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Orange Rum & Clove Glazed Roasted Pears

Mi mamá is always full of surprises. Yesterday, being my birthday, was no different.

I decided last minute to fly to DC to party and bring in fall. After all, a Cuban household is not a legitimate one without throwing down for any occasion. I knew she’d make an extra special dinner, which consisted of oxtail, yuca con garlic mojo, moros y cristianos, sweet fried plantain, a game or two of dominoes and café con leche.

I also “knew” we’d be having flan for dessert.

Yeah, not so much.

Sometime last week my mom calls me all excited to brag about some roasted pear recipe she’d just come up with. I’m thinking “great!” If it’s anything like the one I had last summer in St. Maarten (you can read about it here), then I couldn’t wait.  Neither one of us has ever made roasted pears, but if I know my mother, I know she put her foot in it, without thinking twice about how to make it or referring to tried and true recipes from the experts. She insisted it was her new favorite dessert and that she’d make it for me if I came up for my birthday. She was more excited that my father LOVED it. He’s all about classic Cuban, French and Italian food.

Indeed, there was no flan for dessert last night.

Early in the day, as any Latin woman does, mami pulled out her all her equipment and went to work. She doesn’t like being bothered while she’s cooking, a trait I’ve acquired, but I insisted on nit picking everything she has piled up in the cupboards since my last visit. There is always something new to add to my “take back to Atlanta” stash! As I’m snooping, she peeled 12 Bosc pears, which are extremely juicy and really flavorful.  A good buying tip: go to Costco and buy a pack of 15 for $5! A steal for sure.

In any case, I wasn’t paying much attention, but I did notice she took her time in ensuring all of the skin was removed. She perfectly placed them in a glass dish and put them in the oven.

I never even noticed what she did to make the glaze, but I do remember mention of cloves and rum. But not plain dark rum. I got a whiff of this amazingly sweet and spicy orange rum from an unlabeled bottle.

Who knows where she got it from.

By the way, my “stash” right now consists of gourmet almond extract, Cuban coffee, sleepy time tea, hot sauce, a few vintage plates for set design and capers. Surely, it will expand by next week!

I completely forgot about the pears until dinner time. One of our fams’ fave cakes from a local bakery made it to the table, for the sole purpose of singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles. Not because it was the show stopper.

So let’s get to the pears, the real birthday cake.

The smell out out of the oven was intoxicating! The smell of cloves, coupled with sweet and spicy aromas of the orange rum quickly masked the robust oxtail we had for dinner. The pears themselves were perfectly browned, with the top being blackened to point. Anything less and it would have been too dull. Anything more and it would have been burned. The tenderness of the pears just couldn’t be better. Truly butter soft! Don’t you just love it when you do something for the 2nd time and it comes out even better than you anticipated.

And the glaze, it was the perfect consistency and sweetness. So good, I took two tablespoons of it and sipped with nothing else. In fact, I could drink a glass of that stuff. I quickly found myself wanting to ration the pears. Halves for everyone instead of one whole one. But, that would be greedy and so not in the spirit of fall warmth!

Of 12 pears brought to the table, the 3 you see in pictures were the only ones left and I had to fight for them in order to take pictures. Don’t they just look delicious! I promise you these roasted pears are a perfect and wonderfully refreshing fall dessert that will take great place of traditional cakes. They take much less time than cake, pie and has less ingredients. And as we know, sometimes, less is more!

There’s nothing like fall desserts and complete improvisation and use of ingredients that kick up flavor to a whole other level! From my mami’s cocina to yours!



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  • 12 Bosc pears
  • 4 cloves
  • 1 cup fresh orange juice
  • 2 cups brown sugar
  • 1 cup orange rum or brandy, parted
  • 2 tbsp. butter


Peel pears completely. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease glass dish with butter, covering entirely. In medium sauce pan, stir in orange juice, sugar and cloves to boil and stir. Reduce heat to low temperature after syrup-like consistency has formed an stir gently. Pour all of mixture evenly onto pears. Evenly distribute 1 cup of rum or brandy to pears. Cover glass dish with aluminum foil and roast for 15 minutes in oven. Remove foil and remaining alcohol to dish. Sprinkle some extra brown sugar on top of pears. Place dish of pears back in oven for another 15-20 minutes until tip of pears are slightly blackened.

Serve warm. Add ice cream on side if you’d like.

85 thoughts on “Orange Rum & Clove Glazed Roasted Pears

  1. OK – Orange Rum – I need to find that stat! Looks fabulous and will have to try to grab some pears on the next trip to Costco…

  2. Until this summer I have never been a huge fan of pears…until I tried a perfectly ripe, and freshly picked one where the juice ran down my arm. Thinking of those pears this dish would be simply amazing!!

  3. Wow..sure would love to be your mom’s neighbor’s as well 🙂 She definitely reminds me of my mom…:-) Please say to your mama, ‘Thank you so much for letting your fans sharing the recipe and most of all for her daughter, Bren’

  4. No flan? 🙂 Love flan, but the pears look great too.
    If you family is looking to adopt a Russian girl, please let me know: I’d be a great candidate 🙂

  5. Like my niece would say: “Oh My Gah”! These rum-soaked pears are simply sinful: a visual delight that evoques an orgasmic tasting experience. I just wonder what they would taste like if instead of (or in addition to) orange rum you would use some Amaretto. Can’t wait to have them.

  6. You think i’m kidding…i’m gonna make this one day! A great way to eat my fruit. (I prefer veggies!)

    You have a warm family. Gotta make it out to DC one day. Happy birthday again chika!! Kisses. 🙂

  7. Hey B…feliz cumpleaños. I’ve made roasted/poached pears before but have never tried it with orange Rum. I’m intrigued. They look great.

  8. yes the pears were so good.. i could of had 2 if yaw would of let me– lol.. the whole dinner was awesome and declious!

  9. Rosa: they were devine indeed! I”m so glad my mom put me on to this recipe! Will me making it a lot! 🙂

    Lys: I’ll find out what kind of rum and where she found it. Costco for sure!

    Bellini: oooh the thought of juice running down arms is so great! makes for perfect pears to use for this recipe.

    Pixen: You’re so kind! My mom is great! She’ll share anything she has!!! All the time!

    Ninette: Thanks so much! They were great!

    Olga: yes, girl, can you believe? No flan!!! I’m totally okay with it though b/c those pears were out of control delicious!

    David: You should have our wife making you some! They may not be as good as my mom’s but they could come close 😉

    Miesha: Girl, u must make them! I promise you’ll call me and tell me they were all that! This is the “sexy” way of getting your fruits in.

    JoanNova: gracias, amor. Next time you make roasted pears, you should def try some rum or brandy.

    Priscillla: hahahahahaha! There is ONE left! come get it.

  10. Happy Birthday! What a great program…the one comment. one eats! Very cool!

    I have roasted pears, but very differently. I roasted it with butternut squash and dried cranberries as a side dish for Thanksgiving. I’d love to try your mom’s dessert version. It looks like a wonderful presentation.

  11. bueno como mama de bren fue muy bonito cocinarle algo especial .y las peras me parecio lo perfecto .en realidad ella lo disfruto mucho al igual que el resto de la familia .y me alegra que todos puedan hacerla tambien .gracias hija por disfrutar lo que mami te cocino .chao

  12. pears look great, can almost taste them from the pic alone…

    what is your mother’s name so I can place it besides yours on the recipe when I print it off.

    Blessed be Bren..

  13. Roasted pears are nice with a little melted butter, honey, orange juice and a tiny bit of balsamic vinegar. Just a bit for tang. Very good! You’re right about them being a great fall dessert. Especially if ice cream is nearby.

  14. I’ll be serving this for dessert for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m changing the sauce a little bit, using more alcohol. For brandy I’m going to use a pear Brandy and then 1/4 C. Grand Mariner mixed with 1/4 C. Spiced rum. I’m also going to roll the bottom halves of the pears in brown sugar and sprinkle cinnamon on the top 1/2 of the pears.

  15. does the sauce ever burn in the oven? im wanting to make these awsome things but fearfull of no sauce in the end!!

  16. Hi Jane!

    Thanks for the comment. Make the pears and fret not about not having juice!! I promise, there’ll be enough to go around and even spoon out! It’s a delicious
    recipe and have had some readers email telling me they’ve made it, even for their Christmas and Thanksgiving and dinners! If you do, enjoy and hope to see back at Flanboyant Eats!

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