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OSCARS 2015: The Best Looks {& Why}

Another year of who’s who. Another year of fabulous faces and over-the-top beautiful gowns. Another year at the Oscars. This was really no different from any other year of what we all glue ourselves to. Nothing super exciting or innovative. It’s all blah, blah, blah. Really.

So the fashion, bad styles apart, is the what we wake up talking about. Or the ridiculously bad taste comments presenters tend to make… this year… a la Sean Penn and his insensitive and irresponsible statement about a green card handed to a Mexican. But I’ll address that in a later past.

For now, after spending the morning perusing ALL of the gowns that went down the red carpet and beyond, these were my top picks. Mostly based on the gowns themselves, but also who she wore it and brought the whole look together. Sometimes, you can have an amazing dress but the hair and makeup don’t complement its gracefulness; or fierceness for that matter.

In no particular order, here the modista winners and why!

J. Lo doesn’t get it wrong most of the time. The 40-something year old has this natural super-glow to her that simply elevates anything she wears. We love her in jeans and oversized sweaters, but the flawless Latina always mezmerizes in a full length gown. This color also suits her really well. Keeps her young and fresh and allows us to focus on her gorgeous face. A bit too much cleavage for my tastes, but I’m certain her stylists know what they’re doing. Her lips were a bit too bright and matted out but over all it worked with the delicate tone of the gown. Wearing Elie Saab Couture

Kerry Washington knows how to pick them. Yup. This gorgeous eggshell peplum ensemble screams elegance and refinement. It’s classy and simple enough for her hair to be pin straight. The double textures make perfect sense and give the simplicity an effortless vavavoom. Wearing Jason Wu.

Emma Stone just did it all the way with the color, the lines of the dress and her hair. This gown is so incredibly vintage-style with a modern elegance, it deserves a perfect 10. Wearing Elie Saab
Lupita N’yongo was criticized for taking pearls to another level, but I thought an all pearl gown is both bold and creative. I mean, how did she sit all night w/out pearl dots on her bottom half? Oh, may! I love the detail and because it’s white, the contrast against her complexion is stunning. She needs to stick to those colors. The only thing that would have made this dress better was to have a plunging neckline full of draping pearls! Wearing Calvin Kein.
Meryl Streep is a bad momma. I find no fault in her. She could wear a drape and still look amazing. The 64 year old is one of few super feminine women that can rock a black and white suite and still command all kinds of attention. Wearing Lanvin.

Rita Ora stole my night with this unknown white gown while belting out her Six Shades of Gry number. It was so whimsical but also grown princess. She’s only 24 so she’s allowed to do that. The full gown is fell perfectly in the front to allow her super point shoes to be a point of interest, too! But her red carpet gown is the one to really talk about! Can I please have a reason to wear something so WOW bombshell gorge?! I mean, hello! It’a navy with gold accents! Her slicked back bright blonde hair did right by that fierce gown. I just wish those tattoos weren’t so visible. Wearing Marchesa.

Gwyneth Paltrow is another one that just seems to know how to hire a great stylist. Much like her all white fitted gown with that sexy Super Woman cape a few years ago, this one is ultra sleek and simple with a big bold statement of a bow. A statement like that needs to be balanced with a subtle color like the pale pink she’s wearing. It was delicate for sure. Wearing Ralph and Russo.
Rosamund Pike is the second gal to steal to my heart last night. Not everyone can wear red and not all reds are created equal. I thinks this Valentino Red lace gown reminds us of of how boldly intoxicating her Gone Girl character was. Did you see her insanity? Run, guy, run! This dress is screaming “I am here and I am staying.” Good for her. Wearing Givenchy.

There were a few more great looks, but these were haute and too gorgeous not to mention! Jennifer Hudson, for instance was had a great canary yellow piece on the carpet. Loved it. Her performance look, not so much. Sienna Miller looked amazing her black gown also, but it looked a bit crabby on the carpet. Which is why these above were stunners all night long!

Tomorrow, let’s talk about Birdman‘s win, the Latino director, and Sean Penn’s comments.

Who were your faves?

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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