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Of Hats. Of Many Hats.

Lisa Wu and me at some Housewives party.
The W rooftop party for 4th of July.
Making flan for guests.
At a cooking gig.
In some caves in Mexico.
With writers in Mexico.
Chris Rock and me having dinner in Atlanta.
Emeril Lagasse & me after taping for his TV show.
Janelle Monae & me at Cee-Lo’s party.
At some pool party in Atlanta.
With Ike in Atlanta.
With a dear friend in Atlanta.
Hill Harper and me at some ABC taping.
Leaving church.
Hosting a dinner party at home; Play modeling this fabulous Kaminksi.
Cee-Lo and me at a private party, circa 2007
Toasting to my birthday.
I showed you some of my inspiration for hat purchases I’m considering this season in my last post. For now, I share with you a bit of my hat obsession. Some serious. Some playful. Some practical. Some fashionable. Always stylish and appropriate!

Dates range from 2006-present, in no particular order.

Will share many more, eventually. These are pics I had quick access to, so no special or planned photography!

What’s your fave?

t-b:  30s vintage bow cloche with Lisa Wu-Hartwell ; in Kokin with friend;  DC street purchase panama;  me and GA Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine in Makin fedora; cowboy in Mexico; Nordstrom floppy in Mexico; Banana Republic furfelt fedora with Chris Tucker; Kangol driver with Emeril Lagasse; Makin fedora with Janelle Monae; Shady Brady cowboy; vintage hat with added uberlarge broche with Isaac Hayes, III; vintage pimp w/plume hat; vintage men’s fedora with Hill Harper; Giovannio church hat (very Prada Sp’11; Kokin 16″ floppy; Makins fedora with Cee-lo;  designer cocktail hat worn here.

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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19 thoughts on “Of Hats. Of Many Hats.

  1. oh my god! you are a celebrity! how on earth did you get to meet all these famous people? right place at the right time or do they jsut flock to your fabulousness?<br />your hats are killer!

  2. Wanda: thanks! you know how much I looooove hats!<br /><br />NotsoChiara: Thanks lady. <br /><br />Marissa: heee heee. not hardly but I have friends in the industry. I&#39;m a private chef so that&#39;s how Emeril and I got to cook together on his show. Lisa and I are in the same circles in Atlanta, for the most part; Chris Tucker went to HS with a friend of mine so I see him every now &amp; then

  3. AJ: yes! that thing is soooo huge! I found it in a boutique on Main St. in Charleston, SC. I love it. <br />The hat came from a vintage shore on 5th ave. <br /><br />Kristy: Aww, thanks, dear. Fun, right!<br /><br />Nuri: that hat kills! I love it. Sooo big.

  4. The title was certainly not an overstatement! Haha you&#39;re so fabulous, each hat is amazing and you pull it off so well! They&#39;re not an easy accessory for most people and you look amazing in them.<br /><br />Alexandra xo<br /><br />http://tovogueorbust.com/

  5. Alexandra: Thanks so much. I wish you could see all of them. I&#39;ll eventually document them all (old and new!)<br /><br />C.B.: gracias. la verdad que me&#39;ncanta como pocas otras cosas!<br /><br />Fashion Marked:done!<br /><br />Dee O. : thanks! wait til you see more!<br /><br />Michelle Lee: 😉 Thanks so much!<br /><br />Leon: yeah but you still look goooood! 🙂 muah.

  6. I like hats they just don&#39;t like me. I have a small head so its very hard for me to where hats as much as I&#39;d like. You def. are a person who makes the hat look good.

  7. you have a hat for any occasion and i love it! i&#39;m a total lover of them too, the 30&#39;s vintage cloche is gall-dang gorgeous. but right now i just can&#39;t get over how amazing that photo is of you and Janelle Monae – my girl-crush on her is massive!!!!!!<br /><br />AND how cute are you with your sister in the pic from the below post?! omg, i love your Easter bonnet so much, your little

  8. nice hats, you&#39;ve got a great collection. i like hats but rarely wear them because my head is soooo big. i have to stick to headbands.

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