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Perfectly-Sized Travel Essentials for Fall {Update}

Fall is here! Yes! That means our amazing wardrobe is finally allowed to come out for wonderful showcasing. The boots, scarves, the hats — oh! the hats — tights, and coats. So much to get excited about. For me fall also means an intense travel schedule. I’ve already done quite a bit this year but my major, more exciting trips are yet to come.
I’m finally planning and pining down my dates for Europe, but first, I’m stopping in St. Thomas and Jamaica later this month! In my constant research and need to have some of the latest essentials to make my travel more convenient (and chic!), I came across these few that I’m certain will make my 9 day trip a comfy one.


A bag this size can double as a weekender but also a great carry-on for taking all the things you need on flight… I’m a huge advocate for taking one change of clothes… one great, but casual look, just in case your checked luggage doesn’t make it on time. Oh yeah, that’s happened to me several times, most inconveniently in Paris.

This super-fresh bag by Aerin has enough space to pack gear for 3 days of light staples. I’m seeing it with me at the beaches of the Caribbean at the end of this month… and then again as my “purse” for my Euro trip — for the magazines, makeup bag, over ear heads, etc.. I’ll still take carry-on suit case. That’s for what didn’t fit in checked luggage!


We all have different needs, but there are basics we take on each trip, right? I have my go-to toiletry bag but I switch it out depending on where I’m going and for how long. Considering this particular trip which is a bit longer than my usual press trips but shorter than a proper vacation, these’ll do the job of keeping me in tact.

Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Beaty Drops. These little capsules for reviving the face are perfect for chucking in the bag and taking with you. After you’ve washed your face with the brush, apply this wild arctic cloudberry super-packed capsule  They’re made for 28 day regiment so just remember to pull them out of your bag once you’re home. I’m on day 6 so I’ll come back let you know bright and smoother my face really is. For now, I love the simplicity of it.

You’d think I’d get more sleep on vacation or the press trips I take, but not so much. On the go, go, go keep me tired most times. And looking it, too, the next day. So I love taking an eye illuminator wherever I go. I use on at home, but my new Erno Laszlo luminous eye complex (gel) is the best thing to happen to my eyes, yet. It’s perfectly sized for travel and actually brightens my eyes when I’m most exhausted. I did have to try it for a god 3 weeks to see a good difference. But it does the trick.

EOS chapstick. Admit it. These are super cute. I have 4 and rotate tops and bottoms, depending on my mood. They’re the most playful way of keeping your lips hydrated. A bit bulky, I think, but I just love them. And clearly, so does J.Lo. Did you see a pink one in her ‘Booty’ video. Oh. wow.

I’ve become such a germaphobe over the last 3 years, I’m actually a bit concerned. I wash my hands every time I enter and leave a place and more OCD is wiping down everything, especially on a plane.  As such, I have all kinds of cleansing wipes on me at all times. Been trying out these GUD by Burt’s Bees ones and I love. Different scents will keep you guiltless while you wipe your hands clean of the guck you didn’t know you touched on that restaurant chair. I’m telling you! It’s bad. These come in so handy when I want to wipe down anything.

Clarisonic facial brush. Where has this been my whole adult life?! No, seriously? This little thing here is joy to my skin. After days of beating my face in the sun (mostly in Mexico when I go) and the elements of busy cities, the new Mia 2 electronic brush strips away all the dirt, guck, and impurities that cause break outs and an aged look. After 3 uses, I’m in love. And it comes with a travel case to protect both the bristles and the brush. It’s my new best beauty friend. Go grab yourself one and take anytime, anywhere.

L’Occitane Roll-on Relaxant. This beats any kind of sleeping pill. The stress of traveling always requires some mental down time before starting the next day; even if you’re on vacation. Apply a bit of this lavender-infused oil on your wrist or decollatage at night (or throughout the day) and you’ll be sweetly dreaming. I like pairing it with a candle (love traveling with one) as I do my nightly meditation. It smells amazing and puts you in a calm place. And its size allows you to carry anywhere, not just when traveling.

Sun Bum Shorties SPF. Never leave home without SPF. Ever. It should be your best friend. No matter the time of year. No matter your skin type or complexion. Yes darker skins have much more melanin to protect against sun damage, but for everyone else, it’s critical a proper amount of lotion is used. These cute little bottles were made with us travelers in mind. They do the job… protect from sun rays but still allow a tan. I’m all about that tan! But I’m more about protecting my skin… it’s already super sensitive. SPF 15 for non-beach trips. SPF 50 for Mexico.

Artistry Ideal Radiance SPF 50+ Sunscreen
. I swear by this little white thing. This is now my 3rd little bottle from their 3rd line of batty (full review of the new Ideal Radiance line coming). But these itty bitty 1 oz. bottles of glory are it. I literally apply to my face and neck every morning. And it stays in my travel bag. This is permanent.

Shaving cream… not really an essential but if you’re into using cream and gels for shaving, these are perfect for traveling. This little duo by ShaveworksGet Smooth comes with the cream which is super duper creamy and pearly and the cooling gel reduces the redness. My SIL gets in-grown hair so I’m can’t wait to give it to her.

Earphones. Really. Who travels without earphones? I love talking to my flight neighbor, you know the person sitting next to you that has a story to tell — but when I want to work or sleep, pulling out earphones is the all-tell sign “please do not disturb.” For long distance, I like over the ear heads, but for quick flights and shorter trips, ear plug types are great. Loving on these new Sol Republic two-towned JAX pair. I go through earphones like socks… they get lost but I’m determined to keep these close to me. And I love they don’t tangle so I can use them while running. A bit pricey for $150 at RadioShack, especially since they don’t come with a case, but the sound quality beats the ‘Beats by Dre‘ I rocked all last year. And good sound is key!

So many other essentials I could list, but since I’m literally trying out stuff for these amazing upcoming trips, these are some fun new finds for fall. Even for overnight fishing trips, which I love taking, these make sense.

Share! What are your travel essentials? What new prods are you loving on?


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  1. I hear the Clarisonic is really good. A friend was getting her facial and they used it on her. Thanks for the suggestions. I don't travel as much as you seem to but these are still good to know about. I really like the L'Occitane roller.

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