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Living an Eco Chic & Beautiful Life With EcoTools

The economy is stale and putting a serious damper on our day to day lives. It’s caused some serious stress in my life and with my over-achiver mentality and all I have scheduled to accomplish on a weekly basis,  I decided not to let any uncontrollable circumstance keep me from living healthy and beautifully. I mentioned to a close friend recently that I was determined to get my happy back!
When I thought about what I’d do to find peace, joy and that all around healthy balance, I got excited! When I find myself stressed out (which is more often than I’d like), I quickly turn to working out. I don’t like working out alone, but I thoroughly enjoy P90x at home. Being able to workout in a familiar space, whenever I like, is priceless! From time to time, I take a break from that and take brisk walks in my bucolic neighborhood.
Reminiscing about a super sweet and breezy trip my family took to Mexico just a few months ago always helps. Looking through the thousands of pictures I took was incredibly soothing and was as close to a virtual escape to a place that holds no responsibility! How could that not help my state of mind! Now, I just needed to think about planning another trip.

Ocean view from our suite in Mazatlan, Mexico


On a more regular basis, volunteering is essential in living a life of meaning and substance. Once a year, I share my time as a camp counselor for a Adventure Amputee Camp, a national program that benefits differently abled children, in which my sister is the Director. It’s the most unassuming 4 days I could ever spend. No makeup, no cell phone, no work! It’s a great opportunity to rejuvenate my mind, body and spirit. 
And then there’s always prayer. When all else fails, I pray and just wait for an answer. Sometimes sitting still can be so replenishing.
As part of Earth Month, the conscious friends at EcoTools (which I’m dying to try out) understand the importance of living a balanced life. They’re encouraging all of us to live a healthy life through interactive conversation in their Living Beautifully Community. They’d love to hear how we live a beautiful life. If you visit their colorful  online community and share how you live your life to the fullest or what you do to decompress, you’ll be entered to win one of their ultra chic beauty brushes (made of bamboo) or other products. I love the idea of engaging readers and shoppers to chat and share ways in which we jump for joy, distress and laugh!
How do you live beautifully? 
If you’d like to see my idea of living a beautiful vida, hop on over to my “Living Beautifully” Pinterest board I’ve created! You’ll get an inviting view of those amazing things, moments and places that make me smile over and over again! 
Live your life… beautifully. 
  • I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and EcoTools blogging program. I was compensated
  • for writing this post and review but all opinions and ideas expressed here are my own, always! 🙂


About EcoTools:
EcoTools® is a leader in eco-conscious personal care products, with the entire collection of cosmetic brushes and bath + body care products featuring innovative, natural ingredients and earth-friendly materials.

The full line of EcoTools® cosmetic brushes are both beautiful and show respect for the earth.  They are 100% cruelty-free, have incredibly soft bristles made of synthetic taklon and have handles made of bamboo and recycled aluminum ferrules.

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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7 thoughts on “Living an Eco Chic & Beautiful Life With EcoTools

  1. Para relajarme, huevo mucho dominó! como me divierto con mis amigos. Me encantas esos brushes para el maquillaje. Buy utulitrios.

  2. i like to live a balanced life by practicing yoga/meditating daily. I believe it keeps me centered and closer to what&#39;s really important. I believe we&#39;re spiritual beings living a material experience. <br /><br />Also… I love to travel. realizing that what&#39;s important are the experiences that you&#39;ve had, not the possessions you accumulate.

  3. Although BB&#39;s not always in balance, I am always in contentment. <br /><br />A daily prayer of thanks, looking at my family&#39;s pictures on my wall, going outside to breathe in that day&#39;s energy and beauty… life es bueno.<br /><br />Besides, balance is boring- and Babushka doesn&#39;t do boring. <br /><br /> ; )<br /><br />BB2U

  4. Betty: Domino sounds like a great idea. Anything to keep you happy and stress-free works! <br /><br />KarmaFree Cooking: I need to get back into Yoga really badly… I used to do it and it helped in so many ways. And then of course, traveling. It&#39;s such a beautiful gift! <br /><br />BB: Yes! Prayer is most important. I like the way you think. Fam pictures bring lots of smiles, but then I

  5. I love love Ecotools products and wish they make more. <br /><br />Ever thought how we have complicated our life with so many modern technology and bring to ourselves worries and problems?

  6. I love Ecotools. I think I got mine either at Target or Ulta. not sure. But I love them. So soft and my clients love them too. As a hair and makeup artist, I like using tools that my clients will talk about when I&#39;m done. It&#39;s the experience. For beautiful living, I like nothing more than going for walks in the park with my 2 year old and and watching the birds fly in our yard. It just

  7. Yoga helped me find a different kind of center. Although I haven&#39;t been able to get back into it as of late, I do miss how it made me feel. I also enjoy volunteering with a non-profit here in LA that is working to create food justice in Inglewood. I love that work! Here&#39;s hoping you are getting back to one. 🙂

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