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Nutrilite Rocks Colors, a Twitter Fiesta & Rick Bayless’ Food Philosophy

(Ever so attentive Dr. Kip Johnson, Nutrilite medical staff and me talking familia and salud)

It’s January 9, 2013, exactly one week and two days into the New Year and I’m feeling pretty good! I’ve not necessarily settled into the new season, but I feel my committed lifestyle changes are taking effect and finding their natural groove in my everyday jaunts. I’ve not missed a day working out and the few times I’ve jumped ship on my healthy eating, I’ve quickly turned around and cleaned up the mushy mess.

I’ve actually been eating really, really well, but the one consistently failed effort is eating more green vegetables. I’m not talking in the last 7 days, rather most of my adult life.  It is such a drag. Oddly enough, I love most vegetables, legumes, etc., and have no problems ordering them when I’m out, but for some reason I have this ratchet mental block when I’m cooking at home. I’ve been trying to pinpoint the source of the arresting ability (or interest), but haven’t come up with anything more than pure blah. In my mind, there are more yummy things to cook that can still satisfy my nutritional requirements.

During the fantastic visit Nutrilite last month I posted about, I was so inspired to get the essential green and vibrancy in my diet other than Dorito’s (which I’m wildly obsessed with) and cornbread…. I mean, both have lots of color, right! Seriously though… between the beautiful green in the cucumber drink and that well-balanced lunch on our first day, I felt confident I could do this longterm.

The importance of getting all those vital nutrients really came to life later that night during a super engaging Twitter party a few other Latina bloggers and myself hosted. For 90 minutes, we shared with over 200 “attendees” a litany of things including how to supplement our diet if we’re deficient in certain areas, best times to eat, how much exercise is needed at certain ages, health concerns and risks in different ethnic groups (Latinos and Blacks have a higher rate of diabetes among other things)… the questions posed brought some great topics to my attention. But, my conversation with Dr. Kip, Nutrilite’s expert Doc, helped put some things in perspective. We talked about my family medical history and lifestyle. For the first time, I opened up with a stranger about dealing with anxiety.

I can talk about it now. It’s real stuff.

It can have  negative impact on how your body functions. I’ve since checked those binary things choking me… including some dietary mishaps. Food has so much to do with how we live a productive life. Surely,  I thought I was in perfect shape going into a mini check up the following morning.  I was weighed, had my blood taken, body fat measured and a few other things. I was shocked to see my cholesterol up by 12 points….what the what??? Last time I checked, I had stabilized it by cutting out eggs (I was eating them in extreme excess) and increased my workouts. That was 3 years ago but I’m certain my habits as a whole have significantly improved. No less, here I am with almost great body fat numbers but my I need to recheck my cholesterol and my vitamin D is way low.

{part of that prob is my lack of sun exposure. always cooped up inside, working. meh.}

After the bittersweet check up, the entire group of bloggers, all of us rocking a daunting face, needed some comforting which Rick Bayless took care of. The winning chef from Bravo’s Top Chef Masters 1st seaon talked up his food philosophy. He likes organic food…not so much for our carnal benefit, rather because of the impact organic growing has on our environment: less pesticides, chemicals, better soil, healthier air, etc… Yes, the food can enrich our lives, but his focus is on our planet. I was quite surprised and instantly in that much more like with the Oklahoma native.

He moseyed into a simple taco demo using a variety of mushrooms, handmade tortillas flown in from his restaurant  Frontera that morning and sauteed kale. Bayless in his super approachable demeanor, preached on ensuring our meals are balanced and broke down the different color properties in specific foods essential to our well being. The guy seems to be in pretty good shape, so he’s doing something right. Admits he loves cheese… any kind of cheese. Just depends on the day.

After Bayless’ demo, which kind of reminded me of cooking with Emeril — so seamless and effortless. Nutrilite experts stepped in and did a convincing round of introducing their extensive line of supplements including complete packs that address very specific health concerns, most of which the awesome bloggers and I touched on during our Twitter party the night before. We all know carrots are full of beta-carotene, but do we know how much of it we we need?

I was most tickled by the pop rocket packs for kids (remember that tongue color candy that exploded in our mouths!?!?). Even the kiddies can get a kickstart on nutrition awareness. After examining a few of options and accepting I’m low in Vitamin D and some iron, I’m put myself on Perfect Pack which will hopefully help complete my needs.

The 30 day pack has supplements including 12 vitamins10 minerals, and 20 plant concentrates. Not using it as as an easy way out from cooking spinach, broccoli, etc… but it’ll alleviate the guilt of denying my body what it needs. I know how simple it is to steam, saute or blanch in just 10 minutes.  Applying it is the issue.  But, when I’ve been faithful to only eating in, I’m way mindful of a preparing rounded meals… for instance, have you ever tried adding almonds and red pepper flakes to your sauteed spinach?! Boom! What a great appetizer or side dish. And 3 colors to boot!

Here are some immediate takeaways from my sexy 2 day visit with the experts. If you want to do something right now to improve your health habits, here are 5 tips:

Drop from your diet the largest source of calories in the U.S.: sugar.

Be mindful – people that eat mindfully tend to eat less.

Get a good night’s sleep – consume the last meal approximately four hours before bedtime, and ensure adequate intake of B-vitamins, calcium, magnesium, copper and iron.

Eliminate/limit caffeine and limit alcohol to two drinks or less.

Laugh more – studies show laughing supports the immune system, improves cholesterol, reduces stress and improves moods.

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t until 4 years ago I started taking my complete diet seriously. And it wasn’t until one year later  that I started supplementing it. I’ve consistently been taking Omega-3 fats, B complex and flaxseed; and yet still I’m deficient. Go figure. I’m not sure how immediate any one of us can do these suggested things; Particularly that caffeine one. I think by the time we ended our visit, everyone there knew how bad bad my espresso affair is (they were considerate enough to make a demitasse appear out of nowhere). But, they’re definitely doable and have a lasting impact.

I fly twice a week, you know… and my body’s gotta be right and properly fueled for all that swinging, etc… If you think about it, there’s gotta be truth to the 80/20 rule. 80 percent nutrition, 20 percent exercise. If only it were that easy.


I say… go get check out if you haven’t recently and get that body right. You deserve it. Imagine all you can do if you’re at optimal health. In the meantime, eat right… start there.

PS: if you’re into weight loss and are looking to get into a loosing some or want more info, Nutrilite is rolling out a weight loss program in March which I’m looking forward to reading and learning all about. Not for myself per se, though I’m sure I’ll benefit from their reports, but for my mother, whom I’m about to help shed 40 pounds!


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 * I was invited by Nutrilite to NY to attend the sessions with all expenses paid.  All opinions expressed are solely my own and are completely honest and genuine. You know this chica likes to keep it 100. 

* some images used w/in the post are courtesy of Nutrilite.

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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18 thoughts on “Nutrilite Rocks Colors, a Twitter Fiesta & Rick Bayless’ Food Philosophy

  1. Everything in moderation has always worked for me in the past, but I am guilty about not including enough fruits and vegetables.

  2. I want to drop sugar from my life but it seems impossible. 🙁 You said you have a lack of Vitamin D…. well mushrooms have the largest percent of Vitamin D in a plant…. you ate mushroom tacos. Keep eating them. Looks like a fun trip.

  3. Love the pics! I was especially shocked by the espresso tip. 🙁 No bueno. But I’m confident I can make it work somehow. *stands up to rinse her coffee mug* 😛

  4. As someone who struggles with managing anxiety – I truly appreciate this post & all the useful information. Its interesting how most people know what to do, they just need to be reminded.

  5. Supplements are good… but if your diet is well-rounded we wouldn’t need the supplements at all. We should strive to eat a more natural, more balanced diet mostly plant based. Because when our blood is more alkaline, there is no place for illnesses.

    75% fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts… 25% whole grain cereals, beans, starchy vegetables. that’s what it takes to keep our blood alkaline. Eating copious amounts of fruits salads, large vegetable based salads, natural juices, and having the rest as just accompaniments is what makes our immune system strong and healthy.

  6. This is a great post. People need to realize that the cause of most chronic diseases is diet and lifestyle related. The American western diet is too high in dairy, sugar, starches and salt which shortens our life span. Thanks for sharing your experience with Nutrilite and some essential health tips. For most of us this is very valuable information.

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