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On a Day Like This…

It’s snowing in ATLANTA! Yes, snow in the deep south. If you’re on Twitter, perhaps you’ve read tweets documenting what people are calling Snowmaggedon! It’s quite funny as we didn’t even get 6″. The reason it’s a huge deal is b/c this city is so ill-equipped to deal with this kind of inclement weather. I personally love it and find complete joy in all its mess and closures! Because yes, the entire city has shut down. Even the airport, which the city owns.

So, needless to say I’m snuggled all up in bed, blogging and watching movies, but I wanted to share this outfit from a day a few weeks ago. If I were going to step out today, I’d totally rock this… but since I’m not, I’ll stare it and wait to wear it again… I was running errands this particular day and it was cold as hell! Much colder than today actually.

This is one of my favorite cheap-o coats. I snagged it for $20 at H & M last year after 1 year of stalking it. And my cargos are ones I’ll wear forever. Got them while I was working at Banana Republic…

My outfits are seldom complete without a hat, so it goes without saying I have this fedora in 5 colors. Timeless pieces, ya know! The ensemble was a bit too structured, but I ultimately loved the color scheme and over all look. Plus, I was comfortable, which is paramount on a day like that!

Coat: H & M // Cargo pant: Banana Republic // Stripped top: Banana Republic // Cropped knit sweater: La Rose // vintage necklaces, F21 ring, 14kg monogrammed bamboo earrings, Vernier gold watch // Bag: Steven // Shoes: Aldo // Fedora: Scala // Gloves: Portolano

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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28 thoughts on “On a Day Like This…

  1. You look amazing in this outfit!! Such a great combo! I love everything! The faux fur is so fabulous (and talk about a great deal)…and I love that you wore purple leather gloves with it!

  2. Eliana: thanks, chica… tu sabes how we do! 🙂 <br /><br />Christine: Thanks! I got a super steal on those gloves, too! <br /><br />VanillaSugar: Thanks friend… you know, I don&#39;t know what it is about turning my head…lol… clearly I&#39;m not shy! thanks for the smile compliment! 🙂 <br /><br />Patina: Yes! A SUPER must have, too! It&#39;s so fabulous. <br /><br />Natasha:Thanks! The

  3. YOU SNAGED THAT FOR 20 dolla! WHAT!? it is one of the first less expensive furs that actually looks amazing!oh H&amp;M! ha enjoy that snow girl! <br /><br />about the tats, i think i might just get some! they seem too fun to not! ha!<br /><br />love from,<br />Raeshelle!

  4. ok…not only cooking lessons…but &quot;A&quot; class style classes too! Love the purple gloves and watch that pulls it all together! Chic..Chic!! go chica<br /><br />Joi

  5. Reg: Nice to meet you! Coat was def. a major steal. Don&#39;t you just love that!<br /><br />Raeshelle: Get them tats, girl! hotness!<br /><br />Vanilla: The fedora always rocks! Thanks for stopping by!<br /><br />Whoop it up!: Thanks! <br /><br />Joiful: Girlie, you are too sweet! Let&#39;s get it!<br /><br />Giselle: yes and yes! Amazing right! Will follow you on Blogluvin, too!<br /><br />

  6. Thanks all you fabulous ladies for stopping by and saying hello! Would love for you to continue coming through and sharing your love, thoughts, ideas! 🙂 Happy Friday an stay tuned for a new giveaway! Smooches!

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