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L’Oreal at Los Premios Juventud … and on Jennifer Lopez

There’s something about Jennifer Lopez that still mystifies me…She remains to be “hot,” in shape, and putting out records… AT 45. She’s doing something right. Sometimes she’s still the girl next door from the block… others, she’s a mainstream performer with the most caliente male performer at her side…

Last Thursday night, Jenny came took the state at los Premios Juventud, rocking a gold body suit, big hair and smokey makeup. Like every other superstar with millions of eyes on them, their entire look is locked down and just about perfect.

L’Oreal (fave mascara ever!) did her pretty look with some really easy to apply and affordable products, most of which I’ve personally tried. Everything is in the mascara. Everything. Here are some tips to accomplish a similar look…for a special night.

·      The main touch to her glow that night was the blush.  Jennifer’s makeup artist chose to go with a rosy blush and applied it around the apples of her cheeks to give a natural flush. The Visible Lift Blush in Rose Gold Lift seems to be awesomely perfect for ending summer and transitioning into fall.
·      She wore dark gray eye shadow covering her whole eyelid but with a touch of bright eye shadow over the bridge of her eye.  Her make up artists from that night suggest  to use a  light eye shadow such as  Infallible Eye Shadow in Ice Latte over the entire eyelid and follow with an angular thin eye pencil in a color like sultry smoke over the eyelid, blending in the colors to create a not-so-heavy smoky eye. I have the smokey and blue colo
·      I’ve not ever really been into color eyeliners, but this cobalt blue seems to be a nice  choice to highten the smokey eye. 
·      Finish off the eyes with the new Voluminous Million Lashes Excess mascara to give those lashes a full lift to give your smoky eyes an extended wow look! I’ve not tried this particular one, but if it claims to be better than the base Voluminous I use now, than it may be my new go to… about 4 at a time for different bags I carry. It’s that serious. 
·      And for natural lips, something J. Lo is super known for, go with a nude lip gloss shade like the Colour Caresse Shine Stain in Eternally Nude. I have a hot pink in this stick and it’s a bit too sticky for my taste but it does stay in for sure. I’d opt for a regular lipstick in nude. 
Of course, many of J. Lo’s looks are fierce and spot on flawless, no thanks to her already glow-y skin, so I’m not surprised even a pharmacy store line like L’Oreal could knock it out and make her look stunning. 
It’s about the mascara. Seriously. 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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27 thoughts on “L’Oreal at Los Premios Juventud … and on Jennifer Lopez

  1. She's so stinking pretty! I love L'Oreal masacara too. Ive tried most of them but this new ones seems like it could work especially since I've never worn fake lashes.

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