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Living Under Pressure!

I don’t know why I haven’t been here since July.

It’s not like I’ve fallen in love. Or hit the jackpot. Or even decided to lock down a sugar-daddy. You know, things that would without a doubt keep me from sharing my life with you.

But I’m back. Not sure if I’m excited about it or not, but I’m here. There’s so much to catch you up on, I don’t know where to begin.

Let’s see, since last time I posted, these few notable things have occurred, for better or worse:

1. Obama won the Democratic convention
2. I didn’t vote in the Primary. Who cares anyway.
3. I went to Mexico, again. Will definitely post about that.
4. Observed Hillary Clinton flip her script a couple of times
5. Joined Facebook and reconnected with people I haven’t heard of in 15+ years.
6. GOT OVER THE EX! Major monumental development!
7. Auditioned for Next Food Network Star, Season 5
8. Got a call back from the audition
9. Decided to stay single and only date if he can take care of me
10. Bought a ticket to VA so I can vote for Obama with my siblings!
11. Got a 2nd call back from FN and submitted 30 orig. recipes
12. Decided not to get a boob job
13. Finally finished 1st book proposal and pitched to agent in NY!
14. Fallen in love with SNL again since Tina Fay has mastered the Palin impersonation!
15. Taken up eating at a lot of restaurants to do reviews. Free meals are never rejected.
16. Cooked an al fresco lunch for Grammy winning Pacquito D’Rivera
17. Lost a few pounds. Now I’m down to 124 lbs… pathetic, I know.

* and a few other things I dare not say; you might never come back here; and I really want you to.

Yeah, it seems I’ve been really busy. But not in that crazy, imbalanced kind of way. Well, Mexico was great b/c of all the food I devoured and all the fine men my sis and I wooned over.

But I wonder how I neglected to write about my excursions and hustles. After all, I do find my life quite interesting. And you probably do too, so I vow to writing at least once a week. And be partially entertaining. Or at minimum offer some insight on the life of a wanna be super star.

I’m so under pressure to make it happen. ButI think I’m almost there! 🙂

If you rolled your eyes at this post, it’s okay. I still want you to come back 🙂

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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5 thoughts on “Living Under Pressure!

  1. we all have our high’s and our low’s.. i just admire that you share them all with us.. can’t wait to hear about mexico and FN star!! that sounds very exciting!!

  2. Hey, youa re busy no problem about the lapse in writing. It lets the reader imagine what fun, creative, stylish, culinary, musical things your were doing! You are still and inspiration of all things free.

  3. Ahhh Bren i love it!
    LOL@”Decided NOT to get a boob job”. HA! well i also this summer decided NOT to get a nose job. But now i’m reconsidering that one again…hmmm.

    Thanks for being so real and honest with your blog. I have one here too but i think i’m moving it to Word Press. I interview artists as well so it’s neat that we can have that in common. Anyway i plan to come to one of your cooking classes. I look forward to meeting you and i’m really happy i checked out your websites today…isn’t FB great…it really can connect you with ppl!

  4. You sound like a prettier version of ME, lol…glad to know others out there like to take on all the world has to offer! I hope everyone realizes what eating those meatballs did to me…stunned

    oh, and my body parts will remain 40’ish…hubby says I am the sexiest woman in the universe 🙂

  5. I am so glad you decided not to get the boob job, my friend. I’d hate to hear that you tipped over in your sexy heels b/c your balance was off. 🙂 Patiently waiting to hear the news that the FN knows someone special when they see Bren.

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