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Looking For My Work MoJo!

It’s Wednesday [and Thursday for that matter] and I have no motivation. No desire to get any work done. I’m sitting in my home-office, looking around my 3 floor-length windows, staring outside and hoping the sun (which has potential to melt everything inside if I didn’t keep my blinds slanted) and the singing birds would give me some inspiration to share what I do and love best.

But it doesn’t. And while I look around the smallest details on my desk and walls, I realize how much I love my office, actually. I painted my walls a candy apple green when I first moved in. My floors are hard wood. And I have the best office chair known to an at-home entrepreneur. It’s a zebra print English wing back that swivels. It’s sexy.

And even my keen eye has room for improvement. So instead of working, I’ve spent a little bit of time scouring some incredible images of office space that would help reinvigorate my mood and determination.

Aren’t these luscious?!


the color scheme, layout, openness, textures and simple statements make this office perfect for getting work done in 18 hour days!
a bit to closed in for my personality but the colors make it warm and cozy.
the best thing about this is the window. and the green wall.
very Kelly Wearstler style. Cognac and turquoise give it a vintage vibe but the sunbursts tops add great contrast. love.


and the single office I’m currently lusting: Khloe Kardashian’s. Designed by LA interior guru Jeff Andrews. Everything about her office speaks to me. Everything!
Now, back to work. I suppose.
Credits: Paloma 81, House of Turquoise, Casa Sugar, Small Moments

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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23 thoughts on “Looking For My Work MoJo!

  1. I love white furniture and that's what I want when I finally get the home office in shape. Right now it's pretty nonexistent. Natural light would be absolutely fabulous!!

  2. love the first one… and the apple green one with the Tour Eiffel drawing… gotta make-ver my own home office!!!

  3. Wow what stunning inspiration! 🙂 I often get days where I'm totally unmotivated and inspired. But gorgeous photos and design ideas can totally change that!

  4. I love the green walls and the windows in the third one fresh, clean, and minimal clutter…The first one is great however for me it is too big not loving to have to walk so much around the office :)<br />Khloe&#39;s although very luxurious it really would make me want to to take a nap it just reminds me to much of my own boudoir 😉 then no work would get done. Thanks for sharing Bren!!!<br />♥

  5. Heh… Know what you mean about lack of motivation at times! Any dream office of mine has to have big, clean, clear working spaces and room to stack and organize while working on stuff (and before re-filing). Great pics.

  6. Every single one of these is nicer than the next. My favorite color schemes are the ones that have warm neutral tones with pops of color.

  7. Love, love, love the green! When I dream of my dream office, I think of green and fuchsia, which is the pink of my site. I also want a zebra chair. You should&#39;ve posted a pic of it!

  8. i don&#39;t know that i could any work done in any of these offices. i love Khloe&#39;s office the best, too. it&#39;s sooo chic. the colors are great…

  9. i don&#39;t know that i could any work done in any of these offices. i love Khloe&#39;s office the best, too. it&#39;s sooo chic. the colors are great…

  10. The green wall/white furniture work office is calling me. I think it&#39;s the photos of Europe in the background that really get me too. I think it&#39;s true that you need to be in an environment conducive to work in order to work well. Get a new throw pillow or something!

  11. oh my gosh! I thought I had responded to the comments! Well, thanks ladies!! I love them all and appreciate the love! It&#39;s interesting to see all of the different interests and details from each one that appeal to you. The 1st one is definitely a winner! I wonder what I&#39;ll be liking 6 months from now! In the meantime, I&#39;ll feature my office in the next few weeks… let me tweak it a

  12. This is just simply deco-porn! I&#39;m on here actually to get some last minute ideas/inspiration of what I could wear to an evening networking event…totally distracted! But I LOVE it!

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