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My I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Commercial Won & Aired On American Idol!

HOLY COW! Did you watch the season premiere of American Idol on Tuesday night?!?! If so, then you know that at 9:38 pm EST, the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” commercial aired,  announcing the blogger commercial contest winners, and I was in IT! I had NO idea I’d actually been chosen for the on-air 60 second spot! Of 30 people that were invited to participate in shooting an original Turn the Tub Around commercial, 15 made it to the finals and ultimately 8 won, which made it on-air during the US’s most watched reality show.

A whopping 30 million viewers on Tuesday night, to be exact.

I hosted a viewing party at STATS, a cool sports bar/lounge downtown and we all sat in happy anticipation of the winning commercials. If you know me personally, you know I went OFF when I saw my blue shirt while spinning on the 1’s and 2’s! The yelling ensued, while the rest of the restaurant patrons wondered what the hell 20 people were yelling about! I really couldn’t believe it!

And then we continued to laugh at the people auditioning! Cuz that’s really the only reason to even watch American Idol. Paula’s emotional imbalance and Simon’s white shirt are so passé, it’s almost unbearable to watch. Oh wait, she and her annoyance are gone!

So now that it’s out and aired and all over the Web, I can share my  entire commercial with you and more behind the scenes pics! In the last post, I omitted to publish certain pictures because it would have given the concept away. I won’t go into too much detail, as I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Let’s just say that with 1 days notice, I found a farm, gathered everyone and drove an hour East of Atlanta to this farm with 200 cows!


(petting 4-week old “Daisy”)



(cows follow us as we’re hauled on my “stage” into the pasture)blackandwhitecows

(asking the cows what they think about the new product. Hilarious! They were soooo loud!)





(the cows “endorse” the alternative butter! golden momento!)

So after all that, and tons of foul cow dung plastered on my boots, here’s what aired on American Idol. And a montage of all 8 was a huge surprise. I thought 3 people were getting their own spots! But you know how showbiz is: Click a heel, and it’s another story! I would have liked to see my cows in the spot; after all they acted so well!

Here’s my full length commercial, which I put on my YouTube channel, but you can also see under FE TV, here on the blog.


Here’s the deal! ICBINB is hosting a 2nd contest for you site visitors! The on-line sweepstakes “Watch, Vote and Win” allows you to vote on your fave commerical between now and April 30th!  YOU, are eligible to win prizes everyday, including a grand prize trip to Hollywood to meet Megan Mullaly, get a glam make-over, dinner and theater tix. My commercial is up for voting during weeks 3 and 10. Make sure to visit the Turn the Tub Around site to see all 15 finalists! Spread the word. Let’s go VIRAL! Tweet, Facebook, watch on Youtube, snail-mailers, lipstick mirror messages, text messages and “BTW” on every email you send!

WARNING: some are hilariously stupid and others are just outright blah. Hell, you may think mine is, too! Ha. Either way, congrats to all the winners!

Let’s see where this takes me next!

I’d be so mean if I didn’t thank my creative partner, Drew, for helping me come up with the concept, Karmalized Pictures for shooting and editing the commercial, DJ Rev Lee for providing all the DJ’ing equipment, Soulcity studios for studio time to record and mix my vocals (which was a mess w/out rehearsing), and last but not least the generous farmer Russell Johnston Johnston Dairy Farms for lending us his farm, 200 moo’ing cows and some awesome fresh milk! Update: how could I forget to thank Vanessa from Cartoon Network, for providing the cow’s voice-over at the end of my spot. “Really, I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter!”–thanks, girl!

This was all so much fun, I can’t even tell you.  Thanks ICBINB for finding me and inviting me to do this! You know, feel free to call me next time you need a marketing idea. I think I got it!

Thanks for all the comment love on Twitter and Facebook and for cheering me on while you watched. You guys really are awesome!

Now on to recipes! Well, until it’s time to remind you to vote for my commercial!

PSA: no cows were hurt, injured, mistreated or tipped over while shooting!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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52 thoughts on “My I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Commercial Won & Aired On American Idol!

  1. Congrats Bren…although short, you got on the the whole set-up with all those cows looks like it was a fun day…very mooooving!

  2. I saw the entire commercial!! Why is there even a contest again? Clearly, you won!! GREAT JOB & LOVE THE CREATIVITY!! Keep Turning That Tub Around into Victory!!!

  3. You know I was singing this song last night out with my son and his friends! Now it will be with me, and loved the ending with the hand up and the cows, GREAT!

  4. Chef Juls: thanks girlfriend! ur always so sweet and supportive! love the bragging rights!

    Peter: too short on air, but thankful for it! glad you watched and can appreciate the set up!!

    IJ: thanks chica!

    Joan: I know woman.Thanks so much for the comment love on FB and here and just loving my style. I’ll def. remind you when it’s time to vote

    Lorrie: GIrl! it was sooo exciting just to know I was selected as finalist, let alone get put on air in front of 30 mil viewers!

    Natasha: hahha! Thanks girl!

    Carol: I am, huh! I need to talk to ICBINB right now!

    Reggie: exactly!

    SippitySup: oh the production was so low budget, but it worked!

    Chef E: hahahahaha. I can’t get it out of my head either. How about “formulation”!!

  5. Good luck, Bren! We’ll tell all of our friends to vote for it. We’d get the cows to vote too if their hooves could work a mouse. Thanks for an entertaining afternoon.

  6. Maria: girl i had it plastered all over Facebook and Twitter! Glad you got to see it. and of course Drew had his hand all in it! He can’t help himself! He didn’t even show up at the shoot, though!

    Heléne: thanks, dear.

    Farmer Russell:WOW! I can’t thank you enough for being so generous with your time, your farm and your cows! I need the name of the cow that was used to do the voice-over so I can give her credit, too! She was the star! Thanks for sharing with your friends and you should totally put it up on your website!

    Luis: feel the admiration!

  7. that was the only commercial break i forgot to change the channel on or mute (b/c i was trying to write a blog post..ha ha)! for some reason i actually happened to look up at that one commercial about 2 seconds before you were on. i saw you! i saw you! i was laughing… very fun, i’m sure!

  8. Let me clear my throat ah ha ah ha ah OHHHHH have mercy babe, HAH i hope you dont mind…Great work sis, I knew you could do it. I’m not saying this because you are my sister but you def had the best and most original cameo in that commercial. Lets keep our hopes high and make sure to vote and get miss Bren that #1spot for ICBINB..Love ya sis keep doing Big Thangs down in the A

  9. It was simply great! Definitely the best of them all and, most of all, very creative. Now, let’s get out and vote.

  10. Duo Dishes: Thanks guys! Was so great. All of 7.5 secs during American Idol! Ha!

    Lori Lynn: Thanks darling. You’re the ONLY one that knows that was done by Vickie Sue Robison! Everyone keeps saying Gloria Estefan! LOL!

    Anthony: Oh, it’s all good. At least you found it! Thanks for dropping by!

    Lorraine: Thanks sweetheart! It was def. a fun experience

    Bro: you are hilarious! ONLY YOU would write that song out! Thanks for always rooting and supporting. Glad you’re finally coming over here more often! Love u.

    David: Thanks, Dad! Geesh, love the fam support on here. I mean I know you all had your own viewing party and all, but coming here and commenting is another thing for you guys! So proud of you! 🙂 smooches

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