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Knots in Paris

A few posts back, I reminisced about a fabulous trip to Paris a few years ago. Though I’ve been to Paris several times and I always fall in love with the city all over again, I never get tired of mentally and emotionally going back there, thinking of the strolls we’d take through obscure streets.
It’s not overrated as many say. It’s just not. It’s magical in every way imaginable.
So that post was a very overt attempt at convincing myself to move there as a wonderful and super juicy opportunity to go has presented itself.
And as if I needed any more reason other than I’d be living there, a dope photographer friend of mine (and the one who photographed me here), did the sexiest thing ever. Ever.
He flew to Paris on a whim’s notice and married his fabulous and dear girlfriend. They rented a yacht and exchanged vows on the River Seine.
They’d only been dating for a year. I mean how sexy and utterly romantic is that? Gasp.
So, see, Paris makes dreams come true.
On her: Vintage dress // Jimmy Choo stilettos // Earrings: from her mom in Canada // DKNY black tights
On him: Banana Republic suit & shirt // tie unknown // Vintage hat // Ferragamo shoes 
* photos courtesy of Shannon via TT Coles


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10 thoughts on “Knots in Paris

  1. i&#39;ve scrolled up and down now like 10 times because i seriously can&#39;t get enough of this couple and their sexy/chic-ness! what a post, thanks so much for sharing fresh wedding pics like these. everything about this has me shaking my head in awe of it&#39;s perfection.<br /><br />sounds like you got a un-refuse-able and awesome deal, many happy wishes on your journey!!! hello rent free

  2. Closer to Lucy: Hi!! *waving* nice to meet you and thanks for stoping by. Aren&#39;t they just gorgeous and drool worthy!??! I can&#39;t get enough! Will make sure to check you out now! 😉 <br /><br />Lynn: Hey… girl, I&#39;m telling you. It&#39;s sexy to the 10th degree! Those were the 10 or so that I chose, but I can&#39;t wait to see the rest. Everything about their shoot and wedding is

  3. i&#39;d love to see more Bren, it must be so hard to choose which ones to post because by the looks of it there wouldn&#39;t be a dud in the bunch!<br /><br />i&#39;ve been married before myself (total overshare about to happen) and it was a big wedding. i felt the day go by and didn&#39;t really remember much about it except the fact that my face hurt so much the next day from forced smile

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog and read about your Paris affection. (I too have one.)<br /><br />Thought you might enjoy this blogger…<br />http://www.designmom.com/. <br /><br />Don&#39;t know if you&#39;ve read her blog…her name is Gabrielle Blair and will be moving to France (near Paris) with her husband and kids for year.<br /><br />Anyway, if you can&#39;t go to Paris….you can live

  5. Lynn: hope you like the new ones, even tho they were only two! I still look at all their shots on their FB pages. I should share the rest with you!<br /><br />ChelseaLane: I know, I know.. everything about Andrea is so fabulous!<br /><br />Elekon: Right! Thanks for checking it out!<br /><br />Laura: thanks so much for the referral. I went to her site and left her a comment. I hope our paths cross

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