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Spanx Brings Curvature to Bras

Nude Bra-llelujah in lace underwire contour
Back of Bra-llelujah in lace underwire contour
Custom-Fit Foam Balconette
L: every day bra which sags; R: Custom-Fit Foam Balconette gives more natural curves

There was a time in my life when I wore a solid C cup bra. I was in between HS and college… and then something went terribly wrong. I didn’t lose all this crazy weight… but the boobs just started down-sizing. I’ve been annoyed by the situation for most of my adult life, and the only rather acceptable moment when I love my breasts is during that time of the month when all of my weight goes there or when I’ve gained weight and only then does some go there. Still, 90% of the time, I can’t seem to find a happy place with my boobs.

My mother on the other hand has been up to a DD most of her life and had breast reduction a few years ago. And she’s 3″ shorter than I. Imagine that.

I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a breast augmentation but my uberly protective father swore to disowning me if I did. I got scared and erased that idea. So my hunt for the perfect bra has been on my list for 15 years now. However, I’m just not that girl. Bras and panties are sexy and I love them, but no one’s really seeing them. Shoes, hats, bags and makeup? Well, yeah, that’s another story. Everyone sees those.

But a girlfriend who recently had a breast job has convinced otherwise! Not to get a lift, but to understand how beautiful our tatas can and should look no matter what we’re wearing! Oh, and I was on a mission to make mine look great no matter my weight (b/c it has this yo-yo mind of its own) or size the tatas wanted to take on.

When Spanx opened their DC location which I covered here, I tried on a few bras and settled for these three, all of which are selling super well in all stores. The collection is just all the way around awesome.

Custom-Fit Foam Balconette is the one you want to wear to really exhibit the sexy cleavage though you may be a bit uncomfortable. The fit is spectacular and the curvature is enviable for any size. It has foam memory and gives you instaform and shape. These days I’m a 32B (at 5’1″ and 119/120 lbs, not sure if that’s good or bad) and it was a bit snug so you may want to go up a number size. Or, maybe it’s just my back expanding from the trapeze!

Bra-llywood Hills bra (not pictured) is for that chica that needs the appearance of a serious lift. This one gives you full coverage and lifts those babies right on up to look like a SI model.

And from what I currently own, the best of the best is the Bra-llelujah lace underwire contour. *sings-AHHHHH!** Love, love this one. I have it in nude and black it’s so divine. This is the one I default to any day of week, any occasion, any dress, top or just because I want to remind myself of how much I don’t need to go under the knife to make my tatas look amazing. Plus, the back is smooth & seamless so no annoying eye-hook closure you can’t get to.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t get the Spanx hype until I finally tried on 20 or so productslast  year. Way late to the game, I know.  I’m not so into paying $70 for a bra if it does the trick, lasts me a long time (I’m talking at least 1 yr) and keeps me from staring at my girlfriends new boobs out of envy, then I’m good!

So, can you tell (other than sneak peeking at the side-by-side) which ones works wonders for me. Consider I tried to stand in the same exact position and this shirt wasn’t the best option. I see it and more importantly feel the difference!

*Wearing the Balconette in top right image. 
* Bras c/o Spanx. 
* Covergirl lipstick; OPI Russian collection blue and yellow, L’Oreal Volumous mascara, Clinique blush


* I was provided with a some bras from the collection to offer this review. All opinions and expressions are my own, always. 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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