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Artistry by Amway

LuXury Creme LuXury Eye cream in the middle
Anti-wrinkle firming serum
Who knew Amway has a beauty and skincare line? I hear it’s among the world’s leading lines that women flock to.
When I was in Miami a few weeks ago for an epic conference/event for fabulous Latinos, I had the fun opportunity to meet with the lovely Brazilian rep from Artisty. She introduced me to the line and encouraged me to try the different skincare products that have proven to keep our skin looking young and fabulous.
I’m not the youngest chick in the bunch, but I do have good genes! Fortunately for me, I’ve not started to show any signs of wrinkles, something I know every woman hates. As  a preventative measure, I’ve started researching different creams and serums that tighten our facial follicles. Since I’ve not found that right one, and all the ones that purport to be the absolute “BEST,” cost a fortune, I’ve just not done it. But, since Artistry’s claims are big and bold, I’m willing to give a shot.
I’m particularly interested in the LuXury Creme LuXury Eye which has an ingredient more expensive than gold! Whoa! Anything that costs $175 should definitely bring some serious luminosity to my skin, don’t you think? While I have many complaints about my skin (like monthly blemishing), the one thing I really to want to focus on are my eyes and the dark bags I sometimes have. Actually, more than sometimes. I’d rather not use makeup to cover up, but I have to more often than I’d like. The eye cream description is pretty assertive:
Creme LuXury Eye is clinically tested to deliver a 94% instant surge in moisture and a 100% improvement in moisture in just two weeks. After four weeks, women who tried Creme Luxury Eye agreed that skin looks firmer – there is a visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, and a visual improvement in skin roughness.” 
So, Imma start with this and the the Time Defiance collection and let you know it works for me. Looks like I should see a visible difference in two weeks! I’m excited. Maybe less makeup is in my future 🙂
What’s your skincare dilemma? Is there one thing you’d love to fix? And, what brand(s) are you currently using that you love and have actually seen a difference? 

* I was not compensated for this post but did receive the products pictured above to review. All opi’s are mine and always honest! 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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4 thoughts on “Artistry by Amway

  1. Bren, we seem to suffer from the same skin drama! I have also been dealing with monthly blemishes and always have dark circles under my eyes. I remember wanting to cover those dark circles even in high school! I really don't use any products to help but I have been considering buying anti-wrinkle creams and treatments. Like you, I have great genes but eventually the wrinkles will appear. And

  2. @Sujeiry: Imma be sad, too. But, if my mother is any indication of how I&#39;ll age, I think I&#39;m in good shape. She&#39;s 61 and has the wrinkle of a 29 year old and only one small patch of gray hair!! Blessed. <br /><br />@Rachel: ooh! Great to hear that from someone that&#39;s been using it. I&#39;m looking forward to seeing a change in my skin!

  3. Me dejas saber como te fue la crema esa que cuesta $175. Aunque no tengo arrugas, me interesa saber si deverdad se ve una diferencia.

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