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Red & Green… and White

Me and MAC Genius Jon


Acting like a teenager while I pose for Jon. Though looks like I’m doing something else;)
Ahhh. Better now.


“Harlem,” me and Jon


Hosting the event!
Owner of company.


Don’t you hate these lazy eye shots!


Dancing to NY music!

There’s always a reason to get dressed up. Especially when there’s a party involved. And even moreso when I’m asked to host said party….

A few weeks ago, a new company launched in Atlanta, one involving women wearing heels (makes sense to me) and I was lucky enough to be asked to host. In exchange, I’d get some pink pumps, which ultimately didn’t work out. The organizers got me the wrong size. In all of my preparedness for the worst, I carried my latest shoe acquisition to be on the safe side.

My intention was to rock a serious color-blocked ensemble: red mini, emerald green silk top, pink pumps. How fantastic would that have looked, right!? Fortunately, my white peep-toes worked just as well. In fact, the starch white added a great balance to the red/green combo. In retrospect, I liked it much better. Much more my style.

The party was sexy fun. Though blazing hot (remove bolero here),  I danced with my friend from Harlem (last pic), and thanks to my friend Jon (1st  pic), I was captured heisting some pink feathers for a friend that wants to use the plumes for a crafty project… hey, if I couldn’t wear the pink shoes, at least I could tickle myself with feathers.

I still can’t wait to wear the 5″ pink stilettos I was given as consideration for my time!

 Skirt: Zara; Top: vintage Vertigo;  Jacket: H&M  Shoes: Sam Edelman; Cuffs: A.B. Schwartz and vintage panther bracelet; Ring: purchased in Monaco; Earrings: Found at Loehmann’s 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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13 thoughts on “Red & Green… and White

  1. LOVE this outfit! I often where colors that people think "don't match". Something like green and red is bold and unconventional…which is why I love it! Great choice. And yes, the white shoes are hot!

  2. that is a great skirt. i love the cut of it. i never wear green and red together (i don't want to look like christmas), but you pulled it off wonderfully.

  3. Sujeiry: thanks!! i kinda love it, too! the skirt is soooo much fun and so comfortable! <br /><br />Jennifer: gracias, chica… <br /><br />Kenda: ha! me, too! I&#39;m always afraid of looking too Christmas-y, but I had to get over that! I love the combo..

  4. look at you, all lovely and feather swaying! awe Bren, just darling is what. looks like such a great time, party on lades. congrats on hosting, such an honor; bet you rocked all their socks. ♥

  5. Oh SWEET FIRL! Thank you for coming over! Listen, I am typing from my husband&#39;s work computer because mine just BROKE DOWN ON ME! I will be off line for a while, but look for me still, PLEASE! It looks as if you had tons of fun! THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND WORDS….THE BLUES ARE BEAUTIFUL! ANita

  6. What an exciting honor! Looks like quite an amazing evening and you look flawless to boot, despite the heat wave. I love your take on color blocking:)

  7. I love love love this look! The bold colours suit you so well, you look absolutely beautiful! What an honour to have hosted the event, I&#39;m sure you did an amazing job. Hope you had a great weekend lovely :)<br /><br />Alexandra xo<br /><br />http://tovogueorbust.com/

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