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Sexy Shoe Sunday: Louboutin Pleated Bootie

I’m still lushing, crushing, envying, and everything in between for a pair of Loubs. I just can’t in my right mind, justify dishing out $1k for a pair of shoes. My instinct on fiscal responsibility and social awareness won’t let me. That could be a good thing because if I had no care in the world, I’d buy these with my eyes closed, stat. Without thinking twice about it.

I mean, look at these! They every bit of sexy.


Okay, carry on.

Christian Louboutin Amor-Chevron Pleat Platform via Neiman Marcus.

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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9 thoughts on “Sexy Shoe Sunday: Louboutin Pleated Bootie

  1. UCP asks students are quite candidates about their use of dating apps

    Leon Neal/Getty design

    file Sidebar Share CloseShare this Story: To avoid politics heartbreak, UCP checking out potential candidates’ online dating profiles Copy Link Email Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest LinkedIn TumblrArticle contentThe United Conservative Party doesn’t want to get burned by Tinder.

    The party is moving into intimate new territory as it vets college students appreciate it candidates, With the party’s customer survey asking those interested in running to list all dating apps or websites they use and provide their online handles or IDs for the services.

    The dating question was also encouraged by the 2015 data breach of Ashley Madison, an internet site used to facilitate extramarital affairs, Which led to the transgenderdate.com leak of some user ideas, She reported.

    content articles continuedThe dating app and website query were not part of the candidate vetting process of the UCP’s legacy parties, The modern Conservatives and Wildrose.

    Harrington said she is not aware whether other Canadian political parties ask for similar information from their thankful candidates.

    government employees Conservatives, Liberals and NDP do not ask potential nominees about internet dating sites.

    Roari Richardson, Provincial assistant for the Alberta NDP, Said the party doesn’t seek dating site records from candidates.

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    are you constantly saying yes to the man in your life, When you desperately want to say no? I’m not speaking about a healthy, Balance working relationship, But off balanced predicaments, In which many women are suffering from the unhealthy relationship pattern of being “Yes a woman” at their mates, Yet they are inside the camera frustrated and complain about it behind their backs. Lord knows I get a bevy of emails and letters weekly that attests to the unfortunate condition of women suffering from the “virus to please” At the expense of their own happiness.

    These are enticing, state, Upwardly mobile phone handset women, Who display a strong self assured picture around everybody else, with the exception of their man. while tackling a romantic or intimate interaction with their mate, They go out on a limb to fit and even enable behaviors they don’t really support. It can involve a wide spectrum of issues, and this includes, Having sex even when they’re not in the mood, actually lending him money, Or installing with infidelity. This is a associated with what I often refer to as band aid bonding.

    Band aid bonding is when a woman is in an unbalanced or unhealthy romance where she is the emotional adhesive trying to cover up or hold it together, By tending to her man’s wants, Yet overlooking her own needs. What’s unfortunate is these marriages are never fair to neither the women nor the men involved. It is not just a few finger pointing or blaming anyone, It’s a simple fact that no one wins the woman isn’t getting the true happiness that she silently craves and the man isn’t seeing the true woman who he’s of.

    I’ve spent many years researching the dynamics of male/female relationships and I’ve found that in specific situations when a woman keeps hiding her true feelings in order to keep a man, It usually stems from fear either fear of losing him, Fear of being alone, Fear of what other individuals think, Fear of desertion, Fear of being hurt, Fear starting over with another person, Fear of physical clock ticking, Fear of thought unlovable, Or fear of aggravating him. One of the biggest contributing factors to these fears is the false belief of the ever popular “Male scarcity” myth. how many times have we heard, “there are limited good men left so you better take what you can get, potentially “Ten percent of something is an improvement on nothing at all,

    Too many contemporary women are prone to bending hot chinese girls over backwards because they’ve been falsely led to believe that there is a shortage of good, Decent and available men in current society. So there are gotten in the habit of hiding their true feelings, even if it means sacrificing their own self worth. For example in some instances, A man will tell a woman to remain calm and give him a “not much more time” that helps make up his mind, Either about marrying her or about stopping seeing another woman. its “no more time” falls into weeks, which months, after which it years; And he still sings the exact song, And she still listens to precisely lyrics, Hoping that if she acts boot camp he wants her to, That sometime he’ll change, Or slip a ring on her finger.

    During every phase of their love life, this ponders, “If i only say no, is he going to leave me, Or will he turn to another woman to start this, This base fear becomes a deciding factor in how she acts towards her lover. She is reluctant to be honest with the fear of losing him. So she does what she thinks shall keep him tied to her she “yes’s” Him right. What’s especially depressing is, This induced passivity generally,often times backfires anyway, Because what it tells the man the particular woman is, “She’ll deal with it; possible date a Trina, Nina, And a Gina in the process and get away with it, commonly this damaging mistake leaves women internally upset, pressured, And distressed. in a position effectively break this unhealthy pattern, The women involved must may possibly healthy love is a balance where both people are equally committed to bring out the best in each other, know each other’s ideal interest, And be faithful together all the way. being mindful of this, You’ll never have to worry about true love walking out on you because “by any means is truly yours, Can never be recinded from you, recognize that you do deserve healthy love, But to obtain it, You must be true to yourself and your mate by fully respecting your self worth and sharing who you really are deep inside. What this will tell your man is, “This woman has a lot of respect and love for herself. end result, i’ve got to cherish and respect her also. This is demands woman I want in my life.

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