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Nike ‘Modern Movement’ Flow. The Way of the Dancer

At trapeze rig, stretching my arms and core; rocking Nike.

I cook and travel for living. And though my real dream was to have been a world class musician and performing singer, I’ve always appreciated and been fascinated with dance. I love everything about it. The timing, choreography, fluidity, flexibility, and sheer beauty of body movement inspires me and gets me really motivated to push my body.

I danced for two years in college in a fabulous troupe called Mahagony. Our style was mostly modern jazz and hip-hop, but we got into some other styles. And, I did ballet for a large part of my childhood. That started this love I still have for the art form.

So if I would have been able to chase another dream in the artistic realm, it would have been dancing and iceskating.

I do trapeze now, for fun and to continue pushing me mentally and physically. It is not a joke but I love it!

Fluidity and flexibility in these kinds hi-intenisty sports require equally fluid and loose clothes to rock. If you dint’t know, I’m a huge Nike fan, mostly because their charge: Just Do It! It really is that simple. Which is why I’m wildly in love with their new spring collection,  ‘Modern Movement‘, totally influenced by the very fluidity of dancers.

Nike and a distinct group of dancers got together to show off how beautiful certain things just flow when wearing the right pieces. The entire collection was designed to allow the athlete to move freely and beautifully. Clothes should never restrict your flow!

I could get used to running around in these kinds of clothes… well, most days. They’d definitely  keep me inspired to prance around and break into dance whenever. But, I’m already known to do that.

I’m thinking the leggings and yoga slippers are perfect for trapeze. And yoga. And Pilates. Need.

Wearing: Nike Dryfit leggins; “We Run DC” Marathon shirt; Free Flyknit+ SanFran Marathon sneakers.

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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