is out! You can purchase and I’ll def sign it!! 😉

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