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Keep your Summer vibe with these 7 beauty products

2015 summer beauty prods


There is no doubt this summer flew by. I’ve not even worn my bikini 5 times. Let’s not even talk about the six pairs of amazing flats and sandals I didn’t even pull out the box. Or the lovely green mirrored Ray Ban sunnies I scooped up on a super fly chance sale for $8o. I’ve worn them all of, uhm, 4 times. Hardly enough for those cool specs. Oh, but I did have tons of fun testing and lathering in all kinds of beauty prods as early as May. I must have gone through 200 or so. Not all made the cut. Some were super meh, while others I want to keep in constant rotation in my year round arsenal. A bronze-y look wouldn’t look so good in winter, right? Or maybe so. Either way, fall is officially here tomorrow. Yes! The sun goddess says hasta luego mañana. I just can’t deal with all I still have to do. Looks like I’ll have to get to it in my head.

I’m trying to hold on to Summer. Really I am. I love fall, but there’s just too much about this particular summer I’m not ready to let go of. Maybe it’s the wonderful amount of cycling I’ve been doing. In that world we say “Skies out, thighs out!” We have 24 hours of an official summer solstice. But it doesn’t have to mean we ditch, give away or stash away our summer goodies that kept us feeling sexy.

Summer may be sayin’ see ya! but I invite you to keep your summer sexy on with these 7 lovely products I lusted all summer. They’ll be sure to keep you vibin’ well into the first batch of flurries. Oh, goodness…


I love this for TV. I was a bit pasty in July and this helped add a bit of smooth colour to my cheeks for the camera. It’s silky and doesn’t feel like a layer of icing. I’ll easily blend this with my moisturizer come colder months.


You can’t ever go wrong with lavender especially when it’s body oil. Allow this to keep you thinking you’re frolicking wildly into lavender fields in Europe. $10 at CVS


Okay, let’s be honest. No cream will give you a big booty, and certainly not a perfect Brazilian romp we envy during carnival. BUT (no pun intended), a cream with the essence of beach and palm tress and sexy men staring you down as you apply it all over (in slomo) is welcome anytime of the year. I love the smell and texture of this new brand which was all the rave this season. It has caffeine in it… but still, drink up. $50


Love this. I’ve worn it just about every week this summer. Light and fair skinned women want to go super light but darker women can get away with the medium tone. It’ll give you a nice sheen on your legs (or arms). Just make sure you evenly apply, otherwise you leave unwanted streaks. And you’ll lose all kinds of sexy. $12


This right here. Reserve it for night with your guy. It’s like warm silk being poured all over. I can think of other things I’d want poured but this is safe. And pretty. And  it smells nice. And it has really pretty gold shimmer. $40


Pedis are still necessary. You never will fall adventures will take you where your shoes aren’t so necessary. Take care of your entire foot with this 2-step practical set that exfoliates and moisturizes. It comes with a little sac pouch to hold your foot board. No excuse not to keep your feet soft enough to…. you know what. Oh, and the coconut oil notes will help keep you happy. Samba on! $27


I stay at the W Hotel a lot making me a natural lover of all things Bliss. That pebbled soap in the bathroom is about the only hand soap I really enjoy. This little jar of goodness isn’t avail in hotels, but for a $64 your skin can continue glowing like a Fijian afternoon… even during gloomy NY evenings. Because, they’re coming.


Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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