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I wish I would have found this picture sooner as it would have been plastered all over my screens, fridge, bathroom wall, car door, and anywhere else that could support its mounting.

But I didn’t so I won’t dwell on it. Though when I look at the picture, it has a spooky resemblance to the counter-culture, murder icon Che’s picture. It only hit me while I was writing this. Our pop culture and young people are somehow so mistified with the spirit of someone so mean and ruthless, all because they really haven’t read the full story. But if we read more and talked to the older and wiser, we’d know.

We’d even know not to replicate that daunting image with a reflectory image of Barack Obama, potentially our next President.

So with 5 days left to election, I throw at you another list of meanings:

1. No more political pundantry consuming 5 hours of my evening
2. Brittany Spears will become popular again
3. Tina Fey will crawl back under her rock
5. SNL will revert to being a shitty show and advertisers will cancel their contracts
6. Cotton will be recycled into plastic from all the donated McCain and Obama shirts
7. Gas will go up by 60% of today’s price
8. Some juicy gossip will surface about McCain or Obama costing either or the election
9. Cookouts in November will be the thing to do!
10. Palin will lose her mind and convert to Islam
11. Obama will win the election and closet democrats will come out saying they knew it!

And then all this will have been a wash!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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