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Prepping For a Social Media Conference…in Vegas, Baby!

I’m the traveling type. You know… a family trip is always in due order at least once a year. Those are the most fun. My press trips are equally exciting, but require a different mind set. It’s a deep plunge into work and constant analysis of what I see and learn. But then there are the spontaneous, less planned trips that are beneficial to my business — not quite work and not all the way a vacay score. I find a way, though!

Blog conferences are that awesome medium where I get to get away and enjoy a bit of both sides of the equation. Especially when the hosting venue is a city like Vegas! Yes!! Blogalicious, a multicultural conference now in its 4th year, will be my home for 5 days next week (at least for me) in Sin City. It’s officially on and I’m in pack mode.

The question is… what do I take?? The last conf. I attended was in Miami and I was a speaker and staying at my manager’s place, so planning was a hectic in a different way. At least I know where I was staying and very familiar with the city. However, I’ve not been to Blogalicious before, though I spoke on a lovely and highly interactive panel in Atlanta last year in anticipation of the 3rd year which was in DC. So, as I got excited about being in Vegas, I went back to my mental notes on all the things past years attendees had to say about their experience, and started planning out my trip. Certain things had to be just right in order to make the trip a valuable experience, both from the business side, but also on the social. Social being some time to enjoy the amenities the resort has, some visits on the Strip and most importantly, meeting blogging friends I’ve known for some time and hooking up with the fabulous I’ve not seen in a minute.  That’s always the most significant part of going on press trips and attending conferences. Nothing like the human connection.

And, since I haven’t been to Vegas in 10 years and I’ll be moving around a lot (b/c I’m staying on the strip and about 11 miles from the host hotel), I’m mostly concerned with packing smart and taking light yet sexy chic clothes that will defy the typical conference attire. After all, this is a social conference and standard rules don’t always apply. We think for ourselves and a lot of us work from home. And in hot weather on the dessert, means airy clothes and fabulous shoes; maybe even a bikini and big fabulous hat!  And of course, my “can’t-live-without” techie tools to make the intense session-hopping as efficient as possible.

Here are a few of my essential picks that must make their way to my suitcase…

Every chica needs a fabulous travel tote to carry all the necessities. Love this purple one from Michael Kors I was recently gifted.
These are too fun! Lighter than look, a funky platform that’s comfortable and a kick-a$$ print! These will be the default shoe all weekend.
Scored these Sam Edelman sling-backs on eBay for a whopping $30, brand new and originally $110 at Nordstrom. Loooove these. By far my favorite purchase this past spring.
A LBD because you never know what last minute cocktail party will present itself. This is from the Jason Wu collection at Target. I’ve yet to wear it and can’t wait. So perfect and dainty.

And to boot, I went out and bought an iPad! Yes, I did. Queen of procrastination. I’ve been fighting this purchase since the tablet came out but I realized how tired I am of lugging my laptop around just to take notes and hop online. I love my lil’ sexy white mini-computer! I can do everything on it. It’s so sleek and will alleviate some shoulder pain. And of course, no out of town trip would be effective or visually fun for those following on my outlets if it weren’t for my for my phones, especially my new Samsung Galaxy II (with 4G lte) to capture the really important and delicious moments! I see it already.
Everything will be Instagram’d! Mobile devices are a lifesaver in these fast-paced environments. From From what I’ve seen so far on the Galaxy, I may be relying on it more than I anticipate!

3 more days, baby, 3 more days and off to the city of pecas. But I’m a good girl so we’ll see how much damage I really do!

Thanks to the thoughtful folks at Sprint & LBC I get to hang in Vegas for a few days and finally experience everything I keep hearing about! I’m hoping to escape for a few hours to catch a show! I’m thinking on the lines of Cirque! A story behind that, but later for that.

I’m working on a quick vid of my frantic state of mind when waiting til the very last minute to pack for a trip using my new Samsung. I’m excited to see how this swanky piece of equipment works.
Stay tuned. Will share in the next few days!

{How do you prep for blogging conferences? Any must-haves in that suitcase or tote?}

*I’m attending Blogalicious as part of an interactive campaign sponsored by Sprint and BoostMobile. I was compensated for this and a scheduled post-event recap. Thanks to the ladies of Latina Bloggers Connect for making this possible. 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Prepping For a Social Media Conference…in Vegas, Baby!

  1. Thanks, Xenia! I was running around like crazy but did get to meet quite a few ppl. Those shoes are haute. I have them in white as well. So comfortable. I wore them to the Doug E party! Go figure!

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