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Mint Julep Is the Only Drink for the Kentucky Derby. Plus, a Fabulous Hat!

A girl like me has really big dreams. Some say they’re over the top. But, one is certain to come to fruition, soon! I daydream about the going to the Kentucky Derby. I mean, really! It’s the quintessential Americana classic high society event that brings forth the fanciest, most refined people, well-clad in high thread count seersucker suits and the most fabulous, eye-catching accessory of all —- the hat.

I’m a fashionista, if you’ve not gathered that. Naturally, I’m addressing the fashion of the famous horse race over at my fashion and beauty blog, “Chronicles of a Hat & Shoe Queen!” So, check it out if you wish.

But for this space, I thought I’d break out of my Latin and even some European style and highlight the top shelf drink all men and hard core ladies will be clutching this weekend at Churchill Grounds. The Mint Julep. A Southern man’s drink. A strong drink. Not my favorite to say the least, but one that earns you social respect and I’m willing to try — again.

A bold and reputable Southern Whiskey (I’ve had Woodford Reserve and walked away quite inebriated; in 5″ heels, no less) is what you need. An easy simple syrup infused with fresh hierba buena or even lavender and some ice and you have your drink.

I’ve perused the ‘net over last few days and I’ve seen some pretty interesting versions, some including minty ice cubes and more enticing — a slushy frozen julep — that, I think I could do before and after this weekend.

I spent some time yesterday playing around with different recipes, trying to get the right intensity for my weak palate. I finally resigned to the reality that I’m a weakling. I can’t handle it! Well, not an entire glass. Unless of course, I’m okay with my hat being thrown up and away. But, even with all the simple syrup in the pretty silver tumbler (yes, for the sake of keeping it somewhat classic and traditional, though mine is a pewter Smirnoff brand one), I couldn’t sip more than 4 times.

My final creation was quite tasty indeed and strong enough for a certain man that comes to mind. I ended up taking it for the team and and finished mine with some friends. I just made mine a tad bit sweeter. Weakling, right?!

Whether you’re into donning a showstopper topper, like this one, you’ll want to make this your drink of choice this weekend. If for nothing else, at least to remotely partake in the festivities.

Go CreativeCause!! (long story to be told later!)

Check out my Instagram shot of the set up…

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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  • 5 oz. Whiskey
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • simple syrup*
  • 4 sprigs mint, divided
  • ice


Make simple syrup.* In medium saucepan, add water, sugar, and leaves from two mint sprigs and bring to boil, about 4 minutes. Remove from heat and chill for thirty minutes to one hour. Add crushed ice to tall glass. Pour Whiskey and about 1/4 cup simple syrup into glass. Stir well with mixing spoon. Pour into two chilled glasses. Garnish each with mint.

Yields 2 juleps

71 thoughts on “Mint Julep Is the Only Drink for the Kentucky Derby. Plus, a Fabulous Hat!

  1. Drink looks and sounds delicious girl! And I can only imagine you at the Derby. You would kill’em with all that sexiness!

  2. Oh my God! I was just researching Southern drinks for my sister’s bridal shower tomorrow. Our theme is Southern because they are getting married in Hilton Head Island. Do you think this drink may be too strong? Do you have other suggestions?

  3. Never had a mint julep before but I share your desire to attend the derby. We’ll make it one of these days, girl. For now, I’m on over to check out your other site 🙂

  4. Rosa: Totally naughty!

    Aly: I’m with you. We think alike, and the makes it so much fun.

    Eliana: Oh, yes I would!! Ha. You didn’t see that hat that I uploaded after…

    Ruby DW: You’re always invited over!

    Sujeiry: Nooo! This drink would be so perfect for the wedding. Perfect timing. It’s a sign!

    CJ: What!?!? Never had one?? I had my 1st one in Tampa and was it was just alright. The Derby is on the list…. soon.

    Rachel: Yes!

  5. I’ve never had one, but this is lovely. I love Whiskey and Woodford is great. I’m glad you got over it and enjoyed it all. Good girl! And great hat!I can see you in that!

  6. I’m so making this!!!! Mi querida Bren, leer tu blog es un placer! Me saboreo cada receta, postre y hasta bebida! Me encantan tus fotos y las delicias que nos compartes.

  7. I must say, the thought of mint refreshment is definitely appealing.

    I came in, after a long day of chopping wood and making lumber for my furniture business…I came in to behold a frosted pewter stein wafting with a minted symphony rebelling gently against the hot summer sun.

    Who needs a vacation when you have one in your mouth ?

  8. Ooooooooooh I like a nice whiskey. I will have to try this – the husband likes it too.

    The hat is FABULOUS! I’ve never thought about the Kentucky Derby but I do love the horse race scene in My Fair Lady!

  9. Karma Free Cooking: Oh wow! Must change that, stat.

    Michele R: You, too! Get with the program, ladies! I changed my own mind.. with a few tweaks. 🙂

    Comiendo en LA: You must! I think you’ll like if you can appreciate a good Whiskey. I’m so tickled you enjoy you reading my blog! It’s what I’m here for. To inspire, make smile and excite!

    Real Men Like Mint: Wow. You impress me. And yes, oral vacations are great.

    Lisa: Ooh, look at you. A woman that likes a good Whiskey. Yes, that hat is the best thing I’ve seen in a while… well, not really, but it’s still fantastic! Watch the Derby next year! It’s full of fabulosity! The Preakenss is coming up on the 19th!

  10. I have to try the recipe at home for the Hubby since he likes Mint Juleps.

  11. Love those shots! Where’d you find that cocktail set? It’s sexy, sleek and old school. Whiskey will definitely have most folks feeling good. It’s intense, but you can make a perfect cocktail with it.

  12. I live in Southern Indiana, about 20 minutes from Louisville where the Kentucky Derby is held. You must experience at least once, COME !!

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