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Black Rompers and Afro Puffs

I had to fly to NY last week on whim’s notice to host a few shows on Amazon.com for their live stream programming on hot summer deals; the kitchen gadgetry portion of it. I was out of town in TN when I got the call and had two days to get back to D.C. to pack. Less than 24 hours to get myself together and figure out what I was going to wear means a wholly thoughtless beeline for TJ Maxx or the likes. It’s where I find super cute, but appropriate pieces for camera work, especially when I have little to no time to really dig deep and find the perfect look. I ran in, did a quick pan and came to a rack they hadn’t yet put on the floor. I saw a few things that could have worked, but this cute, poly (though not a huge fan of) romper jumped at me. They’re all over the place and seen on just about anyone, so I figured my cycling legs could get a little bit of shine. Loved it, really, but for that fact I’m quite small up top and instead of filling it in with my lacking endowment, the swift set stylist had to pin me up 20 seconds before going live. I’m not sure what it ended up looking like on air, but in this pic… totally worth the $20 I dished out.

{STYLE WATCH: Dressing Room Flow with Afro Puffs}

Let’s also talk about how much I loved wearing my hair is deconstructed, kind of messy, but very chic afro puffs! I’ve not worn my hair like that in about 20 years but can I tell you… it made perfect sense with the romper. Since my hair is finally starting to grow back and my natural curls are poppin’, I’m loving who many different ways I can play with it. If you’re interested, I’ll do a video tutorials. It’s super easy and a throwback way of rockin’ the natural hair. Check out the Insta Story clip above to see my green room flow.


If you’re into the whole romper trend, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Know and accept your height to torso ratio. I have very long legs, but a super short torso which means the top-half of most rompers (and dresses) have too much material. Try them on and go with one that has the least slack. Trust me. Unless you want to spend more money than it costs to get it altered.
  • If you’re not so busty, make sure you wear the right bra. Otherwise, a potentially already slouchy top will look way too big and show the girl bits in an unflattering way.
  • Know how to use a safety pin that can close up a gap. Placing it in the wrong place will create more of an opening.
  • Find a romper with enough thigh room; i.e. man romper, booty short fit wholly unacceptable.

We still have 6 weeks of summer! Get out there and be fabulous. You deserve it.


Floral embroidered romber via TJM

Brian Atwood pumps

Ib Designs custom-made gold hoops

Green glass and gold ring via a winery in Virginia; knuckle ring via F21

(Makeup by Lu; smartphone images c/o Ash the food stylist)


Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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7 thoughts on “Black Rompers and Afro Puffs

  1. Can you believe i actually got to see you live last week! What are the odds. I was at work and happened to be sitting at my desk. I saw your Instagram Story and remembered to log on. I love everything about this my friend! Glad the gig worked out. And you already know I’m taking those shoes from you.

  2. I really like this Romper. This is a great option for hot summer days. I bought a similar one, but made of linen, beige color, on the site nordstrom rack. There is a great selection of all sorts of things and cosmetics, a Paradise for girls, in addition, there is a discount coupon: https://www.couponlab.com/store/nordstrom-rack/, I share, you may also need it. Choosing a Romper – your image is already complete, you can only complement it with suitable shoes and a purse, which is why I like this option.

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