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Paris Hilton & I Have a Chat During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Yup. Never thought I’d be writing these very words, let alone utter them, but I sure did meet the most celebrated socialite of the 2000’s…. or is it Kim? I don’t really keep up with either one of them, but there was that time when I was mildly obsessed with what these gorgeous girls were up to. And then I realized my life was so far removed from theirs and while they got their hustle on, I was chipping away at my own grind. And so I cancelled all interest in their lives.

Fashion Week just a few weeks ago didn’t change that. But when I spotted Paris Hilton backstage after the Falguni and Shane Peacock futuristic show, I was a bit set back and felt like it was a Sunday night marathon of reality shows. A part of me thinks celebs are made up and live in the figment of those wanting to be one. But, she was really there, standing like a gazelle in a really short blue metallic dress.

The show was energetic with an odd touch of ethereal. The looks were strictly runway, but a piece like Paris’s which is part of the Spring ’13 collection, is highly doable. Adam Lambert and a few other fans enjoyed the moves to the original soundtrack produced by Peacock himself.

If you know LA and how it works, then the swarming of Paparazzi isn’t a novel idea and I don’t have to explain how it went down. The only thing I might want to detail is how I actually got to sit with her, in a closed off area where the models were getting dolled up.

I had my camera on me… snapped a few pics of her talking to big TV networks and fashion magazines. Bloggers, writers and a few others gave up trying to get that pic and slowly backed off but not away. She had just been whisked away into hair and makeup where staff was cleaning. And then, I just kind of asked her security if I could hop in for a pic.  He looked at me straight up and down, analyzed my own dress, a mini lace dress with graceful bell sleeves, kindly sent to me by the girls at Savannah Rae. He liked it enough to give me a quiet nod, pulled the curtain back and let me in. I poked my head back out, grabbed my “assistant” and pulled her in with me.

That’s what happened. Paris was really kind, has great posture (I notice those things) and quickly agreed to a few minutes to discuss the show and her new haps! Her chill mode was a sweet surprise. Please forgive the audio… it all happened so fast and unplanned, the only mic I had was the camera one. You may want to turn your volume all the way up!

Hope you enjoy!

Right before show via my Instagram

*About the collection:
ace-age Rockstar meets Cyber-Couture through a blackhole of Sci-fi structure, shimmer, and sparkle that will radiate the runway. Psychedelic prints, planetary plastic transparent trims, sequins, and feathers take the collection’s classic ladylike shapes to a surreal state. The extraordinary graphic fabrics in a vibrant and sophisticated color palette provide a sexy intergalactic update to 1940’s silhouettes.

The extreme metallic fabrics include reflective silver pieces that shine down the portal of the subconscious. Shocking patterns against sheer and sparkling textures temporarily take you to another world of spacial awareness. Metallic acrylics cropped and used in technics are teamed with structured shapes with sharp lines. The extraterrestrial look is grounded in clean and modern patterns, slick stream-lined trousers, fitted bodices, and tailored jackets.

* Next post will be on prepping for the show and the fabulous hair and makeup provided by TRESemme, one of the show sponsors. 

* Huger than huge thanks to Cesar Vargas for making a shotty video viewable and sassy! And for blogger friend Helen Troncoso for shooting it! 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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6 thoughts on “Paris Hilton & I Have a Chat During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

  1. Que buena cosa. No se mucho de ella pero me alegro que podiste hablar con alguien tan famosa. gran exito! Y tu pelo me encanta!

  2. ESO!!! <br /><br />Bren- can you be anymore natural in front of the camera mujer?!?! You looked like you were talking to an old highschool friend just catching up on life. Great job ladies.

  3. Wow….I&#39;m really impressed! Great mini-on-the-fly interview from what I could hear. Since I&#39;m not a Paris Hilton follower…I do like her perfume line. I&#39;m sure it was a facinating interview. Go You!

  4. Thanks, ladies. The most fun part was just making it happen. It went down so fast and w/no planning. <br /><br />Mercedes: Gracias! <br /><br />Bohemian Babushka: Thanks for the compliment. The camera and I get along real well. <br /><br />Pamela P: Thanks for tuning in! <br /><br />Joi: Thanks, thanks, thanks! Hopefully more to come.

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