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Rum & Grand Marnier Fudge Truffles


I was going to do a video post today, but I’m feeling quite lazy don’t want to get all dolled up to show my face.

I know, I know, I was soo ready to show off not only the beautiful flowers I just got, but I was going to rock my newest shoe for the fellas!

It happens when you don’t really celebrate this lover’s holiday. If my recollection serves me right, the last time I *enjoyed* Valentine’s was about, uhm, 11 years ago. REALLY! It’s been so bad, my sis and I call it Singles.Awareness.Day. Not sappy or bitter, just accepting of the fact the we’ve had our share of losers and no one has been worthy of seeing me bite into a luscious piece of chocolate, the way I know how.

And then this all changed about an hour ago.

But let me go back for a moment. My sis is in Boston frolicking with her best friend, a guy. An all expense paid 4-day weekend to MA to see Disney on Ice, dine at Logan Square and I imagine a bit of shopping (and who know what else he’s conjured up). He does love to splurge on her. So, as I’m typing up an email for her on Thursday night, advising her of what to wear (she’s fashionably inept, so she says), it dawned on me there was no reason for me to spend TODAY in a crappy mood. If she was going to be all giddy, I had to join her. I wasn’t going to allow some *man* or lack there of, dictate how I was going to feel today.

So I checked my attitude, pulled out an old recipe and went to work. I made these little rum balls you see here. I LOVE THESE BALLS! OMG. From what I understand and have read, these are a classic American holiday dessert, whose recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. I got mine that way, too. A former client of my mother’s, now 80, has been making these for her for the past 20 years. Every Christmas, Mr. Pollock beckons my mother to his home, with a tin can waiting in the kitchen, with her name hand-written on it. For years, she’d bring the box home and before we even broke bread on Christmas day, the box of was all but full.



Yes, I had crushed every single ball. She’d fuss, but clearly understood the addiction. And for many years after the first time I bit into one, I’d beg him for the recipe. And every year he’d print a copy and I’d lose it. He’s learned me tho. Now, he just has 2 boxes waiting for pickup: one for mami and one for me! And I still tear my box up within 48 hours. 30 of them may I add.

After 45 minutes of intense labor and girl foolish anticipation, I finished my little rum and grand marnier infused truffles. I like to get fancy with the name. In honor of Mr. Pollock, I placed them in a tin box (probably one he gave my mom) and placed them in the fridge to chill.

And then this afternoon, as I quietly sit at my computer, reminiscing on my trip to Paris & Monaco two years ago by looking at pictures (you can read some it that trip here), my door knocks. Hmmm, could it be?  I open, and enters my dearest friend A, with the most beautiful arrangement of my favorite flower, a basket of girly body products (red tea and fig essence) and the biggest I LOVE YOU balloon and a bottle of Smith Woodhouse Porto!


Awwwww. I was so tickled, and almost speechless. My 11 year *itch* is over! Guess what!?!? Time to pull out the truffles! I popped two in my mouth and was more than content. Too early for the Porto, but trust the whole bottle might be finished tonight.

He so knows how to placate me.

And even though my friend A ended the S.A.D. stretch in a marvelous way, there is always a better way to top this all off! Can you believe that!?!

My number one man, whom unconditionally and lovingly puts up with me and all my nuances and idiosyncrasies, in hopes of me taking care of him financially one day soon, calls me with a major surprise!


That man would me my father! More details to come, but oh yeah, this chic here is on her way back to Monaco, with a hop, skip and jump to Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez, Eze and a few others!

Good God, thank you, for you are so awesome to me.

I hope you and your loved ones share a sexy, über-romantique and luscious, sensuous Valentine’s Day! And if you’re single, rock on! A valentine’s like mine is surely waiting for you!

Just don’t scratch!


Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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RUM FUDGE TRUFFLES (adapted from Mr. Pollock’s recipe)


  • 3 cups Vanilla wafers, crushed
  • 1/2 cup walnuts, halved and crushed
  • 5 tbsp. corn syrup
  • 1.5 tsp. unsweetened cocoa
  • 5 tbsp. rum
  • 3 tbsp. Grand Marnier
  • splash of vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar


Place wafers in large freezer plastic bag. Using a mallet, or meat tenderizer, crush the wafers until they are finely graded. You can use a processor, too. Place in large bowl and add crushed up walnuts. Sift cocoa, add & combine. Add corn syrup and vanilla extract. Using a wooden spoon, combine all ingredients. Add rum and combine until all ingredients are well blended. Add powdered sugar to a medium bowl. Using a teaspoon or your bare hands, shape 1/2″ balls, cover completely with powdered sugar and place onto wax paper. Lace tin can with aluminum foil. Place balls in tin can and let refrigerate over night. It’s best to allow to chill for 24 hours or one day in advance before serving. Dust truffles with more sugar, as some of it will have dissovled into the ball. right before serving. Eat up and toast with a glass of good Porto!

Yields 22-25 truffles.

86 thoughts on “Rum & Grand Marnier Fudge Truffles

  1. 11 years yikes! 
    i thought i had been thru some ish.  i can say though i have had some FAB valentines days…just not in the last few years.  but this one is GREAT…i’ve done for others and that fills my heart with LOVE.

    Haha…i LOVE the title you and your sister chose for this day.  I gotta try those balls…and other things you cook.  Can’t wait for the class and to see u soon.  As always i LOVE your witty posts…u got many talents/gifts girl.  Glad we met.

  2. oooooooooh and nice flowers/gift.  giiiiiiiiiiirl A is a keeper and going to make a good woman very happy one day honey.  woohoo. 
    plus your dad…awwwwwwww how incredible. “in hopes that u will take care of him financially one day…” LOL, love that.  don’t worry my dad secretly and outloud thinks this way too.  haha…aaaaaah daddies!


  3. My daughter and I spent some time today with her “hubbie-to-be” before they did their own thing. It is all about spending time with those you love and if we can have some melt in your mouth truffles along the way…well hey!!!

  4. congrats on getting over the 11year high and dry period. to be honest, i’ve been single so long too i’m not really bothered and actually am pretty happy the way it is. i’m too strong-minded and independent HAHA. anyway these truffles are très amazing and i bet they taste fantastic. Glad you had an amazing Valentine’s day 🙂 Hope you have been very well dearest Bren! xx

  5. That is one HUGE flower arrangement Bren! Sounds like you had an amazing and romantic valentine. After 11yrs, you deserved it! And I am jelous that you’re going to Monaco, again! lol.

    I don’t really celebrate Valentine (or Christmas) with gifts and flowers. He didn’t give me anything while I gave him 2 cards and we had a few friends over for some (asian)food and poker yesterday.  But I’m just happy that he’s there with me. 😉

    Now, back to those sinful looking balls. I dont have corn syrup, unsweetened cocoa (I have sweet cocoa) and grand marnier. Is there a subtitute for them or can i just omit them from the recipe? Thnaks Bren.

  6. Those are gorgeous flowers! I bought some roses for myself on Monday: I totally believe in treating myself 😉

    Have a wonderful time in Monaco: what fun!

    happy cooking.

  7. Mi, girl you know how he is! He is a God send for real. What a beautiful man he is. If I’m not that woman, than Lord know who ever she is, is way lucky. I’m in love with flowers.

    Natasha: Yes going to back to Monaco is a wonderful thing!

    Diva: trust me, being single and remaining single for the time being does not bother me! I’m so used to it and love having my way!! It would have to take major wooing to get me to commit on the level I would want! However, great and beautiful friends like mine here is just so awesome to have! He’s dear, unconditional and so genuine! I hope you had a great Vday! rock on singles!

    Jaden: Oh yeah girl!!

    Farina: Girl it was so great! And just being there sometimes is just enough. I’m just tickled he went the extra step. Plus he loved the truffles I made for us! 😉

    Lorraine: Lucky I am! I have the best parents ever!! hands down!

    Lys:  you know it!!! and a shot glass, too!

    Olga: Hec yeah you should treat yourself. The truffles were initially for myself but then since my friend is always with me, he naturally indulged with me! So so good! And I just loooove my flowers. Looking at them now.

    Helene: Aren’t they gorgeous!?!? The balls are amazing. Will be making some again, soon! Who says we have to wait for a romantic holiday or Christmas?!? 🙂

    Bellini Valli: how great. I kind of wish I was home with my parents, but they had their own plans.

  8. Back to Monaco again. Pops be looking out! Can’t believe its been 11 years since you had a real Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry, more good things to come. This is going to be your year. Time to shine in 2009!

  9. Hey Bren, long time no see! I am still waiting for a new video, you know how much I love those :-p Those truffles sound delicious. In fact, any dessert with ron in it is delicious, right?

  10. Monaco! Say hello to  Prince Albert for me! Serriously, have a great time. V Day is overated, the people who truely love you show you everyday( like dear old Dad).

  11. Wow, you’reso lucky Bren,  a big bouquet w/presents, another trip to Monaco, a good friend, a great dad and 30 balls of  lucious truffels,  well…a lot will  never be too much for a flamnboyant girl like you 🙂

  12. J.Harlem: yes my dad is awesome and then some!! yes it’s been 11 years,  really 9, I think!! 11 just sounded better! Thanks for the love!

    Ben: I know I know I need to get another vid up. Maybe I’ll get one in this week! Y claro que si con el ron!

    Courtney: I sure will. Actually working on making that personal connection! Will let you know!

    Zita: I am and so thankful for the blessings. I tell you, God is so good to me.  And I love the way u used *flamnboyant*. cute!

  13. Monaco?!  Can I borrow your life for a day?  Such pretty flowers & balls and I’m glad your v- day was brighter!   I did get my package…so sorry for not writing you sooner!! Thank you SO much.  I’ll let you know as soon as I use up that yummy mole.

  14. Sharon: You sure can, just make sure i get every bit of it back! glad you got your package. Hope you love! You’re 2 for 2! :)Thanks for reading FE!

    Culinarywannabe: i know right! I heart looking at my flowers every morning, noon and night!

    Aysegul: thanks and so glad you came by. and cooking with Emeril was wonderful!

  15. I am totally hitched but independent for the most part.. I am always deifying domestication.  Fab cookies and amazing photos!

    Thanks for the visit Bren, you are totally bookmarked!

  16. I’ve passed by this recipe like 10 times but have yet to remark at how incredible they sound. The first time I was busy but thought “cool, those sound good”. Second time I looked at the pictures and thought “darn, those look mighty tasty” and bookmarked it. Third time, I was on a different computer and tried to comment but I couldn’t click in the comment box so I gave up. Fourth time, I left this message. Nice rum balls!

  17. Mmmmmmm … those look yummy. I love making truffles like these and keeping them in the freezer. Only problem is, they are so small and tasty you easily lose track of just how many you’ve managed to eat!

  18. Hey Bren,
    I’m glad the SAD drought is finally over:)  I’ve got to come down there and meet this friend I’ve heard so much about.  Anyway, the truffles look awesome and I can’t wait to try them (I might try it this weekend).  Nothing beats truffles on a cold winter weekend!

    As for Monaco, I’m going to have to have a talk with my boyfriend aka your father to find out why I didn’t get an invite…lol

  19. GirlJapan: you’ve been bookmarked too! fun site you have! ooh wee and can’t wait til Monaco!
    Nick: oh no honey. what happened on the 3rd try? glad u were able to eventually and tickled u came back to get it in! 🙂
    Ariel: you should try making them! 🙂
    Maria: look, these didn’t last me more than 48 hours! And i think i had like 27 balls! they’re dangerous!
    Kevin: Monaco is amazing. I’m soo giddy to go back!
    Rashaun: your boyfriend is the best in the world if you ask me!! and yes, you must come down here and meet my friend; he’s the kindest thing ever.. how come we haven’t taken a trip overseas in over 2 yrs!!!

  20. Wow those flowers are fabulous.  Im glad you had a good V. day. I think your truffles sound and look wonderful.  I like the vanilla wafers addition.  Thanks for giving me a heads up on this wonderful recipe! 
      For V. day I got roses and a few work out tops and shoes..what I wanted!  I said NO to chocolate !

  21. Hi Lady!  I must try this recipe!  I’m excited for your trip back to Monaco with your sister!  You are going to have a BLAST!  Besos!

  22. Hi, Bren!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my site.  Yours is quite impressive!

    I gave you an award!  You can pick it up on my blog, htp://domestickmuse.blogspot.com

    🙂  Karen

  23. Now you’ve done it! Added extra inches to my derrier before I even had a chance to taste these! I can feel it expanding with each drool.

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